Library Session Listing

Epidemiology of CVD in Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome
The Cardio-Renal Syndrome
From Microvascular to Macrovascular, is it Spectrum of the Same Disease? (followed by Panel Discussion)
The Impact of Kidney Disease on CHF in Diabetes
The Role of RAAS-i in the Management and Prevention CV, CHF & Renal Complications of T2D
Predicting, Managing and Preventing CKD & CVD in DM– Traditional & Contemporary Approach (Followed by Panel Discussion)
KEYNOTE: CV Outcomes and Safety of Oral Glucose Lowering Agents: Implication for Clinical Practice
Pioglitazone: Due for Resurrection . . . or Reincarnation?
Impact of SGLT2 Inhibition on Cardiovascular Events – An Update
GLP-1RA Reduce Cardiovascular Events in High Risk Patients with T2D: Lessons from LEADER and SUSTAIN-6
Hypercoagulation & Hyperglycemia partner in developing CVD in Diabetes
Antithrombotic Therapy in Managing CVD in DM (Followed by Panel Discussion)
Ventricular Tachycardia and Sudden Death in Diabetes
The Role of Autonomic Neuropathy in Cardiovascular Events and Mortality in Diabetes (Followed by Panel Discussion)
The Preferred Procedures in people with ACS & Diabetes
The Role of Medications in Controlling Hyperglycemia in ACS (Followed by Panel Discussion)
The Epidemiology & Different phenotypes of Heart failure- HFrEF vs HFpEF
Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction
Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction
The Role of the Diabetologist in the Management of CHF in Diabetes (Followed by Panel Discussion)
CME Dinner Symposium. The Real Deal: Translating Cardiovascular Outcomes Data into Best Practices in Type 2 Diabetes Management
Biomarkers are Better in Predicting CV Risk in Diabetes
Imaging is Better in Predicting CV Risk in Diabetes (Followed by Panel Discussion)
Diabetes- Assessing CV Risk and Approach to Therapy
AACE 2017 Lipid & CV Prevention Guidelines –The Extreme Risk Patient
The Spectrum of Dyslipidemia in Diabetes and Residual Risk After LDL Control
The Role of LDL-C in Diabetes & Cardiometabolic Conditions- Implication of the FOURIER Outcome trial
CVD and It's Management in T1D (Followed by Panel Discussion)