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  See the variety of media formats
available for packaging your next
Learn how you can benefit from our
unique approach
to conference

We offer quality recording, duplication and fulfillment services at no cost to you.
Since 1977, IntelliQuest Media has led the conference recording industry in:

Our products are priced low to encourage high sales volume, which leads to greater royalties for you. Learn more.

Recordings are offered in a variety of flexible formats and innovative packages. Learn more about the ways we can package your next conference.

One-step service.
We handle every detail from pre-conference planning through product fulfillment. Click here to see how our 25 years experience benefits you.

Our all-digital technology allows us to provide the most comprehensive and highest quality recordings in the industry. Your members won't miss a single word.
Your logo and web link appear on all recordings and
promotions to enforce your brand image and value to
attendees, association members, employees and customers.

We market directly to your attendees before, during and after
the event to promote sales. Quite simply the more we sell,
the higher your royalties. We even supply a list of the
people who purchased our products to help you market future conferences.

We provide comprehensive sales reports to help you track
royalties, buyer demographics and session popularity.

Track record.
We have exceeded the expectations of event planners and
conference goers since 1977. See what our customers say
about us
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