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International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD)

27th International IASD Conference
Asheville, NC - June 27-Juy 1, 2010

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

MultiMedia CD-ROM
Multimedia CD-ROM: (BEST VALUE) Every listed session in MP3 format plus all available pres...
Product Number: 201023994
$129.00  CD-ROM - All Sessions

Individual Sessions

Opening Keynote: Cherokee Dreaming and the Politics of Repression
Dr. Lee Irwin
Product Number: 201023100
$18.00  Audio CD
Presentation: Vasily Kasatkin and Prodromal Dreams (CE)
Stephen Parker
Product Number: 201023101
$18.00  Audio CD
Special Event: Jung's Red Book [CE] - A Dream for Our Culture - Text and Image in the Spi...
Richard Russo and Laurel McCabe
Product Number: 201023102
$18.00  Audio CD
Panel: Dreaming in Christianity and Islam: Historical Roots, Future Challenges [CE]
Kelly Bulkeley (Chair)), Patricia Bulkley, Patricia M. Davis, Lana Nasser, and Geoff Nel...
Product Number: 201023103
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: The Dream as Co-Creation: Explorations in Dreamer Response
Ryan Hurd (Chair), Chris Olsen, G. Scott Sparrow, and Robert Waggoner
Product Number: 201023104
$18.00  Audio CD
Panel: Energetic Dreams: Activating Creative, Healing and Transformative Potentials
Barbara Condron, Gloria Sturzenacker (Co- chair), Valley Reed, Mary Whitefeather, Dale E....
Product Number: 201023106
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Research into the Dreams of Several Clinical Groups [CE]
Jayne Gackenbach (Chair), Allyson Dale, Katja Valli, Marco Zanasi, and Ernest Hartmann (...
Product Number: 201023107
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Waking Influences on Content [CE]
Mark Blagrove (Chair), J.F. Pagel, Willem Fermont, and Franklin J. Galvin
Product Number: 201023108
$18.00  Audio CD
Panel: Exploring Dreams and Dreaming for People New to the World of Dreams [CE]
Jacquie Lewis (Chair), Kelly Bulkeley, Patricia Garfield, David Kahn, Robert Van De Castl...
Product Number: 201023109
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Lucid Dreams and Visitations
Laurel Clark (Chair), Nigel Hamilton, and Rich Paseman
Product Number: 201023110
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: REM Sleep Behavior Disorder, Nightmare Content, and Predictors of Disturbed Dr...
Antonio Zadra, Katja Valli, Michael Schredl, Ross Levin, and Mark Blagrove (Discussant)
Product Number: 201023111
$18.00  Audio CD
Keynote Address: The Timeless Wisdom of Our Dreams - A Founder's View of IASD's Evolving ...
Jeremy Taylor
Product Number: 201023112
$18.00  Audio CD
Panel: Weaving Dreams and Dreaming into Educational Classes [CE]
Deborah Hickey (Chair), Jayne Gackenbach, Curtiss Hoffman, and Jacquie Lewis
Product Number: 201023113
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Communion: Dreams Unite the Living and the Dead [CE]
Rita Dwyer (Chair), Stanley Krippner, Lee Irwin, Gillian Holloway, and Patricia Garfield
Product Number: 201023114
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Cultural and Gender Associations [CE]
Michael Schredl (Chair), Miloslava Kozmova, Eva Murzyn, and Michiko Akahori Carey
Product Number: 201023115
$18.00  Audio CD
Special Event: The Metaphysics of Dreaming [CE]
Lee Irwin
Product Number: 201023116
$18.00  Audio CD
Panel: Faerie Exploration through Dreams
Dolores J. Nurss, Curtiss Hoffman (Chair), Christina Bjergo, and Janice Ryalls
Product Number: 201023117
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Dream Remembering [CE]
Caroline L. Horton (Chair), Tracey L. Kahan, and Connie Svob
Product Number: 201023118
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Clinical Applications [CE] - Eros in the Toilet: Toileting Dreams in Clinical ...
Leila Ryland Swain
Product Number: 201023119
$18.00  Audio CD
Presentation: Tarot Dreaming to Gnosis
Christina Bjergo
Product Number: 201023120
$18.00  Audio CD
Presentation: The Shamanic Dream: Vedic Dream Principles and Modern Times [CE]
Paul Overman
Product Number: 201023121
$18.00  Audio CD
Presentation: Sanctuary Dreams: Reflections on the Images of Aya Uekawa
Jodine Grundy
Product Number: 201023122
$18.00  Audio CD
Panel: Long Term Journal Keeping: Quest for Enrichment
Cynthia Pearson (Chair), Sheila Asato, Jean Campbell, Joan Harthan, and Gloria Sturzenac...
Product Number: 201023123
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Dreams and Therapy [CE]
Barbara Bishop, Brigitte Holzinger, and Carol A. Joyce
Product Number: 201023124
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Evidence of Wisdom in Dreams [CE]
Robert Hoss (Chair), Deirdre Barrett, Robert Waggoner, and Stanley Krippner
Product Number: 201023125
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Imagination
Jennifer M. Windt (Chair), Michaela Schrage- Frueh, Rose Cleary, and Sergey Toymentsev
Product Number: 201023126
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Four Perspectives on Soul Making: Dreaming the Past Forward
Winnie Piccolo (Chair), Dawn Matheny, Meg Pierce, and Robert Tompkins
Product Number: 201023127
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Dreaming and Lucidity [CE]
David Kahn (Chair), Jayne Gackenbach, J.F. Pagel, Tracey L. Kahan, and Kelly Bulkeley
Product Number: 201023128
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Sacred Archetypes
Tom Lane (Chair), Diana McKendree, Jeffrey R. Schweitzer, and Deon van Zyl
Product Number: 201023129
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Extraordinary Dreaming
Christine Simmonds-Moore, Jacquie Lewis, Dale E. Graff, Barbara A. Derrick
Product Number: 201023130
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Dream Experience and Imagery
K.J. Bartnicki , Jacob Empson, William Henry Price, and Massimo Schinco
Product Number: 201023131
$18.00  Audio CD
Keynote Address: Dream Content, Waking States and Well- Being: Why Dreaming is Psychologic...
Antonio Zadra
Product Number: 201023132
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Lucid Dreaming and the Experience of Transcendence [CE]
G. Scott Sparrow
Product Number: 201023133
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Childrens' Dreams [CE]
Denyse Beaudet and Jean H. Orost
Product Number: 201023134
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: How Extraordinary Dreams May Fulfill Higher Purposes
Stanley Krippner
Product Number: 201023135
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Community Dreaming
Barbara Condron and Marsha Hudson
Product Number: 201023136
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Spiritual Personal, Cultural & Esoteric
Laurel Clark (Chair), Daniel R. Condron, Suzanne Wiltink, Constance Wolfe
Product Number: 201023137
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Culture, Community, and Dreams [CE]
Jeff Armano, David L. Kahn, Winifred K. Lum, and Misa Tsuruta
Product Number: 201023138
$18.00  Audio CD
Hot-off-the-Press – Research and Theory [CE]
Mark Blagrove (Chair), Curtiss Hoffman, Robert J. Hoss, Mohamed Omar Salem, Massimo Schi...
Product Number: 201023139
$18.00  Audio CD
Presentation: Five Element Dreamwork (FED): Uncovering the Healing Power of Dreams
M. Lourdes Gonzalez
Product Number: 201023140
$18.00  Audio CD
Presentation: Dreams at the End of Life: A Tool for the Great Crossing Over
Monique Séguin and Nicole Gratton
Product Number: 201023141
$18.00  Audio CD
Symposium: Adolescent Dreams and the Classroom [CE]
Jan L. Hitchcock and Henry Reed
Product Number: 201023142
$18.00  Audio CD
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