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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an MP3?
An MP3 is simply a term for compressed audio. This format allows us to fit up to 40 hours of content on just one CD.

Where will MP3s play back?
On any MP3 compatible player including your desktop PC, laptop, most DVD players, hard drive MP3 players (such as iPod), and portable CD/MP3 players.

Will MP3s play in my car CD player?
In all likelihood, no. However, as the MP3 format grows in popularity many car manufactures are now installing CD/MP3 players as standard equipment so eventually they will be commonplace. An acceptable compromise is to invest in a portable CD/MP3 player with car kit to allow playback through the car speakers. We sell a tested and reasonably priced model or they can be purchased at your local electronics store.

Can I burn audio CDs from your MP3s?
If you have the necessary editing and burning software and some experience, absolutely. Instructions are contained on our CD-ROMs and we also offer full technical support to help you along.

What is your turnaround on shipping?
We typically ship within 5 days of receiving your order.

How are orders shipped?
We ship USPS First Class or Priority Mail.

Can my order be express shipped?
Of course. Just contact us via Email or call us toll free and we will arrange to overnight your order.

If you have any other questions or feedback please contact us!

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