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Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA)

47th Annual International Conference
Baltimore, MD - February 17-20, 2010

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

Full Conference MultiMedia DVD-ROM.
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Product Number: 201004996
$159.00 DVD-ROM - All Sessions

Individual Sessions

Wednesday Keynote - OPENING GENERAL SESSION: “LD and ADHD: Neither Separate Nor Equal”
Martha B. Denckla, M.D.
Product Number: 201004100
$12.00  Audio CD
W1 - Current Research Trends in Language, Reading, Writing, and Math
Laurie Cutting, Ph.D., Debbie Speece, Ph.D., Ken Pugh, Ph.D., Lynn Fuchs, Ph.D., Michelle ...
Product Number: 201004101
$36.00  Audio CD
W2 - RTI: Design, Implementation, and Policy Considerations
Pam Stecker, Ph.D., Doug Fuchs, Ph.D., Debbie Speece, Ph.D., Sylvia Linan Thompson, Ph.D.,...
Product Number: 201004102
$36.00  Audio CD
W3 - Toxic Chemicals and Brain Development: Prevention and Policy
Ted Schettler, M.D., Peggy Shepard, Sarah A. Vogel, Eric Olson, James Hubbard, Maureen Swa...
Product Number: 201004103
$36.00  Audio CD
W6 - An Approach to Helping Students with Executive Dysfunction (Parents & Families)
Laurie Dietzel, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004104
$12.00  Audio CD
W7 - Rarely Had the Words Poured: Teaching Persuasive Writing (Evidence Based Practice)
Linda Mason, Ph.D., Anne Mong Cramer, Elizabeth Benedek Wood
Product Number: 201004105
$12.00  Audio CD
W8 - Useful Features of the WJ III (Woodcock Johnson) for Accurate SLD Identification (Ass...
Nancy Mather, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004106
$12.00  Audio CD
W11 - Strategies to Improve Classroom Management, Enhance Learning, and Minimize Disruptiv...
Chris Zeigler Dendy, M.S.
Product Number: 201004107
$12.00  Audio CD
W13 - Navigating the Life Scene (Adults & Transition)
Rich Collins, Ph.D., Nancie Payne
Product Number: 201004108
$12.00  Audio CD
W14 - Educating Teachers to Support Transition: Issues and Approaches
Jean Lokerson, Ph.D., Susan Loving, David Verdi, Janet Gibbs, Karen Rooney, Ph.D., Elizabe...
Product Number: 201004109
$12.00  Audio CD
W16 - Improving Literacy Outcomes for Middle and High School Students with Learning Disabi...
Donald D. Deshler, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004110
$12.00  Audio CD
W20 - LD/Dyslexics Read-Write-Spell Successfully with a Neurologoically Integrated Process...
Mary Lou Sundberg
Product Number: 201004111
$12.00  Audio CD
W21 - Employment Success for Adults with Asperger's Syndrome: A Case Study (Adults & Trans...
Marci Stern
Product Number: 201004112
$12.00  Audio CD
W25 - Taking the "Work" Out of "Paperwork" : Voices from the Field
Richard Mehrenberg, Nick Fratto
Product Number: 201004113
$12.00  Audio CD
W36 - The Big Bang: When Learning Disabilities and Job Performance Collide (Adult & Transi...
Jane Hanson
Product Number: 201004116
$12.00  Audio CD
W40 - Coaching Success with LD/ADHD (Parents & Families)
Candace Sahm
Product Number: 201004117
$12.00  Audio CD
T1 - A Response to Intervention Model for Urban Minority Children (Urban Education)
Tara Benn
Product Number: 201004119
$12.00  Audio CD
T2 - Context Clues Activities for Comprehending Content Area Text (Evidence Based Practice...
Laura Hedin
Product Number: 201004120
$12.00  Audio CD
T4 - The Asperger Student in the Social Studies Classroom (Instruction)
Elizabeth Organt
Product Number: 201004121
$12.00  Audio CD
T5 - Why Try? Ending Failure and Truancy (Mental Health)
J. Allen
Product Number: 201004122
$12.00  Audio CD
T8 - Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessment: Nuts and Bolts (Assessment/Evaluatio...
John T. Beetar, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004123
$12.00  Audio CD
T11 - Essentials of Reading Fluency (Evidence Based Practice)
Kenneth Campbell
Product Number: 201004124
$12.00  Audio CD
T12 - The What, When and How of Executive Functions (Mental Health)
Charlotte Edwards, Psy.D.
Product Number: 201004125
$12.00  Audio CD
T13 - Making the Learning Connection: What We Eat and Whre We Live (Environmental/Medical)
Beth McGaw, Carol Ann Brannon
Product Number: 201004126
$12.00  Audio CD
T14 - Practical Strategies For Promoting Pro-Social Behavior in a Primary Classroom (Early...
Meredith Jaeckel
Product Number: 201004127
$12.00  Audio CD
T15 - Motor Dysfunction in ADHD: Findings, Brain Basis and Intervention Implications (Rese...
Stewart Mostofsky, M.D.
Product Number: 201004128
$12.00  Audio CD
T20 - LD After Hours: Extra-Curricular Challenges (and solutions) for Kids with LD (Parent...
Jerome Schultz, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004130
$12.00  Audio CD
T24 - A Special Mother: Getting though the Early Days (Parents & Families)
JSheldon Horowitz, Ed.D., Anne Ford
Product Number: 201004131
$12.00  Audio CD
Thursday Luncheon - Adapting, Compensating, and Covering Up My Learning Disabilities Never...
Larry B. Silver, M.D.
Product Number: 201004132
$12.00  Audio CD
T25 - Topical Adult Workshop - A World of Knowledge Open to All
Christopher Lee, Joe Tedesco, Peter Squire, Steve Noble
Product Number: 201004133
$12.00  Audio CD
T26 - Current Status of SLD Eligibility: Why Cognitive Processing is Necessary
Pat Lillie, Nancy Mather, Ph.D., Noel Gregg, Ph.D., Dawn Flanagan, Ph.D., Edward Schultz, ...
Product Number: 201004134
$12.00  Audio CD
T28 - Healthy Children Project: Communicating Our Concerns (Environmental/Medical)
Maureen Swanson, Katharine Huffman, Ellie Collinson
Product Number: 201004135
$12.00  Audio CD
T29 - The Effects of ADHD on Reading Fluency and Comprehension (Research)
Mark Mahone, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004136
$12.00  Audio CD
T30 - Universal Design for Learning for Meaningful Access to the Curriculum (Instruction)
Ricki Sabia, Myrna Mandlawitz
Product Number: 201004137
$12.00  Audio CD
T31 - Response to Intervention in Middle Schools: Current Practices and Decision Making Mo...
Justin Allen, Sara Prewett
Product Number: 201004138
$12.00  Audio CD
T32 - Throwing Out the Bathwater, But Holding onto the Baby: Informal Inventories (Evidenc...
Melinda Parrill, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004139
$12.00  Audio CD
T36 - Managing ADHD/LD Students in School and Home (Mental Health)
Barbara Whitwell, Jamie Via
Product Number: 201004140
$12.00  Audio CD
T37 - A Collaborative University-School RTI Partnership with Benefits for All (Urban Educa...
Cathleen Spinelli, Ph.D., Pat Roberts, Eileen Sabbatino, Ed.D., Martha Mercantini, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004141
$12.00  Audio CD
T39 - Coping Styles of African American Students with Learning Disabilities (Culteral Dive...
Phyllis Randle
Product Number: 201004142
$12.00  Audio CD
T42 - Taming the Teenaged Tigers: Preserving Their Spirit & Our Sanity (Mental Health)
David Sylvestro
Product Number: 201004143
$12.00  Audio CD
T43 - Research to Practice: An Update on Federal Initiatives (Advocacy/Public Policy)
Lawrence Wexler
Product Number: 201004144
$12.00  Audio CD
T44 - The Unique Challenge of Adolescent Adoptees With and Without LD and ADHD (Parents & ...
Emerson Dickman, J.D.
Product Number: 201004145
$12.00  Audio CD
T47 - Explicit, Systematic Decoding Strategies: A Necessary Stop on the Road to Fluent Tex...
Nancy Cushen White, Ed.D.
Product Number: 201004146
$12.00  Audio CD
T50 - Improving Science Learning for Students with Executive Function Challenges (Instruct...
Polly Hubbard, Gilly Puttick
Product Number: 201004147
$12.00  Audio CD
T52 - Listening to Parents: Small Steps & Revelations (Professinal Preparation)
Douglas Ball, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004148
$12.00  Audio CD
T53 - Eyes on the Future: School + Work = Success (Adults & Transition)
Kathy Briancon, Trudy Fleisher
Product Number: 201004149
$12.00  Audio CD
T54 - Interpersonal Safety for Special Needs Children (Mental Health)
Teresa Elliott, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004150
$12.00  Audio CD
T56 - A Parent Advocate's Guide to Response To Intervention (Advocacy/Public Policy)
Susan Bruce
Product Number: 201004151
$12.00  Audio CD
Friday Keynote - “The Future’s So Bright—Forget the Shades”
Lisa A. Dieker, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004152
$12.00  Audio CD
F1 - Early Childhood Workshop Part I - English Language Learners: Factors Influencing Thei...
Rocio Delgado, David Campos
Product Number: 201004153
$12.00  Audio CD
F2 - Preparing Students with Learning Disabilities for a Successful Transition to College ...
Stan Shaw, Ed.D.
Product Number: 201004154
$12.00  Audio CD
F3 - Neurocognitive Contributors Toward Steps in Language Processing (Assessment/Evaluatio...
Warren Rosen, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004155
$12.00  Audio CD
F4 - STRESS! What Parents and Teachers need to KNOW and DO (Mental Health)
Jerome Schultz, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004156
$12.00  Audio CD
F9 - Turning No into Maybe and Maybe into Yes - Managing Noncompliance (Mental Health)
Jonathan Jones
Product Number: 201004158
$12.00  Audio CD
F10 - Understanding Complexities of Disability Documentation under ADAA (American with Dis...
Manju Banerjee, Ph.D., Loring Brinckerhoff, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004159
$12.00  Audio CD
F11 - SNAP-FIT: Combining RTI with Cognitive Assessment for SLD Service Delivery (Evidence...
James Hale, Ph.D., Lisa Hain
Product Number: 201004160
$12.00  Audio CD
F13 - Early Childhood Workshop Part II - Meeting Children's Social Emotional Needs Through...
Jean Kueker, Jerrie Jackson, Michaela Cole
Product Number: 201004161
$12.00  Audio CD
F15 - Successful Practicum Experiences with English Language Learners with Learning Disabi...
Patricia Peterson, Ph.D., Maureen Hengl
Product Number: 201004162
$12.00  Audio CD
F18 - Real Schools, Real Teachers: A Problem-Solving Clinic (Professional Preparation)
Steven Russell, Ph.D., Jean Lokerson, Ph.D., Kalisha Miller
Product Number: 201004163
$12.00  Audio CD
F19 - Finding Treasure: Developing Gifts, Nurturing Resilience and Creating Empowerment (P...
John Willson
Product Number: 201004164
$12.00  Audio CD
F22 - Teachers... Are YOU Listening? (Instruction)
Janis Cline, Karen Ryals
Product Number: 201004165
$12.00  Audio CD
F24 - IDEA Recovery Act Funds: Lessons Learned and Looking Forward (Advocacy/Public Policy...
Candice Cortiella, Diane Willcutts, Mark Halpert
Product Number: 201004166
$12.00  Audio CD
F29 - Revisiting Exclusionary Factors: Best Practices (Assessment/Evaluation)
Tammy Stephens, Ph.D., Edward Schultz, Ph.D., Layne Pethick
Product Number: 201004168
$12.00  Audio CD
F31 - Preparing Highly Qualified Teachers for Students with Disabilities: Findings from Re...
Michael Rosenberg, Ph.D., Paul Sindelar, Ph.D., Nancy Corbett, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004169
$12.00  Audio CD
F32 - Homeschool for Children with Learning Disabilities--It's A Real Option (Parents & Fa...
Kathy Kuhl, Judith Munday
Product Number: 201004170
$12.00  Audio CD
F33 - ADHD and the Pain of Delay: From Procrastination to Action (Mental Health)
Melinda Parrill, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004171
$12.00  Audio CD
F34 - Enhancing Executive Function through Explicit Study Skills Instruction (Instruction)
Patricia Newhall
Product Number: 201004172
$12.00  Audio CD
F42 - Accommodations on Graduate Admissions Tests: How the Process Works (Postsecondary)
John Hosterman, Ph.D., Patricia Latham, J.D.
Product Number: 201004175
$12.00  Audio CD
F43 - Learning to Achieve: Research and Training on Adults with LD (Adults & Transition)
Juliana Taymans, Ph.D., Debi Basu, Paul Gerber, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004176
$12.00  Audio CD
F45 - Off Radar: When Females with ADHD/LD Fade from View (Mental Health)
Joan Teach, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004177
$12.00  Audio CD
F48 - Developing Good Self-Esteem in School-Aged Children with Learning Disabilities: Chil...
Mark Griffin, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004178
$12.00  Audio CD
Friday Reception and Award’s Banquet
Deborah Phelps
Product Number: 201004179
$12.00  Audio CD
S3 - IDEA and NCLB: Do They Really Make a Difference for Students with Learning Disabiliti...
Candace Cortiella
Product Number: 201004180
$12.00  Audio CD
S4 - Psychoeducational Assessment and Diagnosis of Learning Disabilities (Assessment/Evalu...
Luanne Adams, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004181
$12.00  Audio CD
S9 - Strategies for Home and School Compliance by children with ADHD (Parents & Families)
Sharyn Rhodes, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004183
$12.00  Audio CD
S12 - Understanding the Complexity of Children with Aspergers Disorder (Mental Health)
Charlotte Edwards, Psy.D.
Product Number: 201004184
$12.00  Audio CD
S14 - Teaching Reading to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students with Special Need...
Joseph Sencibaugh, Ph.D., Angela Sencibaugh
Product Number: 201004185
$12.00  Audio CD
S17 - Talking to Children about Their Learning Disabilities (Mental Health)
Judith Stern
Product Number: 201004187
$12.00  Audio CD
S21 - Improving Self-Esteem and Academics through Positive Thinking and Visualization (Men...
Barbara Guyer, Ed.D.
Product Number: 201004188
$12.00  Audio CD
S23 - Response to Intervention (RTI) Strategies for Mathematics and Reading in the Early G...
Scott Cody
Product Number: 201004189
$12.00  Audio CD
S26 - My Story - Survival Guide for College-Bound LD Students (Postsecondary)
David Carson
Product Number: 201004190
$12.00  Audio CD
S27 - On Being Sad – Teenage Depression in the Student with Learning Disabilities (Menta...
Janette Patterson
Product Number: 201004191
$12.00  Audio CD
S29 - Understanding and Developing Executive Functioning: Preschool through High School (I...
Nancy Enders, Jennifer Lage, Cynthia West
Product Number: 201004192
$12.00  Audio CD
S32 - Surviving Transition, Job and Home Life as an Adult with LD (Adults & Transition)
Pat Kissire, Ed.D.
Product Number: 201004193
$12.00  Audio CD
W 22 - Attention to Retention (Postsecondary)
Lynne Weston
Product Number: 201004194
$12.00  Audio CD
W30 - A New Approach to Setting Progress Monitoring Goals within RTI (Assessment/Evaluatio...
Joseph Betts, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004195
$12.00  Audio CD
T6 - How to Boil a Frog: Understanding the Basic Characteristics of Response to Interventi...
Janet Gibbs
Product Number: 201004196
$12.00  Audio CD
T19 - The Role of Assessment in Progress Monitoring (Assessment/Evaluation)
Cathleen Spinelli, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201004197
$12.00  Audio CD
Wednesday Special Event A - That’s Life in the Jungle: An Affectionate Look at the Reali...
Rick Lavoie (Note: This Session on CD Only - NOT on DVD)
Product Number: 201004200
$12.00  Audio CD
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