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Medtrade Spring 2013
Las Vegas - March 19-21, 2013

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Individual Sessions

Competitive Bidding in 2013: Major Program Changes On the Horizon?
Mark Higley, Vice President - Development, VGM Group, Inc
Product Number: 201305101
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce
Jon Goldman, President, Brand Launcher
Product Number: 201305102
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
E-Prescribing and More
Roxie Murray, Vice President, Jaysec Technologies
Product Number: 201305103
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Fraud and Abuse 2013: What are the Feds Looking at This Year?
Neil Caesar, President, Health Law Center
Product Number: 201305104
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Complex Rehab and Mobility Legislative & Regulatory Update: What You Need to Know
Seth Johnson, Vice President of Government Affairs, Pride Mobility Products Corporation
Product Number: 201305105
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Freedom: An overview of the Functional & Therapeutic Benefits Dynamic Seating Can Provide
Jay Doherty, OTR, ATP/SMS, Clinical Education Manager, Quantum Rehab
Product Number: 201305106
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
10 Best Practices for HME Patient Collections
Gabe Buckner, President, Strategic AR
Product Number: 201305107
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Evolution of HME Retail: A Great Opportunity
Jim Greatorex, President, Black Bear Medical
Product Number: 201305108
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Developing a Medicare Compliance Plan to Protect the Integrity of Your Claims: A Simplifie...
Sarah Hanna, Vice President, ECS Billing & Consulting, Inc.
Product Number: 201305110
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Overview of Best Practices for Successful Legal & Ethical Telemental Health
Marlene Maheu, Executive Director, TeleMental Health Institute
Product Number: 201305111
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Capture Lost Resupply Revenue Through Repeatable Processes, Best Practices and ?No-Touch? ...
Bryan Hines, Director of Consulting Services, Brightree LLC
Product Number: 201305112
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
HME Software - Take Control of the Buying Process
Jay Williams, National Sales Manager, QS/1
Product Number: 201305113
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Current Status of Legislative Activity: CMS vs. The HME Industry
John Gallagher, Vice President, Government Relations, VGM Group, Inc.
Product Number: 201305114
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
DME MAC CERT Education Task Force- Medicare Audit Findings and Resources
Deanna Cruser, DME CERT Education Task Force Leader, CGS
Product Number: 201305115
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Thinking Outside the Box: Knowing Who the New Payers Are and How You Can Work with Them
Mary Ellen Conway, President, Capital Healthcare Group
Product Number: 201305116
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Clinically Speaking: A Practical Guide to Evaluation and Documentation for Ultra-lightweig...
Megan Kutch, OTR, General Manager of Quantum Applications, Quantum Rehab
Product Number: 201305117
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Proactively Manage Your Documentation Process
Roberta Domos, President, Domos HME Consulting Group
Product Number: 201305118
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Sales Force Investment Advice
Louis Feuer, President, Dynamic Seminars/Medcomment Center
Product Number: 201305119
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Evaluating Compliance Measures in an Environment of Heightened Medicare and Medicaid Fraud...
Juliet McBride, Associate, King & Spaulding, LLC
Product Number: 201305121
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Operational Efficiencies: Leading Practices and Goal Setting
Miriam Lieber, President, Lieber Consulting LLC
Product Number: 201305122
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Safety Training & Surviving Re-Accreditation
Jon Jasperson, President, DMETrain; Sherry Mailloux, CFO, DMETrain
Product Number: 201305123
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Retail Management Technology: Keys to Ensuring Profitability
Chris Kinard, HME Market Analyst, QS1
Product Number: 201305124
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
VA and Government Contracting
Bob Fary, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, Inogen, Inc
Product Number: 201305125
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Innovative Marketing and Joint Ventures...While Remaining Within Legal Parameters
Jeffrey S. Baird, Esq., Chairman, Health Care Group, Brown & Fortunato, P.C.
Product Number: 201305126
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Competitive Bidding Implementation Contractor (CBIC) Update
Elaine Hensley, Chief Liaison, Palmetto GBA - CBIC; Vinsetta Montgomery, CBIC Liaison, Pal...
Product Number: 201305127
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Calling ALL Intake/Customer Service Personnel?Do You Have What It Takes?
Jane Wilkinson-Bunch, President/Founder, Jane's healthcare Consulting, Inc
Product Number: 201305128
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Devil in the Details: Branding for HME Retail
Anna McDevitt, President, Laboratory Marketing
Product Number: 201305129
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Right Retail Sales Techniques Can Change Your Outside Sales Staff and CSRs Into A Reve...
Wendell Martens, President, Sleep & Wellness Centers LLC
Product Number: 201305130
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
If Disney Ran Your Home Care Company
Louis Feuer, President, Dynamic Seminars/Medcomment Center
Product Number: 201305132
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Changing the DME Business Model: Preparing Your Company for the Post Competitive Bidding E...
Wayne Grau, Vice President of Sales, The MED Group
Product Number: 201305133
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Leadership in a Competitive Bid Environment: A Management Approach
Miriam Lieber, President, Lieber Consulting LLC
Product Number: 201305134
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Self-Service Business Intelligence (BI)
David Schaer, President, Computers Unlimited
Product Number: 201305135
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
NSC Medicare Enrollment Update
Erika Williams, Ombudsman, National Supplier Clearinghouse
Product Number: 201305137
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Distance Yourself from Medicare Dependency and Remain Profitable ? Learn How
Bruce Brothis, President, Allegient Billing & Consulting, Inc.
Product Number: 201305138
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Complex Rehab Documentation: A Team Approach
Dan Fedor, Owner and Martin Szmal, Owner, The MOBILITY Consultants
Product Number: 201305139
Online Video Coming Soon
Understanding the Overpayment Process
Wayne van Halem, President, The van Halem Group, LLC
Product Number: 201305140
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Acronyms That Rule Your Sales: The ABC?s of FTC, HIPAA and CAN-SPAM
Mark Fusco, Attorney, Walter & Haverfield LLP; J. Ryan Williams, Accountant, Walter & Have...
Product Number: 201305141
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Use of Oral Appliance Therapy in the Treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing: Driving Grow...
Scott Blodgett, Dental Sleep Specialist, Eastern US, ResMed Corporation
Product Number: 201305142
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Receiving and Maintaining Clean Documentation for Oxygen Patients
Kelly Riley, Director of National Respiratory Network, MED Group
Product Number: 201305143
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Filling In The Gaps In Your Documentation Practices
Andrea Stark, DME Consultant & Reimbursement Expert, MiraVista LLC
Product Number: 201305144
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Round Two Competitive Bid Contracting: Are You Prepared?
Mark Higley, Vice President, Development, VGM Group, Inc.
Product Number: 201305145
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
CPAP Clinic: Regulatory and Legal Update on Co-Locating PAP in Sleep Labs and Physician Pr...
Daniel Brown, Managing Shareholder, Brown, Dresevic The Health Law Partners
Product Number: 201305146
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Leave Your Comfort Zone! Payment Sources Other Than Medicare - A Panel Discussion
Jeffrey S. Baird, Esq., Chairman, Health Care Group, Brown & Fortunato, P.C.; Jim Greatore...
Product Number: 201305148
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Science of Splinting for Restorative Contractures
Karen Bonn, President, Restorative Medical, Inc (for The MED Group)
Product Number: 201305149
Online Video Coming Soon
Intake and Documentation - A Hand-in-Hand Approach
Miriam Lieber, President, Lieber Consulting LLC
Product Number: 201305150
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
HME Retail - Diversification or Detriment?
Chris Kinard, Market Analyst, QS1
Product Number: 201305151
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Visioning the Future - HME/DME - The Consumer Driven Model - Great Things Are Coming
Bill Stelzer, Coach/Owner, Bill Stelzer Consulting
Product Number: 201305152
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
THE SEALS: Building a Winning and High Performance HME Sales Force
Michael Sperduti, President/CEO, Emerge Sales
Product Number: 201305153
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
AAHomecare Washington Update
Tyler Wilson, President, American Association for Homecare; Walter Gorski, Vice President ...
Product Number: 201305154
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Understanding Your Medicare Claims Data: What Can Spark an Audit?
Wayne van Halem, President, The van Halem Group, LLC
Product Number: 201305155
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Business Valuation in the HME/DME Industry - What is My Company Worth?
Craig Hittle, MBA, Senior Manager, Somerset CPAs; Jason Mangus, Supervisor - Health Care T...
Product Number: 201305156
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Sales Force Automation for Homecare/HME Providers
Jeff Johnston, Co-Owner, Definitive Homecare Solutions/CPR+
Product Number: 201305157
Online Video Coming Soon
The National Supplier Clearinghouse: How to Avoid Being Collateral Damage
Denise Fletcher, Attorney, Brown & Fortunato, P.C.
Product Number: 201305158
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Revised Glucose Monitor LCD: Challenge for Diabetic Suppliers
Bryan Sowards, CEO, Infopia America, LLC and Jeffrey S. Baird, Esq., Chairman of the Healt...
Product Number: 201305159
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Healthcare Reform & Homecare: What Does It Mean for Your Company?
Bob Messenger, Clinical Education Specialist, Invacare Corporation
Product Number: 201305160
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Is Your ABN Worth the Paper It's Written On?
Andrea Stark, DME Consultant & Reimbursement Expert, MiraVista LLC
Product Number: 201305162
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Retail Can Make A Difference
Patricia O'Brien, Director of Marketing, Golden Technologies
Product Number: 201305163
Online Video Coming Soon
The Referral Source Speaks: Digital Media
Michael Sperduti, President/CEO, Emerge Sales; Matt Waller, Vice President, Client Service...
Product Number: 201305164
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Preparing a Strategic Plan: How Such a Document Will Lead You to Success!
Thomas Cesar, President/CEO, Tom Cesar Management Solutions, LLC
Product Number: 201305166
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
What You Thought You Knew: Starting From the Ground Up, Optimizing and Streamlining Your R...
Kit Shellhouse, Director of Operations, ECS Billing & Consulting, Inc
Product Number: 201305167
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
You Have...Or Have Not...Been Awarded a Competitive Bid Contract: Now What Do You Do?
Jeffrey S. Baird, Esq., Chairman, Health Care Group, Brown & Fortunato, P.C
Product Number: 201305168
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
High-Impact Practices and Technology - Taking HME Automation to the Next Level
Gary Long, Chief Revenue Officer, Brightree LLC
Product Number: 201305170
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Medicare Updates
Vicky Combs, Provider Outreach and Education; National Government Services Jurisdiction B ...
Product Number: 201305171
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Expanding Your Business Through Employer Wellness Programs
Heather Little, ATC, COF, CMF, Owner Wellness Source, Inc.
Product Number: 201305172
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Home Modification and You - Home Accessibility Business Opportunities Within the HME/DME M...
Bill Stelzer, Coach/Owner, Bill Stelzer Consulting
Product Number: 201305173
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Documentation Is Still the Issue - Don't Put the Chair Out the Door Until You Have It! Wha...
Peggy Walker, Billing & Reimbursement Advisor, VGM/US Rehab
Product Number: 201305174
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
Take The "SELL" Out of the "SALE": Educating Customers To Greater Profit Potential
Wayne Grau, Vice President of Sales, The MED Group
Product Number: 201305175
Slides/Audio Coming Soon
The Good, The Bad and the Profitable in Online Marketing and Social Media for the HME Indu...
Shahar & Nashlah Boyayan, Marketing Advisors, BuzzBooster Marketing
Product Number: 201305176
Slides/Audio Coming Soon