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Florida Realtors

2005 Convention and Trade Expo
Orlando, FL - August 25, 2005

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

Convention and Trade Expo
Get the Complete Meeting, 16 Individual Sessions on 16 Standard Audio CDs
Product Number: 200536998
$175.00  Audio CDs - All Sessions
Convention and Trade Expo
Multimedia CD-ROM: (BEST VALUE) Every Session Listed Below Plus a Limited Number of Handou...
Product Number: 200536994
$129.00  CD-ROM - All Sessions

Individual Sessions

Doubling Your Profits Without Doubling Your Workload
featuring Terri Murphy (sponsored by WCR Chapter)
Product Number: 200536100
$15.00  Audio CD
Intro to MS Office
featuring Pat Zaby
Product Number: 200536101
$15.00  Audio CD
Self Marketing & Visibility: The Key to Increasing Your Listing Inventory
featuring Jim Pugliese
Product Number: 200536102
$15.00  Audio CD
Power Tools That Change Rules – Part 1
featuring Robert Morris (sponsored by CRS Chapter)
Product Number: 200536103
$15.00  Audio CD
Cyber Star Panel
featuring Allen Hainge (panelists – Tim Kinzler, Sharon Simms, & Bryan Guentner)
Product Number: 200536104
$15.00  Audio CD
What Brokerage Managers Ought to Know about International Real Estate Business
featuring Tony Macaluso (sponsored by CRB Chapter)
Product Number: 200536105
$15.00  Audio CD
Intermediate MS Office
featuring Pat Zaby
Product Number: 200536106
$15.00  Audio CD
Tablet PC
featuring Brad Neff
Product Number: 200536107
$15.00  Audio CD
Power Tools That Change Rules – Part 2
featuring Robert Morris (sponsored by CRS Chapter)
Product Number: 200536108
$15.00  Audio CD
Getting Started in Commercial Real Estate
featuring Steve Moreira (sponsored by FAR Commercial Alliance Council)
Product Number: 200536109
$15.00  Audio CD
Hurricane Aftermath Town Hall
featuring Tom Gallagher & FEMA Rep, moderated by Claudette Bruck
Product Number: 200536110
$15.00  Audio CD
Auction: The Realtor’s Multiple Offer Solution
featuring Ben Anderson & Lisa Rose-Mann, moderated by Cynthia Logan (sponsored by FAR Auc...
Product Number: 200536111
$15.00  Audio CD
1031 Exchange
featuring Nace Cohen (sponsored by CCIM Chapter)
Product Number: 200536112
$15.00  Audio CD
Panel Discussion – Appraiser, Underwriter, Lender
Panelists: Frank Gregoire & Dave Shannon (sponsored by FAR Appraisal Council)
Product Number: 200536113
$15.00  Audio CD
Foreign Investment in Florida Real Estate
(sponsored by FAR International Operations Committee)
Product Number: 200536114
$15.00  Audio CD
Economics of Commercial Leases
featuring Paul White (sponsored by IREM Chapter)
Product Number: 200536115
$15.00  Audio CD
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