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Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA)

51st Annual International Conference
Anaheim, CA - February 19-22, 2014

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Individual Sessions

Keynote Session: Cultural Diversity And Students With Ld: Addressing Difference And Disabi...
Catherine Collier, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201402100
$15.00 Online Access
W6 Creating Theme-Based Research Papers: Flexible Thinking Is The Key
Wendy Salisbury
Product Number: 201402101
$15.00 Online Access
W7 Outreach To Campus Administration And Staff Regarding Disability Services And Accommoda...
Julie Morris, Ph.D., Ucla, Los Angeles, Ca Marguery Lyvers, Ph.D., Ucla, Los Angeles, Ca L...
Product Number: 201402102
$15.00 Online Access
W11 Step-Up To Preschool: A Full Inclusion Program For Social Equity And Academic Success
Susan Warren; Richard Martinez; Lori Sortino; Rabecca Galvan; Andrea Albini; Becky Modereg...
Product Number: 201402103
$15.00 Online Access
W12 From Assessment To Advocacy: Utilizing Pyschological Assessment To Advocate For Outsta...
Rich Weinfeld; Steve Silverman
Product Number: 201402104
$15.00 Online Access
W13 Success For A Lifetime: Exploring And Developing Life Success Attributes
Jonathan Jones; Cherrie Farnette,
Product Number: 201402105
$15.00 Online Access
W15 The Impact Of Anxiety And Stress On Learning And Behavior: A New Way Of Thinking About...
Jerome Schultz, Ph.D.; Jessica Minaham
Product Number: 201402106
$15.00 Online Access
W18 The Impact Of Learning Disabilities On The Child Outside Of Educational Settings
Larry B. Silver, M.D.; Charlotte Edwards, Psy.D.; Larry B. Silver, M.D.
Product Number: 201402107
$15.00 Online Access
W21 Healthy Children Project: Advocacy And Emerging Issues
Maureen Swanson
Product Number: 201402108
$15.00 Online Access
W22 Common Core State Standards And Students With Ld
Susan Courey, Ph.D.; Phyllis Tappe, Ph.D.; Debra Luna
Product Number: 201402109
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W23 Barriers To Home And School Collaboration: How To Create Win-Win Partnerships
Nicholas Lauer, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201402110
$15.00 Online Access
W25 Trouble Shooting Strategies To Ensure School Success For Struggling Students
Chris Dendy,
Product Number: 201402111
$15.00 Online Access
W26 Cultivating Tools For Transitioning Students With Complex Learning Disabilities From H...
Charlene Reed; Jennifer Phillips
Product Number: 201402112
$15.00 Online Access
W28 From Powerless To Powerful: Knowing The Issues And Learning How To Connect With Your S...
Myrna Mandlawitz
Product Number: 201402113
Online Content Coming Soon
W30 Seven Steps For Separating Difference From Disability
Catherine Collier, Ph.D
Product Number: 201402114
Online Content Coming Soon
W32 Using Case Study To Enhance Participation And Problem-Solving Skills Of Teacher Candid...
Pamela Garriott; Chery Osborne
Product Number: 201402115
$15.00 Online Access
W33 Ada Accommodations For Online College Courses
Vita Alligood; Christi Godard; Kathryn Kelly; Lynette Favors; Marcus Anderson
Product Number: 201402116
$15.00 Online Access
W34 Inside And Out; Learning Disabilities From A Personal, Parent, And Educator'S Viewpoin...
Annette Lalley; Annette Puleo
Product Number: 201402117
$15.00 Online Access
W37 Issues In Educating Students With Learning Disabilities And Advocacy
Brian Gruber
Product Number: 201402118
$15.00 Online Access
W38 Empowering The Student With Learning Disabilities In The Elementary School: Self-Advoc...
Pamela Hill,
Product Number: 201402119
$15.00 Online Access
W39 Culturally Responsive Positive Behavior Support Using Applied Behavior Analysis
Deanna Mccarty, Ed.D.,
Product Number: 201402120
$15.00 Online Access
Anaheim Special Event A: Toxic Chemicals, Nutrition And Child Development
Irva Hertz-Picciotto, M.P.H., Ph.D.
Product Number: 201402121
$15.00 Online Access
Adult Luncheon: Yes You Can
John Zickefoose
Product Number: 201402122
$15.00 Online Access
Keynote: What?S An Ld And How Can I Get One? Reframing For Persons With Learning Disabilit...
Marshall H. Raskind, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201402123
$15.00 Online Access
T1 Accommodations And Enhanced Services In Postsecondary Education
Arlyn Roffman, Ph.D.; Julia Frost, M.S., Ncsp; Candace Joles, Ed.D; Rudy Molina, M.A; Jim...
Product Number: 201402124
$15.00 Online Access
T2 Advocating For Individuals With Learning Disabilities?In The Family And School
Analisa L. Smith, Ed.D.; Evie Lindberg, Ed.D. ; Nanette Schweitzer
Product Number: 201402125
$15.00 Online Access
T3 The Discrimination Factor ? I Just Want To Keep My Job ? Helping The Young Adult
Veronica Crawford
Product Number: 201402126
$15.00 Online Access
T4 Indicators Of Latent Print /Reading Disabilities: Milestones, Interventions And Outcome...
Martha Wells-Hammond; Sandi Mahl
Product Number: 201402127
$15.00 Online Access
T6 Perseverance Strategies To Help Struggling Students Meet The Demands Of Common Core Sta...
Jim Grant
Product Number: 201402128
$15.00 Online Access
T12 Mindfulness/Meditation: A Technique For Improved Learning
Barbara Guyer, Ed.D
Product Number: 201402129
$15.00 Online Access
T13 Creating Change In A School System Through Adhd Education And Community Liaisons
Chris Dendy
Product Number: 201402130
$15.00 Online Access
T18 The Method Of Mentoring: Individualized Support For Higher Education
Lynn Neaves; Teresa Buckner
Product Number: 201402131
$15.00 Online Access
T20 Brain Fitness Programs: Buy Or Buyer Beware?
Jerome Schultz, Ph.D; Pam Cook
Product Number: 201402132
$15.00 Online Access
T23 Are You Thinking What I?M Thinking? Questioning Techniques To Help Kids Comprehend The...
Lindsay Wyman; Maria Dipalma; Maureen Nisch
Product Number: 201402133
$15.00 Online Access
T24 Learning Disabilities And Adhd: Learning From And Letting Go - Navigating The Mindfiel...
Melinda Parrill, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201402134
$15.00 Online Access
T27 Understanding Apps And Tablets Accessibility: Back To The Basics
Carolyn Phillips; Martha Rust
Product Number: 201402135
Online Content Coming Soon
T29 Bullying: Let?S Look At The Bigger Picture
Susan Miller
Product Number: 201402136
$15.00 Online Access
T30 Academic Coaching: Building Life Skills And Learning Strategies
Sandy Maynard; Scott Wilbur
Product Number: 201402137
$15.00 Online Access
T35 Who'S In Charge Here? Effective Transition To College For Students With Ld/Adhd
Arlene Stewart, Ed.D
Product Number: 201402138
$15.00 Online Access
T40 Frequently Asked Questions About Section 504
Gerald Hime
Product Number: 201402139
$15.00 Online Access
T42 Peer Perceptions Of Social Skills In Friendship Building: Implications For Students Wi...
Melinda Pierson, Ph.D.; Erica Howell, Ph.D
Product Number: 201402140
$15.00 Online Access
T43 Postsecondary School Accommodations: Who Receives Them And What?S Their Influence On P...
Lynn Newman, Ed.D.; Joseph Madaus, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201402141
$15.00 Online Access
F1 Learning Disabilities And The Juvenile Justice System
Steve Magalhaes
Product Number: 201402142
$15.00 Online Access
F2 Preterm Birth And Perinatal Risk Factors For Learning Disabilities
Marilee C. Allen, M.D
Product Number: 201402143
$15.00 Online Access
F3 Learning Disabilities, Adhd, And Psychiatric Disorders: Understanding Co-Morbid Challen...
Manju Banerjee, Ph.D.; Loring Brinckerhoff, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201402144
$15.00 Online Access
F5 Parents/Family Helping Students Take Control Of Everyday Executive Functions - The Atte...
Paula Moraine
Product Number: 201402145
$15.00 Online Access
F7 Conceptualizing, Assessing And Fostering Integrative Thinking In The Classroom And Ther...
Warren Rosen, Ph.D
Product Number: 201402146
Online Content Coming Soon
F9 What Every New Disability Services Provider Should Know On A College Campus
Shelley Ducatt; Tamara Mancini; Larry Phillippe
Product Number: 201402147
$15.00 Online Access
F15 Using Current Research On The Brain To Improve Study Habits
Philip Levin, Ph.D
Product Number: 201402148
$15.00 Online Access
F17 Building Bridges: Teaching U.S. History And Reading Skills To 8Th Grade Students With ...
Rollanda E. O?Connor, Ph.D
Product Number: 201402149
$15.00 Online Access
F18 How Can I Possibly Pay For College?
Julia Frost
Product Number: 201402150
$15.00 Online Access
F19 Substance Abuse: A Problem Not To Be Missed Or Ignored
Larry B. Silver, M.D; Ron Hume, M.S; Michael Warren; Jeanne Davies
Product Number: 201402151
$15.00 Online Access
F20 Learning Disabilities ? Detection, Prevention And Early Intervention
Mary L. O?Connor Leppert, M.D; Gabrielle Miller, Ed.D; Jeffrey Gruen, M.D.
Product Number: 201402152
$15.00 Online Access
F22 Responsibility Increases Self-Esteem: An Effective Program To Promote Socially Accepta...
Donna Konkolics
Product Number: 201402153
$15.00 Online Access
F25 Correctional Education: The Connection Between Learning Disabilities And The Incarcera...
Keith Morgan; Toni Becktold
Product Number: 201402154
$15.00 Online Access
F30 Parents As An Important Part Of The Collaborative Educational Team
Kaye Ragland
Product Number: 201402155
$15.00 Online Access
F32 What The #$%^ Do We Do Now? Options For Adults With Learning Disabilities
Suzanne Grimshaw; Suzette Bartlett
Product Number: 201402156
$15.00 Online Access
F36 The First Five Years Of A Child?S Life Counts
Lee Baca, Sheriff
Product Number: 201402157
$15.00 Online Access
F39 Exploring The Reading Achievement Of English Language Learners Who Participated In The...
Adrian Jung, Ph.D; Debra Cote, Ph.D
Product Number: 201402158
$15.00 Online Access
F40 Developing Strengths And Supporting Success Of Children And Adults With Dyslexia And A...
Kevin Mottus, Lcsw
Product Number: 201402159
$15.00 Online Access
S2 Success Attributes: Road To Success (A Research Based Solution To Addressing The Needs ...
Andrea Lombardi; Monica Gomez; Carolyn Wills; Roberta Goldberg, Ph.D
Product Number: 201402160
$15.00 Online Access
S3 If Only There Was A Map: Helping Your Child Navigate The Trail To Adulthood
John Willson; Jayne May
Product Number: 201402161
$15.00 Online Access
S4 Unmasking Youth At-Risk
Sheila Brown
Product Number: 201402162
$15.00 Online Access
S6 Know Your Child: Discovering A Child?S Gifts Enables Parents To Understand What Leads T...
Joan K. Teach, Ph.D; Montie Stone; Beth Mcgaw
Product Number: 201402163
$15.00 Online Access
S11 Helping Your Child Make And Keep Friends Through Peers Social Skills Training
Mary Nehls, Psy.D., Lcsw; Lisa Biakanja Popper
Product Number: 201402164
$15.00 Online Access
S12 Disability Documentation Dilemmas In High Education: What To Do About Autism Spectrum ...
Nora Pollard, Ph.D; Loring Brinckerhoff, Ph.D
Product Number: 201402165
$15.00 Online Access
S14 Accessing Low-Cost Or No-Cost Diagnosis
Nancie Payne, Ph.D
Product Number: 201402166
$15.00 Online Access
S17 Everyone Can Be Successful: Best Practices In Educating Culturally And Linguistically ...
Jolanta Jonak, Ed.D; George Tolczyk
Product Number: 201402167
$15.00 Online Access
S20 Is Academic Success Possible For Medical Or Law Student With Ld And/Or Adhd?
Barbara Guyer, Ed.D.; Kenneth Guyer, Ph.D
Product Number: 201402168
$15.00 Online Access
S22 Tools To Empower: College Preparation For Your Child With Disabilities
Ruth Brodsky, Ed.D
Product Number: 201402169
$15.00 Online Access
S23 10 Strategies Proven To Inspire Even The Most Struggling Students
Christian Moore
Product Number: 201402170
Online Content Coming Soon
Keynote: How do Students with Learning Disabilities Benefit?
Sheryl Burgstahler, Ph.D
Product Number: 201402171
$15.00 Online Access
LDA Awards Banquet

Product Number: 201402172
$15.00 Online Access
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