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Medtrade Spring 2014
Las Vegas, NV - March 10-12, 2014

Special Prices on the Full Meeting

DVD-ROM. For playback on PC or Mac.
Includes Online Learning Center!
Product Number: 201404996
$199.00 DVD-ROM - All Sessions
Online Learning Center. Unlimited lifetime access to all listed sessions.

Product Number: 201404800
$159.00 Online Learning Center

Individual Sessions

Sales and Operations: Developing a Business Collaboration for Increasing Revenues
Louis Feuer, President, Medcomment Center/Dynamic Seminars; Sarah Hanna, President, ECS Bi...
Product Number: 201404100
$10.00 Online Access
ICD-10: A Hands on Workshop
Mary Ellen Conway, President, Capital Healthcare Group; Kim Brummett, Senior Director Regu...
Product Number: 201404101
$10.00 Online Access
A Supplier?s Biggest Burdens: Audits and Clinical Documentation
Wayne van Halem, President and Kelly Grahovac, Senior Consultant, The van Halem Group, LLC
Product Number: 201404102
$10.00 Online Access
Working with Referral Sources: Joint Ventures, Medical Director Agreements and Other Arran...
Jeffrey Baird, Chairman, Health Care Group, Brown & Fortunato, P.C.
Product Number: 201404103
$10.00 Online Access
Documentation Overhaul For HME Providers
Andrea Stark, Consultant, MiraVista LLC
Product Number: 201404104
$10.00 Online Access
The Industry in Review: Where We Are and Where We?re Headed in the Federal Policy Arena
Cara Bachenheimer, Senior Vice President, Invacare Corp
Product Number: 201404105
$10.00 Online Access
Successful Marketing for Today's HME Retail
Jim Greatorex, President, Black Bear Medical
Product Number: 201404106
$10.00 Online Access
Leveraging Outcomes to Grow Your Business ? Success Stories and Strategic Opportunities fo...
Alan Morris, Director - Altnerate Care Programs, The VGM Group; Daniel Hayes, Founder/CEO ...
Product Number: 201404107
$10.00 Online Access
Leadership in HME ? A Best Practice Approach Sponsored by: Strategic AR
Miriam Lieber, President, Lieber Consulting LLC
Product Number: 201404108
$10.00 Online Access
Wheelchair Cushions Selection Guidelines for Providers and Consumers
Allen Siekman, President, Allen Siekman Consulting
Product Number: 201404109
$10.00 Online Access
How a Federal Prosecutor Thinks: Hot-Button Issues for the Department of Justice
Bradley W. Howard, Esq., Chairman of the Litigation Group, Brown & Fortunato, P.C.
Product Number: 201404110
$10.00 Online Access
Competitive Bidding Implementation Contractor (CBIC) Update Sponsored by: AAHomecare
Elaine Hensley, Chief Liaison, Palmetto GBA - CBIC
Product Number: 201404111
$10.00 Online Access
It?s All About The Content! Learn How Content Marketing is Changing the Game Online
Matt Self, Vice President, Web Talent Marketing
Product Number: 201404112
$10.00 Online Access
Operational Efficiencies and Alternative Revenue Sources for Survival in Today's Ever Chan...
Bruce Brothis, President, Allegient Billing & Consulting, Inc.
Product Number: 201404113
Maximizing Referral Source Relationships with Continuing Education
Eric Kline, CEO ? HME SalesPro and Founder of; Lisa Wells, President ? G...
Product Number: 201404114
$10.00 Online Access
Online Marketing Lessons from the Rollout
Anna McDevitt, Brand Development Consultant, Laboratory Marketing
Product Number: 201404115
$10.00 Online Access
Oxygen Transfilling: Equipment Selection &Justification
David Marquard, CEO/Owner, Applied Home Healthcare Equipment, LLC
Product Number: 201404116
$10.00 Online Access
RAC, ZPIC, PSC, and CERT Audits for HME Suppliers: How to Effectively Respond to Requests ...
Denise Leard, Attorney, Brown & Fortunato PC
Product Number: 201404117
$10.00 Online Access
DME MAC CERT Task Force: Common Errors and Documentation Insufficiency
Michael Hanna, DME CERT Task Force Lead, CGS
Product Number: 201404118
$10.00 Online Access
How to Initiate and Sustain Lean Process Improvement
Gary Sheehan, President & CEO, Cape Medical Supply, Inc
Product Number: 201404119
$10.00 Online Access
Better Compliance for Better Business: Be Proactive, Not Reactive
Angela Miller, CMC, CHC, President/General Manager, Medical Auditing Solutions LLC
Product Number: 201404120
$10.00 Online Access
Lean Mean Fighting Machine ? How To Get Your Inventory Into Shape
Ryan McDevitt, Major Account Manager, Brightree
Product Number: 201404121
$10.00 Online Access
Face to Face (F2F): Medicare's Most Difficult Regulation To-Date
Mary Ellen Conway, President, Capital Healthcare Group
Product Number: 201404122
$10.00 Online Access
Home Modification - The Workshop
Bill Stelzer, Coach/Owner, Bill Stelzer Consulting
Product Number: 201404123
$10.00 Online Access
Branding and Marketing a Personal Care, Wellness, Home Health Product
Alan M. Schechter, Director of Sales and Marketing, Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc.
Product Number: 201404124
$10.00 Online Access
Give Your Store a HME 180! Marketing Inside and Out?That Works
Sue Chen, CEO, Nova Medical Products
Product Number: 201404125
$10.00 Online Access
HME and Hospital Partnerships: The Business Case For Alignment
Craig Hittle, Senior Manager, Health Care Team, Somerset CPAs
Product Number: 201404126
$10.00 Online Access
Lessons Learned in Home Care Invasive Ventilation Practices
Kelly Riley, Director of Natl. Respiratory Network, MED Group
Product Number: 201404127
$10.00 Online Access
Grassroots Lobbying ? The DME Grassroots Campaign
John Gallagher, Vice President, Government Relations, VGM Group, Inc.
Product Number: 201404128
$10.00 Online Access
Confidently Accept Repairs for PMDs You Didn't Provide
Dan Fedor, CEO - Compliance Consultant and Martin Szmal, President, The MOBILITY Consultan...
Product Number: 201404129
$10.00 Online Access
Making Sense of Medicare?s Modifier Madness in 2014
Andrea Stark, Consultant, MiraVista LLC
Product Number: 201404130
$10.00 Online Access
Avoid Marketing Dollars that Go Nowhere!
Louis Feuer, President, Medcomment Center/Dynamic Seminars
Product Number: 201404131
$10.00 Online Access
The Best New HME Retail/ Cash Opportunities
Jim Greatorex, President, Black Bear Medical Inc
Product Number: 201404132
$10.00 Online Access
Comprehensive Considerations with Alternative Drive Control Access
Steve Reeve, Quantum Regional Manager, Pride Mobility Products
Product Number: 201404133
$10.00 Online Access
Thinking Outside the Box: Business Models That Will Succeed in the "New Normal"
Mark Higley, Vice President of Development, VGM Group, Inc,
Product Number: 201404134
$10.00 Online Access
Strategies for Success When Billing Commercial Payers: Reimbursement Practices Commercial ...
Sarah Hanna, President and Kit Shellhouse, Vice President of Operations, ECS Billing & Con...
Product Number: 201404135
$10.00 Online Access
The New Alpha Dog: Increasing Aggressiveness of the NSC
Neil Caesar, President, Health Law Center
Product Number: 201404136
$10.00 Online Access
Social Media Training #AvoidSocialMediaEpicFail #Winning
Christina Throndson, Web Marketing Manager, VGM Forbin
Product Number: 201404137
$10.00 Online Access
The Elephant Man Married a Super Model! The Philosophy and Strategy to Achieving Big Goals...
Michael Sperduti, CEO, Emerge Sales, Inc.
Product Number: 201404138
$10.00 Online Access
Diversifying Your Revenue Sources: Looking Beyond Medicare for Additional Sales
Wayne Grau, Vice President of Sales and Jim Howle, Director National Rehab and Orthotics N...
Product Number: 201404139
$10.00 Online Access
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