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Florida Realtors

FAR 2008 Annual Convention and Trade Expo
Orlando, FL - September 25 - 27, 2008

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

Complete Set of Audio CDs
Every listed session on audio CD for playback in standard CD player
Product Number: 200829998
$185.00  Audio CDs - All Sessions
Multimedia CD-ROM
(BEST VALUE) Every listed session in MP3 format plus all available presentation materials ...
Product Number: 200829994
$175.00  CD-ROM - All Sessions

Individual Sessions

Opening Session - Shed or You’re Dead: How to Stay Alive & Thrive In the Midst of Change
Kathy Dempsey
Product Number: 200829100
$18.00  Audio CD
Shed for Success presents…Who Killed Resilience?
Kathy Dempsey
Product Number: 200829101
$18.00  Audio CD
How to Enjoy Killing the Status Quo
Dale Dauten
Product Number: 200829102
$18.00  Audio CD
The ‘Why’ of Optimizing Your Web Site
Laszlo Horvath
Product Number: 200829103
$18.00  Audio CD
Your Turn to Drive: Grab the Keys to Personal Promotion
Chandra Hall
Product Number: 200829104
$18.00  Audio CD
Managing Market Shifts
Kim Dickey
Product Number: 200829105
$18.00  Audio CD
Microsoft Outlook E-Marketing Strategies for Real Estate
Mark Porter
Product Number: 200829106
$18.00  Audio CD
Home Staging: The Key That Opens Doors to Sales
Barb Schwarz
Product Number: 200829107
$18.00  Audio CD
Treo Smartphone & Supra eKey Workshop
G. William James
Product Number: 200829108
$18.00  Audio CD
The ‘How’ of Optimizing Your Web Site
Laszlo Horvath
Product Number: 200829109
$18.00  Audio CD
Surviving in a Slow Market, Isn’t This the Broker’s Job?
Tony Macaluso
Product Number: 200829110
$18.00  Audio CD
Digital Imaging…Tips, Tricks & Cameras
Mark Porter
Product Number: 200829111
$18.00  Audio CD
Legal-ese’ vs. ‘Reality-ese’: A Panel on Transaction Related Issues
Jim Mitchell, Matey Veissi, Thomas O’Bryant, Jr. and Randy Schwartz
Product Number: 200829112
$18.00  Audio CD
Why Short Sales May Not be the Best Answer for Some Sellers
Tony Macaluso
Product Number: 200829113
$18.00  Audio CD
Power Up Your Open House
John Loewy
Product Number: 200829114
$18.00  Audio CD
Staying Alive Technology Party
Domenic Caloia, Deborah Boza-Valledor & Justin Zimmerman – moderated by Tim Kinzler
Product Number: 200829115
$18.00  Audio CD
Web Sites: The Laws of the Cyber Jungle!
Darity Wesley
Product Number: 200829116
$18.00  Audio CD
Protect Yourself
Chip Boring, Maggie Buck, Reeta Casey, Wendell Davis and Bob Hudgens
Product Number: 200829117
$18.00  Audio CD
Commercial Real Estate Rock Stars
Neil Merin, Cynthia Shelton, Robin Webb and Jerry Anderson -- moderated by Gary Ralston
Product Number: 200829118
$18.00  Audio CD
Marketing Opportunities for Florida Realtors in The United Kingdom
Xavier Wiggins and Marc Da-Silva – moderated by John Mike
Product Number: 200829119
$18.00  Audio CD
Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate
Stanley Rose
Product Number: 200829121
$18.00  Audio CD
Diversity, It’s Not so Black & White
Tony Macaluso
Product Number: 200829122
$18.00  Audio CD
Marketing Your Properties to the World
Deborah Boza Valledor
Product Number: 200829123
$18.00  Audio CD
Communicating Construction
Spencer Mallory and Gary Gray
Product Number: 200829124
$18.00  Audio CD
Working With Buyers/Sellers From France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom
Jorge Cantero
Product Number: 200829125
$18.00  Audio CD
How to Beat Up Your Appraiser
Donald Sarley
Product Number: 200829126
$18.00  Audio CD
How to Sell Florida Real Estate by Auction
Phil Wilson
Product Number: 200829127
$18.00  Audio CD
Energy Efficient Real Estate
Lisa Harr
Product Number: 200829128
$18.00  Audio CD
Bulls, Owls, Lambs & Tigers: Personality Selling for This Difficult Market
Charles Clarke
Product Number: 200829129
$18.00  Audio CD
A Meeting of the Minds: Your Secret Weapon in a Tough Market
Rod McIntyre
Product Number: 200829130
$18.00  Audio CD
Land Trends 2008
Bill Eshenbaugh, Ben Crosby and Don Lombardi
Product Number: 200829131
$18.00  Audio CD
When the Going Gets Tough…
Melanie McLane
Product Number: 200829132
$18.00  Audio CD
Legislative Changes, Predatory Lending and the Mortgage Industry: What Every Realtor Needs...
Grant Simon
Product Number: 200829133
$18.00  Audio CD
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