Library Session Listing

Keynote: Cultures that Flourish: Applying the Science of Happiness and Human Sense
Leading into the Future: Flourishing Your Business, Program, and Target Audience by Cultivating Your Leadership Skills
It's Not You, It's Your Health Coaches
Helping Your Clients Flourish by Learning and Using the Foundations of Motivational Interviewing
Reduced Stress Through Yoga Nidra
Powerful Conversations to Lead the Shift from Weight to Well-being
Building and Sustaining Employee Wellness Using Mindfulness-based Stress Management: Measurable Interventions, Powerful Benefits
Social Media Marketing Strategies for Wellness Professionals
Dying Well: Building a Culture that Plans for the End of Life
The Pursuit of Well-being: The "Culture" Paradigm
The Quantitative Self: Health Coaching and Physical Activity Testing as the 6th Vital Sign in EMR
Celebrating Sabbath: Creating a Culture of Rest, Renewal, and Sanctuary
Collaborating to Cultivate Wellness: How One Community Works Together to Produce Wellness Initiatives That Flourish
The Value of Embedding Data Privacy into Wellness Programs
Science of Mindset
Optimizing the Use of Stress Management Techniques and Resources in Your Wellness Coaching Practice
Cultivating a Culture of Happiness
Microbiome Medicine: The Next Revolution in Modern Wellness
Multicultural Competency Wellness Wheel: Innovations in Multicultural Competency in Healthcare and Wellness
Engaging Millennials in Workplace Wellness
Speed Coaching: Coaching with the Masters
Active Commuting Toolkit Impacts Worksite Wellness and Community Wellness
Laughter Really is the Best Medicine. Discover the Wellness Benefits of Cultivating a Healthy Laughter Practice
Foundations in Communications: Practical Advice for Maximizing the Impact of Your Wellness Initiatives
Keynote: WE ARE WELL: How Our Buildings and Communities Can Enhance Our Health and Well-being
Worksite Wellness Evaluation: A 3-step Approach to Measuring Success in Worksites of All Sizes
In Search of a New Paradigm for Worksite Wellness: Seven Questions to Start the Conversation
Houses of Worship That Flourish: Creating and Promoting Wellness in Faith-based Organizations
Working with Local Public Health to Advance Worksite Wellness Statewide
Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice: Creating a Culture of Health in a University Setting
Narrative Healing: Story Matters
Integrative Health Coaching: The Pink Hard Hat Approach
A Wellness Cultivating Culture Does More than Reduce Risk
Cultivating Extraordinary Coaching in Time-limited Settings: Building Flourishing Cultures for Coaches, Leaders, and Clients
Exhausted No More! ?Waking Up? to New Science on Why You Can't Sleep and What You Can Do About It
Culture of Evidence? What Science Has and Hasn?t Told Us About a Workplace Culture of Health
The Recipe for Flourishing: Applying Lessons from Baking
Trends in Tobacco and What Employers Can Do to Support Cessation
Does Having Children Often Destroy Marriages?
Making It Easy To Be Well: Nurturing Engagement, Communication, and Cooperation Through A Wellness Coaching Culture
First Things First: 5 Awareness Tools to Direct Powerful Action
Social Savoring: Experiencing the Moments at Life's Bookends (Infancy and Retirement)
Turning Compassion Fatigue into Compassionate Self-Care
Access to Care: Designing Healthcare Benefits for Inclusion
What Happens When You Remove Your Wellness Program Incentive and Focus on Culture?
The Experience of Evoking Inner Transformation: The Foundation for Flourishing Through Wellness Coaching
Creating Change Through the "Big 3": Leveraging Leadership, Culture, and Environment for Wellness Program Success
Making the Employee?s Doctor a Part of Your Wellness Program
Dance, Flourish, Thrive! Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit, and Social Well-being
Getting to Know You: Engaging Multicultural Populations and Creating Partnerships to Achieve Wellness
The Audacity of Wholeness: Self-reflection and Dialogue in 6 Dimensions
Advancing the Craft of Health and Wellness Coaching: Masterful Skills and Methods For Transformational Change
10 Predictions about the Future of Mental Health
HARMONY: An Innovative Wellness Model for Keeping Performers in Tune
Mindfulness for the Real World
Toward Professional Competencies for Wellness Promotion
Lessons from an Accidental Entrepreneur: What You Should Know Before You Quit Your Day Job
Planning and Implementing Effective and Engaging Health Fairs: Moving Beyond Pens and Stressballs!
Leading for Well-being: A Prototype for Improving Psychological Safety and Team Performance at Work
Understanding Concepts Related to Mindfulness and Stress Management
Innovative Partnerships: Collaborating to Build a Healthy Workforce and a Flourishing Community
A Flourishing State of the Soul: Turning Aristotle?s Eudaimonic Philosophy into Sustainable Health Behavior Change Programs
Self-Care for the Whole Coach: A Non-negotiable Part of Your Job Description
Amplifying Leadership Effectiveness Through Mindfulness
The Journey to Health Begins in the Garden: The Advantages of a Plant-based Diet
Peer Wellness Coaching: A Pilot Model and Study
Mental Well-Being Meets a Culture of Health: An Evidence-based Team Approach
Jumpstart a Plan for Action: Leading the Organizational Change to Promote Wellness
The Diabetes Prevention Program: An Important Innovation in Wellness Practice and Promotion
Designing Group Health Coaching to Support Whole Person Well-being