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2013 Behavior, Energy & Climate Change Conference
Sacramento, CA - November 17-20, 2013

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2013 Behavior, Energy & Climate Change Conference
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Keynote: What You Need To Know About The Framing Of Energy And Global Warming
George Lakoff (Audio Only)
Product Number: 201328100
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Social Media
Moderator: Nick Cizek, Facebook
Product Number: 201328101
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Application Of Behavior Theory To Improve Transportation Program Design
Moderator: Frances Sprei, Chalmers University
Product Number: 201328102
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Engaging Employees And Residents With Games, Incentives And Fun!
Moderator: Chris Jones, University of California, Berkeley
Product Number: 201328103
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Driving Sustainable Behavior: Engaging Individuals
Moderator: Sara Van de Grift, Illume Advising
Product Number: 201328104
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Using Experimental Design And Big Data To Evaluate Behavior Programs
Moderator: Edward Vine, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Product Number: 201328105
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Lightning Session: Greening The Workplace
Moderator: Joey Barr, Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Product Number: 201328106
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Can Big Data Live Up To The Hype?
Moderator: David Hungerford, California Energy Commission
Product Number: 201328107
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Conservatives And Liberals: Political Affiliation And Marketing
Moderator: Adrienne Alvord, Union of Concerned Scientists
Product Number: 201328108
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Leaving The Car At Home
Moderator: Therese Langer, ACEEE
Product Number: 201328109
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Different Social Science Perspectives On Behavior
Moderator: Sylvia Bender, California Energy Commission
Product Number: 201328110
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Modeling Energy Use And Mitigation Opportunities
Moderator: Loren Lutzenhiser, Portland State University
Product Number: 201328111
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Green Button, White Hats: The Role Of Big Data In Energy Efficiency And Behavior
Moderator: Susan Mazur-Stommen, ACEEE
Product Number: 201328112
Online Video Coming Soon
Spotlight On Behavior And The Future
Moderator: Linda Schuck, CIEE, University of California
Product Number: 201328113
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The Evolving Fields Of Behavioral Economics And Behavioral Finance
Moderator: Maria Vargas, Director of Better Buildings Challenge, US DOE
Product Number: 201328114
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Food, Climate, And Energy: What Works (And Doesn't) For Behavior Change?
Moderator: Margaret Taylor, Stanford University and LBNL
Product Number: 201328115
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Moderator: Beth Karlin, University of California, Irvine
Product Number: 201328116
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Net Zero Buildings
Moderator: Obadiah Bartholomy, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Product Number: 201328117
Online Video Coming Soon
Feedback On Cost Of Driving - Moving Beyond Gasoline Price As Economic Motivation Of Vehic...
Moderator: Bart Croes, Air Resources Board
Product Number: 201328118
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Framing And Communicating Climate Change Adaptation And Health Outcomes
Moderator: Marsha Walton, NYSERDA
Product Number: 201328119
Online Video Coming Soon
Energy Use Uncovered Using Smart Meter Data
Moderator: Kevin Cooney, Navigant Consulting
Product Number: 201328120
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How We Understand And Frame Energy And Environment
Moderator: Ann Chan, Deputy Secretary for Climate and Energy, CA Natural Resources Agency
Product Number: 201328121
Online Video Coming Soon
New Territory For Targeted Programs
Moderator: Doug McKenzie-Mohr, McKenzie-Mohr & Associates
Product Number: 201328122
Online Content Coming Soon
Increasing Engagement In Energy Programs
Moderator: Cathy Fogel, California Public Utilities Commission
Product Number: 201328123
Online Video Coming Soon
Influencing Behavior Through Pricing, Information And Technologies
Moderator: Sharyn Barata, Itron, Inc.
Product Number: 201328124
Online Video Coming Soon
Methods For Getting The Information That You Really Wanted
Moderator: Jane Peters, Research Into Action
Product Number: 201328125
Online Video Coming Soon
Reaching Low-Income Households
Moderator: Patrice Ignelzi, EnerNOC
Product Number: 201328126
Online Content Coming Soon
Utilities Combine Market Intel With Behavioral Tools To Drive Customer Engagement
Moderator: Bruce Ceniceros, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Product Number: 201328127
Online Video Coming Soon
Making Pev Work For More People
Moderator: Karen Glitman, VEIC
Product Number: 201328128
Online Video Coming Soon
Marketing Strategies For Program Design
Moderator: Jennifer Mitchell-Jackson, Opinion Dynamics
Product Number: 201328129
Online Video Coming Soon
The Holy Grail Or Smart Meter Data - Understanding What Is Going On Inside Homes ToTarget ...
Moderator: Susan Mazur-Stommen, ACEEE
Product Number: 201328130
Online Video Coming Soon
Games, Competitions & Social Influence
Moderator: Ruth Greenspan Bell, Environmental Change and Security Program, The Woodrow Wil...
Product Number: 201328131
Online Video Coming Soon
Organizational Change Management
Moderator: Thomas Erickson, IBM
Product Number: 201328132
Online Video Coming Soon
Heard It From A Friend: Social Networks Drive Change
Moderator: Kathy Kuntz, Cool Choices
Product Number: 201328133
Online Video Coming Soon
Best Practices In Program Design
Moderator: Kira Ashby, Consortium for Energy Efficiency
Product Number: 201328134
Online Video Coming Soon
Behavioral Economics
Moderator: Margaret Taylor, Precourt Energy Efficiency Center, Stanford University
Product Number: 201328135
Online Video Coming Soon
Strategic Energy Management In Businesses
Moderator: David DuBois, The Social Design Group
Product Number: 201328136
Online Video Coming Soon
Program Design In Messy Situtations
Moderator: Jim Turnure, Energy Information Agency, USDOE
Product Number: 201328137
Online Video Coming Soon
Achieving Persistence
Moderator: Stacy Angel, Environmental Protection Agency
Product Number: 201328138
Online Video Coming Soon
Big Data ? Smarter Meters ? Buildings
Moderator: Carrie Armel, Stanford University
Product Number: 201328139
Online Video Coming Soon
Lightning Session: Greening The Workplace
Moderator: Joey Barr, Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Product Number: 201328141
Online Video Coming Soon
Lightning Session: Community Programs
Moderator: Valerie Richardson, DNV KEMA
Product Number: 201328142
Online Video Coming Soon
Lightning Session: Marketing
Moderator: Wes Schultz, California State University, San Marco
Product Number: 201328143
Online Video Coming Soon
Lightning Session: Program Design
Moderator: Ed Wisniewski, Consortium for Energy Efficiency
Product Number: 201328144
Online Video Coming Soon
Lightning Session: Technology & Behavior
Moderator: Gene Rodrigues, Southern California Edison
Product Number: 201328145
Online Video Coming Soon
Lightning Session: Schools
Moderator: Sarah Dagher, National Grid
Product Number: 201328146
Online Video Coming Soon
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