Library Session Listing

1 - Cultures of Safety Excellence Don't Come in a Program
2 - Unlocking the Code to Human Error
3 - To Buy or Not to Buy? How the ANSI Fall Protection Code Should Impact Equipment Purchases
4 - International Network of Safety and Health Professional Organizations OHS Capability Framework
5 - WellBeing: A Novel Approach for Integrating SHandE and Wellness
6 - Bolstering Occupational Safety and Health Outcomes Through Effective Multi-Level Leadership
7 - Best Practices for a Temporary Worker Program: What You Need to Do
8 - Preventing Bullying, Harassment and Violence in the Public Sector "HOT"
9 - How to Use LIFE Critical Safety Data to Prevent Injuries
10 - Industry and the Federal Government Working Together to Save Lives: An OSHA Alliance Success Story
11 - Mindfully Safe: Improve Safety Performance by Paying Better Attention "REPEAT SESSION"
13 - Are Your Supervisors Cops or Coaches?
14 - Conquest for Safety: Leadership Required
15 - Managing Complex Change: The Challenge of Implementing a Significant Safety Improvement Initiative
16 - Applying Construction Fall Protection Concepts to General Industry
17 - Breaking Down the Complexity of Electrical Safety Standards
18 - Developing a World-Class Electrical Safety Program: Going Above and Beyond Compliance With NFPA 70E
19 - Fatigue in Our Heroes: Addressing Fatigue Risk in First Responders
20 - Strive to Survive: The Art of Survival in the 21st Century
21 - The Tony Crow Story: Safety 24/7 - It's Not Just About Me
22 - Accelerating Safety Performance Through Next-Generation EHS Systems
23 - Safety Excellence Through Continuous Learning
25 - How to Create a Safety Culture for Your Multigenerational Workforce "HOT"
26 - From Safety Leader to Business Leader: Bridging the Gap "JSE"
27 - Taking Stock of Behavior-Based Safety: What's Next?
28 - Drones in the Workplace: A Safety Enabler and Concern
29 - Your Safety - My Purpose
30 - Are Cardinal Rules for the Birds?
31 - Hang Up and Drive "HOT"
32 - Stopping Sprains and Strains Among Young and Aging Workers: A Case Study
33 - Motor Fleet Collision Investigation: An Introduction
34 - Vehicle Fleets - The Good, Bad and Ugly: Tools for Preventing Accidents
35 - Buried Alive: A Survivor's Story
36 - Huff and Puff - You Can't Blow This House Down "JSE"
37 - Making Safety Leadership Personal: A Case Study at a Global Manufacturer
38 - Real World Safety: Improving Safety Behavior, Management, and Communication in an Imperfect World
39 - The Luck Factor: Mistakes That (Sometimes) Get Us Hurt
40 - Using Safety Observations to Foster Employee Involvement
41 - Implementing the NFPA 70E 2018 Changes: A
42 - Environmental Regulations: An Overview
43 - OSHA Current Activities Update
45 - Move Like Your Life Depends On It - Because It Does
46 - Asleep at Work: Making Fatigue Risk Management Manageable
47 - Seven Life Lessons From Psychological Science: How to Achieve a Sustainable Injury-Free Workplace "REPEAT SESSION"
48 - Using Temporary Workers: Checklists for Host Employers "HOT"
49 - Solving Safety Training Problems Using Adaptive Learning
50 - The Real Costs of Substance Use Among Your Workforce
52 - OSHA's Top 10 Cited Violations
53 - Tether Your Tool: Protect Workers from Objects Falling from Heights
55 - OSHA's E-Recordkeeping and Anti-Retaliation Rule: Key Tips on Building Effective Programs
56 - MyCarDoesWhat? What You Need to Know About New Car Safety Features "HOT"
57 - Humans in the Machine: Enhancing Safety as Operations Become More Complex
59 - Ergonomic and Balance Innovations Across Age Boundaries
60 - Human Error: What a Lame Excuse!
61 - How to Develop a Culture of Reliability: Preventing Catastrophic and Serious Injury
62 - It's as Simple as ABC!
63 - Safety Culture: More Than a Program or Priority
64 - Making Safety Interventions Comfortable for All Employees
65 - Who Really Cares About Workplace Safety?
67 - OSHA's Most Interesting Cases
68 - The Elements of an Effective Dust Hazards Analysis (DHA)
69 - Facilitating Integrated Health and Safety Management in a Large Utility
71 - Rethinking Risk Assessment "JSE"
72 - The Buried Truth Uncovered "REPEAT SESSION"
73 - The Psychology of Risk Homeostasis: Why Smart Technology Makes Us Take More Risks
74 - 7 Safety Habits That Could Save Your Life: Take the Challenge
75 - Become a Safety Training Ninja
76 - Humor in Safety: From
77 - OSHA's New Confined Space Standard - What You Don?t Know Can Kill You!
78 - Leading Humans
79 - Green Beans and Ice Cream: Beyond Zero Injuries
80 - Shifting to Operations-Driven Safety at Nicholson Construction Company "JSE"
81 - Strategically Managing Safety Performance and Liabilities in the New Administration
83 - Cell Phone Policies to Prevent Distracted Driving: From Getting Buy-In to Enforcing Compliance
84 - 10 Feet Tall and Bulletproof
85 - Safety Messaging: Reaching the Heart of Your Workforce
86 - Safety Protocols: Make Resistance Futile
87 - Setting Your Sights to Achieve World-Class Results
88 - Injury and Illness Recordkeeping: Did You Know?
89 - OSHA Investigations: Understanding Your Rights
90 - Top 5 Things to Know About New OSHA Fall Protection Regulations
91 - Visiting Nurse Association Employees: A Case Study in Injury Reduction
92 - Just A Second Ago: The Impact of Unsafe Work Acts on Your Family
93 - Pain Meds, Marijuana and OSHA: Your 2017 2-Ton Octopus From Hell Doesn't Need to Be "HOT"
94 - Safe 4 the Right Reasons "REPEAT SESSION"
95 - It's Game Time!
96 - Communicating Your ROI: How to Translate the Value of the EHS Professional to Leaders "REPEAT SESSION"
97 - Overhead Crane Rigging vs. Cargo Securement Rigging: Do you know the difference?
98 - Best Practices for Confined Space Entry: New NFPA 350 Guide
99 - Managing Your Ergonomics Program: 5 Mistakes to Avoid
100 - Occupational Injuries From Falls and the Way: An Air Force Perspective
101 - The New Face of HazCom: SDS and Label Compliance in the Post-GHS Deadline Era
102 - Put Your Safety On
104 - The Roadway as an Extension of the Workplace: Reducing Risk and Saving Money
105 - Workplace Violence: What Really Happens?
107 - Reduce Paperwork With Electronic Observations, Training Files and Equipment Inspections
108 - Certification Exams: Study Tools and Techniques
109 - Emerging Trends Driving the Future of FR and AR Clothing Programs: The Evolution of FRC
111 - Commitment Based Safety: The Only Way to Obtain and Sustain Zero Injuries
112 - Making the Right Choices: What?s in Your ?Treasure Chest??
113 - More Than Just Compliance: Care and Maintenance of FR/AR Clothing
114 - Implementation of the Emergency Responder Health Monitoring and Surveillance (ERHMS) Framework
115 - Implementing NFPA 70E for Electrical Safety
116 - A Case Study in Stand-Capable Desk Use: Problems and Solutions "HOT"
117 - Risk Management: Faster, Funnier and Nothing to Fear
118 - Safety Happens If You Make It Happen!
119 - Navigating OSHA Recordability
121 - Situational Leadership and the Safety Leader
Occupational Keynote: The Future of Workplace Safety
Leadership Keynote: The Seven Most Dangerous Ideas in Safety
Executive Forum