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Recording Services

We manage every detail involved in recording and duplicating your conference sessions, from planning through fulfillment. With more than 25 years experience, we consistently deliver the highest level of professionalism and quality. Here's what you can expect.


  • We work closely with you to identify sessions to be recorded, organize collection of non-audio content and explore pre-conference marketing options
  • We create and print customized order forms to be included in your conference package and for on-site distribution.
  • We coordinate with event location staff to ensure our involvement runs smoothly.


  • You will receive full-service conference support by full-time IntelliQuest Media staff. You will never find yourself working with an unknown subcontractor.
  • We will post attractive point-of-sale banners and signage.
  • All products will be demonstrated on-site.
  • Our efficient procedures ensure discreet, error free digital recording.


  • All recorded sessions are listed on our website for immediate download or ordering on disk within days after the conference.
  • Products are custom labeled and packaged to promote your brand.
  • You will receive regular sales updates, accompanied by detailed reports and royalties.
  • We offer fast and efficient technical support for all product sales.
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