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National Safety Council (NSC)

2006 Congress & Expo
San Diego, CA - November 6-8, 2006

Available at on-site discount prices for a limited time! Please refer to on-site Program for session titles or visit

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

Entire Congress on CD-ROM. Every session of every track recorded live!
Over 180 sessions including Keynotes. Go to for session titles
Product Number: 200644999
$259.00  Order Full Meeting on MP3 CD-ROM

Individual Sessions

Opening Session
Alan C. McMillan; Dr. Jack Groppel
Product Number: 200644100
$20.00  Audio CD
Occupational Keynote
David G. Dye; Dr. John Howard; Edwin G. Foulke Jr.
Product Number: 200644101
$20.00  Audio CD
Motivational Keynote: The Human Side of Injury Prevention
Dr. Scott Geller, PhD; Charlie Morecraft
Product Number: 200644102
$20.00  Audio CD
Off-the-Job Safety Keynote: Reducing Off-the-Job Injuries
Nicole Nason; Dr. Illeana Arias; Nancy A. Nord
Product Number: 200644103
$20.00  Audio CD
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