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World Congress on Insulin Resistance, Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease (WCIRDC)
2nd World Congress on Insulin Resistance
Los Angeles - November 18-20, 2004

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

2nd World Congress on Insulin Resistance

Product Number: 200455999
$109.00  Order Full Meeting on MP3 CD-ROM

Individual Sessions

Insulin Resistance: The Syndrome; Molecular Basics of Insulin Resistance; Insulin Resistan...
Yehuda Handelsman, MD; Jerrold M. Olefsky, MD; Gerald M. Reaven, MD; Phillipp E. Scherer, ...
Product Number: 200455101
$30.00  Audio CD
Liver Symposia, Part I: Introduction; Insulin Resistance & Hepatic Steatosis: Chicken or ...
Arun Sanyal, MD; Arthur McCullough, MD; Nathan M. Bass, MD, Ph.D.; Arun Sanyal, MD; Chris ...
Product Number: 200455102
$30.00  Audio CD
Meet the Professor (Audio CD)
Philipp E. Scherer, Ph.D.
Product Number: 200455104
$15.00  Audio CD
Meet the Professor (Audio CD)
Richard Hellman, MD
Product Number: 200455105
$15.00  Audio CD
Liver Symposia, Part II: NAFLD: Diagnostic & Management Strategies; Non-alcoholic Fatty L...
Stephen H. Caldwell, MD; Joel Lavine, MD, Ph.D.; Arun Sanyal, MD
Product Number: 200455108
$30.00  Audio CD
Pediatric Symposium: Intro to the Insulin Resistance Synd. in Childhood; Childhood Obesi...
Alan Sinaiko, MD; Dennis M. Styne, MD; Silva Arslanian, MD; Sonia Caprio, MD; Peter J. Gra...
Product Number: 200455109
$30.00  Audio CD
Insulin Resistance, Inflammation & Atherosclerosis: ADMA A Link Between Metabolism & At...
Patrick J. Thompson Vallance, MD; Peter Reaven, MD; Guenther Boden, MD
Product Number: 200455110
$30.00  Audio CD
Insulin Resistance, HTN & CVD Symposia: Relation of Insulin Resistance to Obesity & Hypert...
Albert Rocchini, MD; Arya M. Sharma, MD; Ele Ferrannini, MD
Product Number: 200455111
$30.00  Audio CD
PCOS Symp: Intro; The Ups & Downs of Searching for PCOS Susceptibility Genes; PCOS & IR i...
John Nestler, MD; Andrea Dunaif, MD; Silva Arslanian, MD;Richard S. Legro, MD; David Ehrma...
Product Number: 200455112
$30.00  Audio CD
Concurrent Practical Workshop: Obesity; (Audio CD)
Arya M. Sharma, MD; Albert Rocchini, MD
Product Number: 200455113
$15.00  Audio CD
Concurrent Practical Workshop: Diabetes (Audio CD)
Helena W. Rodbard, MD; Yehuda Handelsman, MD
Product Number: 200455114
$15.00  Audio CD
Concurrent Practical Workshop: Lipids (Audio CD)
Paul Jellinger, MD; Sander Robins, MD;Alagiriswami Venkatesh, MD
Product Number: 200455115
$15.00  Audio CD
Concurrent Practical Workshop: Hypertension (Audio CD)
Zachary Bloomgarden, MD; Rhoda Cobin, MD
Product Number: 200455116
$15.00  Audio CD
More Faces of the Insulin Resistance Syndrome: Sleep Apnea & Insulin Resistance; Insulin R...
Alexandros N. Vgontzas, MD; Peter J. Grant, MD
Product Number: 200455117
$30.00  Audio CD
Insulin Resistance, Dyslipidemia & the Heart Symposium: The Insulin Resistance/Metabolic S...
Richard C. Pasternak, MD; Sander Robins, MD; Fredrik Karpe, MD Ph.D.
Product Number: 200455118
$30.00  Audio CD
Cancer Symposia: Modifiers of Insulin & Breast Cancer Risk; Obesity, the Metabolic Syndr...
Rowan Chlebowski, MD; George Blackburn, MD, Ph.D.; Douglas Yee, MD
Product Number: 200455119
$30.00  Audio CD
Meet the Professor (Audio CD)
Patrick J. Vallance, MD
Product Number: 200455120
$15.00  Audio CD
Meet the Professor (Audio CD)
Ele Ferrannini, MD
Product Number: 200455123
$15.00  Audio CD
Meet the Professor (Audio CD)
Peter J. Grant, MD
Product Number: 200455124
$15.00  Audio CD
Management Symposium: Effects of Life Style Modification on Vascular Reactivity & Endothel...
Edward Horton, MD; Vivian Fonseca, MD; Yehuda Handelsman, MD
Product Number: 200455126
$30.00  Audio CD
The Role of the IRS & Obesity in Public Health: AACE Role in the Clinical Management of I...
Jacqueline Dekker, Ph.D.; Robert Misbin, MD; Gerald Reaven, MD; Dan Einhorn, MD
Product Number: 200455127
$30.00  Audio CD
Abstract Oral Presentation (Audio CD)

Product Number: 200455128
$30.00  Audio CD
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