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Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA)

52nd Annual International Conference
Chicago, IL - February 18-21, 2015

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Individual Sessions

Wednesday Opening Keynote - Will the Current Tech Revolution Usher in a Golden Age for All...
Betsy Beaumon
Product Number: 201503100
$15.00 Online Access
W2 - Learning and Using Self Advocacy Skills
Bixler, Joles, Goshon
Product Number: 201503101
$15.00 Online Access
W3 - Self-Medicating, The Moster Lurking!
Warren, Lipinski, Davies
Product Number: 201503102
$15.00 Online Access
W5 - Intervention, Audiobooks and a Champion: The Perfect Fit
Product Number: 201503103
$15.00 Online Access
W7 - The Adult with LD - A Mathematics Educator's Perspective
Product Number: 201503104
$15.00 Online Access
W9 - Start Using Peer Tutoring to Improve Student Outcomes
Product Number: 201503105
$15.00 Online Access
W10 - Accommodation Conundrums: Authenticating Self-Reported Evidence for Students with Hi...
Banerjee and Brinckerhoff
Product Number: 201503106
$15.00 Online Access
W12 - Understanding Underlying Behavior Motivators for Yoouth At-Risk
Sheila Brown
Product Number: 201503107
$15.00 Online Access
W13- STRESS!! Why the Brains for Kids with LD Are at Risk and What Can We Do about It
Jerome Schultz
Product Number: 201503108
$15.00 Online Access
W14 - Paying Attention to ADHD: Transforming the Challenges into Successes
Product Number: 201503109
$15.00 Online Access
W15 - POWER: Allows Youth to Self-Advocate
Teach and Stone
Product Number: 201503110
$15.00 Online Access
W16 - The New Science of Learning: Neuroscience Applications to Reading Intervention
Martha Burns
Product Number: 201503111
$15.00 Online Access
W17 - Building a Positive School Culture for Students with Learning Disabilities
Edwards, Parr, and Dempsey
Product Number: 201503112
$15.00 Online Access
W20 - Soft Skills and 21st Century Jobs
Nancie Payne
Product Number: 201503113
$15.00 Online Access
W23 - Adventures in Neurodiversity: Framing, Redmediating and Responding to Learning Disab...
Diana Kennedy
Product Number: 201503114
$15.00 Online Access
W26 - Best Practices for Optimal Paraprofessional Support in the Inclusive Classroom
Product Number: 201503115
$15.00 Online Access
W29 - Getting Special Education Parents to Advocate for Special Education Needs
Product Number: 201503116
$15.00 Online Access
W33 - Keep Calm and Partner On: Building and Sustaining Effective Campus Partnerships
Product Number: 201503117
$15.00 Online Access
W35 - Success by 3rd Grade for Students with Learning Disabilities
Product Number: 201503118
$15.00 Online Access
W36 - Assessing and Developing the Skills that Really Matter
Mendelsohn and Bezsylko
Product Number: 201503119
Online Content Coming Soon
W40 - Transitioning into the Real World of Postsecondary Education and Employment
Zvi and Axelrod
Product Number: 201503120
$15.00 Online Access
W41 - Hey Mom. I Got ADD and a Couple of F's
Product Number: 201503121
$15.00 Online Access
Thursday Keynote - No Greatnessd Without Goodness - The World Needs You
Randy Lewis
Product Number: 201503122
$15.00 Online Access
T1 - Who Owns the Future? Employers Reflect on Jobs of the Future
Ruh, Bradley, Mazrui, Golden and Lee
Product Number: 201503123
$15.00 Online Access
T6 - Reaching the Reluctant Writer
Product Number: 201503124
$15.00 Online Access
T9 - The Power of "understood": No Parent Left Behind
Horowitz and Jones
Product Number: 201503125
$15.00 Online Access
T11 - Sports-Related Concussions in Young Athletes
Jeffrey Mjaanes, MD
Product Number: 201503126
$15.00 Online Access
T12 - The Many Faces of Learning and Attention Disorders: The Social, Emotional, and Behav...
Product Number: 201503127
$15.00 Online Access
Thursday Adult Lunch - From Experience to Practice - An Adult's Story
Tyron Hampton
Product Number: 201503128
$15.00 Online Access
T19 - Improving the Transition Process - Matching Students' Strengths to Comparable Post-S...
Product Number: 201503129
$15.00 Online Access
T21 - Road to Success:Success Attributes
Lombardi, Wills and White
Product Number: 201503130
$15.00 Online Access
T22 - What to Do in College to Prepare for After College
Meyer and Schoonmaker
Product Number: 201503131
$15.00 Online Access
T23 - Salt the Hay: Motivating Unmotivated Children
John - Willson
Product Number: 201503132
$15.00 Online Access
T25 - 10 Strategies Proven to Inspire and Engage EVERY Student
Product Number: 201503133
$15.00 Online Access
T26 - Is it ESL or ESL/LD?
Stockton and Stockton
Product Number: 201503134
$15.00 Online Access
T27 - Is it Too Late? Reading and Spelling Remediation at the Secondary Level
Product Number: 201503135
$15.00 Online Access
T31 - One Family's Upward Journey Living with High Functioning Autism Spectrum
Product Number: 201503136
$15.00 Online Access
T32 - You're Not Kidding! Multi-Sensory Language Instruction Works in Upper Grades?
Simank and Schukraft
Product Number: 201503137
$15.00 Online Access
T34 - Assessing and Adressing Complex Student Barriers to Learning
Dennis and Osterholt
Product Number: 201503138
$15.00 Online Access
T36 - When a Student Does Not Qualify for a Learning Disability
Ed Schultz
Product Number: 201503139
$15.00 Online Access
T40 - Math for Students with LD: A New Cognitive Load Perspective
Product Number: 201503140
$15.00 Online Access
T41 - Social Studies and Learning Disabilities:Practices and Perceptions
Product Number: 201503141
$15.00 Online Access
T43 - Empowerment Through Care: Homeless with a Disability
Product Number: 201503142
$15.00 Online Access
Friday Banquet - The Movement of Imperfection
Gallagher and Terrasi
Product Number: 201503143
$15.00 Online Access
F2 - What Students with SLD/ADHD Need to Succeed in School and Life
Musgrove, Schultz, Teach and Helman
Product Number: 201503144
$15.00 Online Access
F3 - Learning Disabilities and the Juvenile Justice System
Barrett, Magalhaes, and Pacheco
Product Number: 201503145
$15.00 Online Access
F5 - Finding a New Normal with Aspergers Syndrome
Stombres and Thompson
Product Number: 201503146
$15.00 Online Access
F8 - Help! They Don't Get It: Making Grade Level Text Accessible
Salisbury and Nisch
Product Number: 201503147
$15.00 Online Access
F9 - Applying for Testing Accommodations:Tips from Behind the Curtain
Brinckerhoff, Pollard and Murray
Product Number: 201503148
$15.00 Online Access
F11 - Adolescents and Young Adults Born Preterm
Marilee Allen, MD
Product Number: 201503149
$15.00 Online Access
F13 - Legal Issues in Educating Students with Learning Disabilities and Advocacy
Product Number: 201503150
$15.00 Online Access
F17 - Tips to Build Your Child or Teen's Executive Functions
Product Number: 201503151
$15.00 Online Access
F20 - Helping Students with Learning Disabilites through the College Admissions Process
Product Number: 201503152
$15.00 Online Access
F27 - Self Regulation in Adolescence and the Role of the Environment: Implications for Exe...
King and Jacobson
Product Number: 201503153
$15.00 Online Access
F28 - What's So Special About Special Education
Melody Musgrove
Product Number: 201503154
Online Content Coming Soon
F32 - From Concern to Accommodation:The Collaborative Road to Intervention Services
Product Number: 201503155
$15.00 Online Access
F36 - Trouble Shooting Strategies to Ensure School Success for Struggling Students
Product Number: 201503156
$15.00 Online Access
F39 - Dyslexia in the Schools- Whose Problem is it Really
Product Number: 201503157
$15.00 Online Access
F40 - Making History "Real" Concrete: Capturing the Abstract
Bruce Miller
Product Number: 201503158
$15.00 Online Access
F41 - Not Eligible for Special Education? Now What?
Barnes and Weber
Product Number: 201503159
$15.00 Online Access
F48 - Promoting and Supporting Resiliency in Children
Product Number: 201503160
$15.00 Online Access
F51 - Language Structure: A Key to Content Area Comprehension
Product Number: 201503161
$15.00 Online Access
S1 - Self-Advocacy: Practical Tips for LD Eligibility and IEP Meetings
Product Number: 201503162
$15.00 Online Access
S3 - Neurological and Behavioral Research Validates Imagery-Language Connection to Dyslexi...
Product Number: 201503163
$15.00 Online Access
S5 - Helping Teachers Take Control of Everyday Executive Functions
Burnham, Smith and Rasmussen
Product Number: 201503164
Online Content Coming Soon
S10 - Effective Teaching Strategies to Address ADHD/EF Learning Challenges: Parts I and II
Product Number: 201503165
$15.00 Online Access
S12 - A Scientific Researc-Based Intensive Thinking Development Intervention for Students ...
Product Number: 201503166
$15.00 Online Access
S13 - Understanding Nonverbal Communication and Nonverbal Learning Disability Among Childr...
Product Number: 201503167
$15.00 Online Access
S20 - Avoiding the Learning Disability Identify Crisis in the College Setting
Basch and Wold
Product Number: 201503168
$15.00 Online Access
S23 - Basic Reading Interventions for Elementary Students
Kelley and Kelley
Product Number: 201503169
$15.00 Online Access
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