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Academy for Eating Disorders (AED)

2012 International Conference on Eating Disorders
Austin, TX - May 2-5, 2012

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Individual Sessions

Introduction to Family-Based Treatment for Eating Disorders
James Lock, MD, PhD, FAED , USA
Product Number: 201210100
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Advanced Workshop: DBT and the Treatment of Complex ED Patients
Lucene Wisniewski, PhD, FAED, USA
Product Number: 201210101
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Who?s Who of the Brain: A User-friendly, Fun and Interactive Introduction to the Role of t...
Bryan Lask, FRCPsych, FRCPCH, MPhil, MBBS, FAED, United Kingdom
Product Number: 201210102
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Nutritional Management in Patients with Eating Disorders: What Every Clinician Needs to Kn...
Debra K. Katzman, MD, FAED, Canada
Product Number: 201210103
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Great Myths of Popular Psychology: Lessons for Eating Disorder Researchers and Practit...
Scott O Lilienfeld, PhD, USA
Product Number: 201210105
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
A Transgenerational Role for the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis in the Risk for Traum...
Rachel Yehuda, PhD, USA
Product Number: 201210107
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Eating Disorders, Gene-Environment Interactions and the Epigenome: Research and Practice I...
Howard Steiger, PhD, FAED, Canada
Product Number: 201210108
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Novel Biomarkers of Anorexia: Examination of Interoception in the Pathophysiology of Anore...
Nancy L Zucker, PhD, USA
Product Number: 201210109
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Discussant: Eating Disorders: What's Stress got to do with it?
Angelica de Medeiros Claudino, MD, Brazil
Product Number: 201210110
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Acceptance-based Separated Family Therapy for Adolescent Anorexia Nervosa (AN)
Rhonda Merwin, PhD, USA
Product Number: 201210111
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
An Evidence-based Guide to Treating Comorbid Psychiatric Disturbances in People with Eatin...
Mimi Israel, MD, FAED, Canada
Product Number: 201210112
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Treating Anorexia Nervosa in the Outpatient Setting: Why Well Intentioned People Sometimes...
Michael Strober, PhD, FAED, USA
Product Number: 201210113
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Body Image Disturbance in the Eating Disorders: How to Assess and Treat
Victoria Mountford, DClinPsy, United Kingdom
Product Number: 201210114
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
RDoC and Eating Disorders: Using Dimensional Approaches in Clinical and Developmental Eati...
Julia Zehr, PhD, USA
Product Number: 201210115
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Fantastic Voyage- Brains Bones and Guts: An Exploration into the Medical Complications of ...
Richard Levine, MD, FAED, USA
Product Number: 201210116
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Successful Insurance Authorization: What Every Provider Must Know
Stacey Brown, RN, USA
Product Number: 201210117
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Internet-Based Interventions for Eating Disorders: From Research to Practice
Markus Moessner, PhD, Germany
Product Number: 201210118
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
An Academic-Community Partnership to Reduce Disordered Eating and Excessive Weight Gain in...
Robyn Osborn, PhD, USA
Product Number: 201210119
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Regulation of Cues Intervention to Decrease Overeating in Children
Kerri Boutelle, PhD, USA
Product Number: 201210120
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
BED/Obesity - Treatment

Product Number: 201210121
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Biological/Medical Scans

Product Number: 201210122
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Child Adolescent Pathology

Product Number: 201210123
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Comorbidity / Alcohol

Product Number: 201210124
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Diagnosis & Assessment

Product Number: 201210125
Slides/Audio Coming Soon

Product Number: 201210126
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Personality / Cognition

Product Number: 201210127
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Risk Factors
Synched Audio with Presentation
Product Number: 201210128
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Treatment / Adult

Product Number: 201210129
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Treatment - Children / Adolescents

Product Number: 201210130
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Evidence-Based Psychological Treatment: Implementation, Training, and Scalability
G. Terence Wilson, PhD, USA
Product Number: 201210132
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Psychological Treatment of Eating Disorders: Research Evidence, Best Practice and Beyond
Ulrike Schmidt, MD, PhD, FAED, United Kingdom
Product Number: 201210133
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Challenges of Implementing Evidence Based Treatments in Real World Settings
Dasha E. Nicholls, MBBS, MRCPsych, MD, FAED, United Kingdom
Product Number: 201210134
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Sustainable Research-Practice Integration: Discovering our Motivation for Change
Judith D. Banker, MA, LLP, FAED, USA
Product Number: 201210135
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
A New Model for Understanding Anorexia Nervosa and Implications for Treatment
B. Timothy Walsh, MD, FAED, USA
Product Number: 201210136
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Multifamily Therapy in Anorexia Nervosa: Two Years Follow Up
Ulf Wallin, MD, PhD, Sweden
Product Number: 201210137
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Food for Thought: Addressing Nutritional Needs as a Core Element of Cognitive-Behavior The...
Glenn Waller, DPhil, FAED, United Kingdom
Product Number: 201210138
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Use of Virtual Reality in the Study, Assessment and Treatment of Eating Disorders
Marta Ferrer-Garcia, PhD, Spain
Product Number: 201210140
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Family-Based Treatment of Pediatric Overweight and Obesity: An Innovative Application of t...
Katharine L. Loeb, PhD, USA
Product Number: 201210141
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Building Body Acceptance: Research Evidence and Strategies in Action
Susan J. Paxton, PhD, FAED, Australia
Product Number: 201210143
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Empowering Families: Advocacy and Action from the US and UK
Susan M. Ringwood, BA Hons, United Kingdom
Product Number: 201210144
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
BED/Obesity - Pathology

Product Number: 201210146
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
BED/Obesity - Treatment

Product Number: 201210147
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Biological / Medical

Product Number: 201210148
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Body Image / Prevention

Product Number: 201210149
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Child - Adolescent Interventions

Product Number: 201210150
Slides/Audio Coming Soon

Product Number: 201210151
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Diagnosis & Assessment - Alternative Approaches

Product Number: 201210152
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Dgender / Ethnicity / Culture

Product Number: 201210153
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Risk Factors

Product Number: 201210154
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Treatment Processes

Product Number: 201210155
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Treatment Approaches to the Complex, Co-morbid ED and BPD Adolescent Patient
Diane Mickley, MD, FAED, USA
Product Number: 201210156
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
New Clinical Research Perspectives on the Role of Trauma in Eating Disorders
Jeffrey N. Mar, MD, USA
Product Number: 201210157
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Students with Eating Disorders on Campus: Clinical Challenges and Ethical Dilemmas
Sara Shepherd, PhD, FAED, USA
Product Number: 201210158
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Neuronal Contributions to Food Intake in Patients with Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa
Walter Kaye, MD, FAED, USA
Product Number: 201210159
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Being Good Sports: How Can We Create a Winning Team to Increase Eating Disorder Prevention...
Jennifer Harriger, PhD, USA
Product Number: 201210160
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Technology-enhanced Interventions for Health Promotion, Prevention and Treatment Support
Stephanie Bauer, PhD, Germany
Product Number: 201210161
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Raising the Bar: The Use of a Treatment Guide for the Early Recognition and Medical Manage...
Richard L. Levine, MD, FAED, USA
Product Number: 201210162
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Complex Relationship Between Eating Disorders and Substance Use Disorders: Confronting...
G. Terence Wilson , PhD, USA
Product Number: 201210163
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Advantages of Brain Disorder Language from the Patient/Career Perspective
Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh, MS, USA
Product Number: 201210165
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Bad Genes, Chemical Imbalances, and Broken Brains, Oh My! A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the D...
Brett J Deacon, PhD, USA
Product Number: 201210166
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Talking about the Power of Talk: How do Language and Labels Influence Illness?
Anne Becker, MD, PhD, SM, FAED, USA
Product Number: 201210167
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Time for a New Language or New Data?
Kelly Klump, PhD, FAED, USA
Product Number: 201210168
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Case Conceptualization and Core Belief Modification in Long-term CBT Treatment to Achieve ...
T. J. Raney, PhD, USA
Product Number: 201210169
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
How can we use Cognitive Remediation in the Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa?
Kate Tchanturia, PhD, United Kingdom
Product Number: 201210170
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Enhancing Connections with Adolescents and Families Through Therapeutic Mutual Relationshi...
Richard E. Kreipe, MD, USA
Product Number: 201210171
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Is There a Role for Palliative Care in the Management of Treatment Resistant Chronic Anore...
Allan S. Kaplan, MD, FAED, Canada
Product Number: 201210172
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Eating Part of Eating Disorders: Effective Strategies for Normalizing the Relationship...
Jillian G. Croll Lampert, PhD, FAED, USA
Product Number: 201210173
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Getting Published: How to Disseminate Your Work to a Wider Audience
Pamela K. Keel, PhD, FAED, USA
Product Number: 201210174
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
We All Speak Spanish: Are Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies the Same for Everybody?
Eva Trujillo, MD, FAED, Mexico
Product Number: 201210176
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Complexity of Treating Eating Disorder Patients who also Suffer from BPD: Where do you...
Lucene Wisniewski, PhD, FAED, USA
Product Number: 201210178
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
How to Manage Co-occurring Anxiety or Depression in Eating Disorders Patients?
Nathalie T Godart, MD, PhD, France
Product Number: 201210179
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Impulsive Related Disorders and Eating Disorders: Shared Vulnerabilities and Common Innova...
Fernando Fernandez-Aranda, PhD, FAED, Spain
Product Number: 201210180
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Treating Co-occurring Eating Disorders and Psychopathology
Virginia V W McIntosh, PhD, DipClinPsyc, New Zealand
Product Number: 201210181
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Reflections on Research-Practice Highlights from this Year?s Conference: Time to have your...
Debora Burgard, USA, Geoffrey Buckett, Australia, Jonathan Mond, Australia, Stephen Wonder...
Product Number: 201210182
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
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