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Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA)

48th Annual International Conference
Jacksonville - February 23-26, 2011

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Individual Sessions

Wednesday Keynote - OPENING GENERAL SESSION “Building Bright Futures by Doing What Matte...
Donald D. Deshler, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201106100
$13.00  Audio CD
W1 - Executive Function Issues in the Classroom (Instruction)
Jennifer Harkins, Theresa Bray,
Product Number: 201106101
$13.00  Audio CD
W2 - What Do I Really Need to Know to Teach Struggling Readers? (Professional Preparation)
Nancy Hennessy
Product Number: 201106102
$13.00  Audio CD
W7 - Assisting Struggling Readers: Using Research-Based Resources to Support Adult Learner...
Aaron Kohring, Dianna Baycich, Blaire Willson Toso
Product Number: 201106103
$13.00  Audio CD
W9 - Solving the Puzzle of Positive Behavior Development (Parents & Families)
John Willson
Product Number: 201106104
$13.00  Audio CD
W10 - Best Practices in the Assessment of Dyslexia and ADHD (Instruction)
Michael Sisbarro, Ph.D
Product Number: 201106105
$13.00  Audio CD
W11 - Real World RTI: Innovations, Frustrations, and Implications (Evidence Based Practice...
Amanda Kloo, Naomi Zigmond, Maria Almendarez Barron, Kathleen Stanfa
Product Number: 201106106
$13.00  Audio CD
W13 - Recent Advances in Research from the Florida Center for Reading Research
Chris Lonigan, Beth Phillips, Stephanie Al Otaiba, Carol Connor, Chris Schatschneider, Je...
Product Number: 201106108
$13.00  Audio CD
W14 - A Critical Teacher Educator Role: Ensuring Transition Knowledge and Skills in Teache...
Janet Gibbs, Susan Loving, Karen Rooney, Noel Gregg, Kristine Webb, Steven Russell,
Product Number: 201106109
$13.00  Audio CD
W15 - Separating Difference from Disability: Using RTI/RTII for Diverse Learners (Cultur...
Catherine Collier, Ph.D
Product Number: 201106110
$13.00  Audio CD
W19 - Mathematics Disabilities in the Early Years: Assessment and Intervention (Early C...
Steven Zecker
Product Number: 201106112
$13.00  Audio CD
W20 - Delivering Hard Messages about How Students Learn to Their Families (Parents...
Kathy Devito Cohen
Product Number: 201106113
$13.00  Audio CD
W26 - The How’s & What’s of Working with Professors and Instructors in Learning Envir...
Kristin Stang,Nancie Payne
Product Number: 201106115
$13.00  Audio CD
W27 - Behavioral Strategies that Work: Implementing Evidence-Based Practices in the Classr...
Carl Sumi, Ph.D
Product Number: 201106116
$13.00  Audio CD
W30 - Getting College Right: Preparing Students with Disabilities for the College World ...
Elizabeth Hamblet
Product Number: 201106117
$13.00  Audio CD
W31 - Core Standards and Learning Disabilities (Professional Preparation)
Barbara Kapinus
Product Number: 201106118
$13.00  Audio CD
W35 - Don't Give Up Your Dream of a Medical Career Just Because You Have LD and/or ADHD ...
Barbara Guyer Kenneth Guyer,
Product Number: 201106120
$13.00  Audio CD
T1 - Accommodating Learning in an Era of Technology (Adults/Transition)
Noel Gregg, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201106122
$13.00  Audio CD
Adult Luncheon Thursday “There’s Power in Strengths”
Nancie Payne
Product Number: 201106123
$13.00  Audio CD
T4 - School Culture and RTI: Context is Everything (Research)
Robert Isherwood, Richael Barger,Joseph Merhaut, Rebecca Badgett, Jodi Katsafansas,
Product Number: 201106125
$13.00  Audio CD
T8 - Idea Development in Writing: The Role of Specific Detail and Clarity of Expression ...
Terrill Jennings,
Product Number: 201106126
$13.00  Audio CD
T10 - Enhancing Transition and Empowering Students with Learning Disabilities (Postseco...
Edith Miller Julianne Albiero-Walton,
Product Number: 201106127
$13.00  Audio CD
T13 - The Challenges of Classroom Management and Practical Solutions: How to Maximize Tea...
Tom Cone
Product Number: 201106128
$13.00  Audio CD
T14 - Gifted and Talented with Learning Disabilities: Parent and Professional Perspectives...
Joan Wittan, Marisa Stemple,
Product Number: 201106129
$13.00  Audio CD
T17 - Neurodevelopment of Executive Functions and Self Esteem (Mental Health)
Charlotte Edwards,
Product Number: 201106130
$13.00  Audio CD
T24 - Cognitive Processing Deficits: Value Added in a Comprehensive Evaluation for SLD Det...
Daryl F. Mellard, Evelyn S. Johnson,
Product Number: 201106131
$13.00  Audio CD
T25 - Response to Intervention in Middle Schools: Meeting the Needs of Students, Schools, ...
Sara Prewett, Jim Wigo, Kabler,Brenda
Product Number: 201106132
$13.00  Audio CD
T26 - Developing Metacognitive Awareness in Students (Instruction)
Liza Jarombek
Product Number: 201106133
$13.00  Audio CD
T27 - ADHD and Perfectionism: When The Best Possible Isn’t Good Enough (Mental Healt...
Melinda Parrill,
Product Number: 201106134
$13.00  Audio CD
T29 - Sticks and Stones Hurt, but Words Can Scar Forever (Mental Health)
Joan Teach,
Product Number: 201106135
$13.00  Audio CD
T32 - NICHD and Learning Disabilities: Current Projects, Activities and Initiatives (Pro...
Brett Miller, Ph.D.,
Product Number: 201106136
$13.00  Audio CD
T35 - Technology Resources for Students With Learning Disabilities at Little or No Cost! ...
Lorie Taylor, Sally Sentner,
Product Number: 201106137
$13.00  Audio CD
T37 - Connecting with Students When They Are Experiencing a Crisis (Mental Health)
Craig Whedon
Product Number: 201106138
$13.00  Audio CD
T41 - Reaching and Teaching Children with Language Learning Disabilities (Mental Health...
Bruce Miller
Product Number: 201106139
$13.00  Audio CD
T42 - What Advocates Did and Now Must Do (Advocacy/Public Policy)
Kurt Hulett,
Product Number: 201106140
$13.00  Audio CD
T43 - Impact of RTI on the LD Evaluation Process (Advocacy/Public Policy)
Laura Hauerwas
Product Number: 201106141
$13.00  Audio CD
T51 - Can’t Find It! Can’t Remember It! Can’t Do It Fast Enough! Executive Dysfuncti...
Sheryl Pruitt,
Product Number: 201106143
$13.00  Audio CD
F2 - Teaching How to Learn in a What to Learn Culture (Instruction)
Jane Kish Kathleen Hopkins,
Product Number: 201106144
$13.00  Audio CD
F4 - Documentation Dilemmas: A Cornucopia of Solutions, Strategies, and Sage Advice Regard...
Loring Brinckerhoff, Ph.D., Manju Banerjee, Ph.D.,
Product Number: 201106145
$13.00  Audio CD
F5 - Empowering Students in Grades 9-12: Learning Strategies for Reading, Writing and Math...
Karen Rooney, Ph.D
Product Number: 201106146
$13.00  Audio CD
F6 - Sugar and Spice and a Whole Lot More: The Confounding Make-Up of Girls with LD (Me...
David P. Sylvestro Hallie Buckingham, PhD
Product Number: 201106147
$13.00  Audio CD
F10 - Evidence-Based Strategies to Improve Attention and Executive Skills
Chris Dendy
Product Number: 201106148
$13.00  Audio CD
F13 - Response to Intervention: From Design to Implementation - The Effect on Students wit...
Daryl F. Mellard, Ph.D Evelyn S. Johnson, Ph.D., Monica McHale-Small, Ph.D.,
Product Number: 201106149
$13.00  Audio CD
F15 - What Do Special Educators Need to Know About a Science and Mathematics (Research)
Lisa Dieker, Ph.D
Product Number: 201106150
$13.00  Audio CD
F17 - Communication and Being Social – Critical Skill Sets (Adult & Transition)
Arlene Stewart
Product Number: 201106152
$13.00  Audio CD
F21 - Aspergers Disorder, Developing Social Motivation (Mental Health)
Charlotte Edwards, Psy.D
Product Number: 201106153
$13.00  Audio CD
F25 - Self Awarness Profile (Mental Health)
Karen Basquez,
Product Number: 201106154
$13.00  Audio CD
F26 - Negotiating Success: College Students with Learning Disabilities (Postsecondary)
Maria Georgo
Product Number: 201106155
$13.00  Audio CD
F28 - Yes, We Can Succeed! Practical Strategies to Help Students with Learning Disabilitie...
Johnny Good, Ed.D.,
Product Number: 201106157
$13.00  Audio CD
F29 - Sentence and Idea Development for the Elementary Aged Student (Instruction)
Peter Harris, Claire Caputo,
Product Number: 201106158
$13.00  Audio CD
F30 - Relationships: Joys and Challenges for Adults with LD (Adult & Transition)
Arlyn Roffman
Product Number: 201106159
$13.00  Audio CD
F36 - Get Ready, Get Set: An Early Taste of College (Postsecondary)
Barbara Melnick Richard Collette,
Product Number: 201106160
$13.00  Audio CD
F38 - The Emotional Dimensions of Learning Disabilities (Mental Health)
Clarann Goldring,
Product Number: 201106161
$13.00  Audio CD
S2 - How Homeschoolers Help Students with Learning Disabilities (Parents & Families)
Kathy Kuhl
Product Number: 201106164
$13.00  Audio CD
S3 - How Can We Nourish Self-Esteem with Those Who Have LD and/or ADHD? (Mental Health)
Barbara Guyer,
Product Number: 201106165
$13.00  Audio CD
S4 - Empowering Goal Setting Strategies for ADHD/LD Young Adults (Adult & Transition)
Jodi Sleeper-Triplett Craig Hiatt
Product Number: 201106166
$13.00  Audio CD
S5 - SLD After School: Effective Homework and Tutoring Practices (Evidence Based Practice)
Edward Schultz,
Product Number: 201106167
$13.00  Audio CD
S7 - Why Try? Building Hope in Exceptional Children (Mental Health)
Christian Moore,
Product Number: 201106169
$13.00  Audio CD
S10 - Positive Behavior Supports in the Inclusive Classroom (Instruction)
Richael Barger-Anderson, Joseph Merhaut, Robert Isherwood, Rebecca Badgett,
Product Number: 201106170
$13.00  Audio CD
S13 - Teaching Hope: LD, Diversity & Adversity (Cultural Diversity)

Product Number: 201106171
$13.00  Audio CD
S14 - A Comprehensive Study of Intervention Models for Young Children with ASD (Early Chil...
Eileen Sabbatino, Ed.D
Product Number: 201106172
$13.00  Audio CD
S18 - Twice-Exceptional in Transition: Gifted Students with Learning Disabilities Headed t...
Kevin O'Connor,
Product Number: 201106173
$13.00  Audio CD
S20 - The Puzzle of Autism: Features and Strategies for Intervention (Instruction)
Julie Moore, Carole Walsh
Product Number: 201106174
$13.00  Audio CD
S22 - Coaching for Academic Success (Postsecondary)
Julia Frost,
Product Number: 201106175
$13.00  Audio CD
S24 - Teaching Critical Thinking to Students with Learning Disabilities (Instruction)
Johnny Good
Product Number: 201106176
$13.00  Audio CD
T30 - Excavating the Dinosaur
Laurence Lieberman
Product Number: 201106178
$13.00  Audio CD
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