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Florida Realtors

FAR Annual Convention and Trade Expo
Lake Buena Vista, FL - August 22 - 26, 2007

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

Compete Set of Audio CDs
Every listed session on audio CD for playback in standard CD player
Product Number: 200727998
$175.00  Audio CDs - All Sessions
Multimedia CD-ROM
(BEST VALUE) Every listed session in MP3 format plus all available presentation materials ...
Product Number: 200727994
$175.00  CD-ROM - All Sessions

Individual Sessions

Brain Tattoo for Bigger Results
Karen Post
Product Number: 200727100
$18.00  Audio CD
Thriving in a Shifting Market
Nikki Ubaldini
Product Number: 200727101
$18.00  Audio CD
All the Squirrels Aren’t in the Trees: Interacting With People
Karel Murray
Product Number: 200727102
$18.00  Audio CD
Auction – Sold Now!

Product Number: 200727103
$18.00  Audio CD
Brain Tattoo for Bigger Results (Repeat)
Karen Post
Product Number: 200727104
$18.00  Audio CD
Panel: Search Engine Marketing and Blog Sites
Kristen Veraldi, Chuck Bonamer & Shawn Carpenter
Product Number: 200727105
$18.00  Audio CD
What Brokers & Managers Ought to Know About International Real Estate
Tony Macaluso
Product Number: 200727106
$18.00  Audio CD
Getting your Listing Sold in Today’s Market
Nikki Ubaldini
Product Number: 200727107
$18.00  Audio CD
Long-Range Outlook for Second Homes
Marcus Wally
Product Number: 200727108
$18.00  Audio CD
Money-Making Management
Jeffrey Taylor
Product Number: 200727109
$18.00  Audio CD
FREC/FAR Legal Update
Matey Veissi & Randy Schwartz
Product Number: 200727110
$18.00  Audio CD
Web Marketing Systems That Work
Tricia Andreassen
Product Number: 200727111
$18.00  Audio CD
You’re Nobody Unless You’re
Ted Jones
Product Number: 200727112
$18.00  Audio CD
Landlords’ Rights & Duties
Mark Warda
Product Number: 200727113
$18.00  Audio CD
If I Were 25 Again….
John Crossman
Product Number: 200727114
$18.00  Audio CD
Land Brokerage: Pitfalls for the Inexperienced
Bill Eshenbaugh
Product Number: 200727115
$18.00  Audio CD
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