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National Wellness Institute

40th Annual National Wellness Conference
Minneapolis -

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Individual Sessions

Monday KEYNOTE: The Upside of Your Dark Side: Embracing the Value of Both 'Positive' and '...
Todd Kashdan
Product Number: 201514100
$15.00 Online Access
Celebrating SUCCESSFUL Lifestyle Change! A Detailed Look at the Lived Experience of 8 Indi...
Carrie Phelps
Product Number: 201514101
$15.00 Online Access
Building Wellness Program Success Through Evidence-Based Award Practices
Tabatha Elsberry Hyatt; Tonja Vyhlidal
Product Number: 201514102
$15.00 Online Access
Using the Health Belief Model Equation (HBME) for Creating Measurable Targeted Messages
Pete Gryffin
Product Number: 201514103
$15.00 Online Access
Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat: How Mindful Eating Improves Health and Quality of Li...
Rebecca Johnson
Product Number: 201514104
$15.00 Online Access
Sustaining Wellness, Recovery, Through Peer Support
Meghan McNeil; Deborah Wilcox
Product Number: 201514105
$15.00 Online Access
How to Organize Your Mind to Promote Wellness
Margaret Moore
Product Number: 201514106
$15.00 Online Access
Integrating Wellness Coaching Within Hospitals and Health Care Clinics: A Clinic's Success...
MaryBeth Pappas Baun
Product Number: 201514107
$15.00 Online Access
Developing Roots and Wings: Teaching Acceptance and Empathy as a Focus in Wellness Educati...
Sandy Queen
Product Number: 201514108
$15.00 Online Access
Serendiptious Wellness: Can We Cause It to Happen?
Craig Becker
Product Number: 201514109
$15.00 Online Access
Diet Smack-Down: Paleo Versus Vegan
Zonya Foco
Product Number: 201514110
$15.00 Online Access
Workstation Wellness: The 3S Movement
Kathryn Koehne
Product Number: 201514111
$15.00 Online Access
America's Small Businesses: The Promise for a Healthy Workforce
Mari Ryan
Product Number: 201514112
$15.00 Online Access
Celebrating Wellness Among College Students: Effects of Peer Group Wellbeing Coaching on U...
Jayne Sommers; Meghan Krause
Product Number: 201514113
$15.00 Online Access
Bike Commuting Counts! Rewarding Active Transportation with ZAP
Anna Springfield; Steve Sanders; and Anthony Spaay
Product Number: 201514114
$15.00 Online Access
Genes, Diet, and Epigenetics: Rewriting the Rules of Wellness and Disease
Karen Wolfe
Product Number: 201514115
$15.00 Online Access
Engagement, Motivation, and Digital Health Tools
Sara Armstrong
Product Number: 201514116
$15.00 Online Access
Worksite Wellness and Health Coaching: Building a Creative and Effective Program
Mary Bitterauf
Product Number: 201514117
$15.00 Online Access
Celebrate Your Wellness Journey Through Writing
Laura Brownlee
Product Number: 201514118
$15.00 Online Access
Next-Generation Pedometers: How to Limit Sedentary Behaviors and Achieve Physical Activity...
Tom Cuddihy; Robert Boyd; Robert Pangrazi
Product Number: 201514119
$15.00 Online Access
From the Trenches: Wellness Champion Interviews and Evidence
Stefan Gingerich
Product Number: 201514120
$15.00 Online Access
Fairness of Fitness: Integrating Individuals with Disabilities into the Fitness Club Commu...
David Lorenzi; Leslie Stenger
Product Number: 201514121
$15.00 Online Access
How a Large Nationally Recognized Integrated Delivery System Delivers Innovative Worksite ...
Teresa Taylor
Product Number: 201514123
$15.00 Online Access
Tuesday KEYNOTE: Rebranding Health as Well-being: A More Compelling Motivation for Sustain...
Michelle Segar
Product Number: 201514125
$15.00 Online Access
Empowering Students to Manage Their Stress with Biofeedback Training
Erin Buenzli
Product Number: 201514126
$15.00 Online Access
Garden of Eating: Heart Disease and a Plant-Based Diet
Jill Edwards
Product Number: 201514127
$15.00 Online Access
A New Meaning for IBS: Improve, Believe, Survive
Debbie Jongkind
Product Number: 201514128
$15.00 Online Access
Enlivened Embodiment: Dance Movement Therapy Approaches to Wellness and Healing
Patricia Lucas; Paul Sevett
Product Number: 201514129
$15.00 Online Access
Benefits of Offering Wellness Programming to Cancer Patients During and After Treatment
Kelly Roberts
Product Number: 201514130
$15.00 Online Access
How Theory-Led Web-Based Wellness Planning Shapes Decisions, Actions, Perceptions About We...
Ruthann Russo
Product Number: 201514131
$15.00 Online Access
Take a Stand for Your Health and Well-being: Decreasing Occupational Sitting Time
Lucy Sternburgh
Product Number: 201514132
$15.00 Online Access
How Wellness Can Increase Connection and End the Epidemic of Disappearing Dads
John W. Travis
Product Number: 201514133
$15.00 Online Access
Building Rapport: The First Step to a Successful Consultation
Susan Wilson; Sandhya Rajagopal
Product Number: 201514134
$15.00 Online Access
Prevention Cannot Create Wellness: Here is What Does!
Craig Becker
Product Number: 201514135
$15.00 Online Access
Should I or Shouldn't I? The Power of Cognitions and the Social Context on Our Lives
Dana Bender
Product Number: 201514136
$15.00 Online Access
Cooking Up Collaboration: A Non-Reductionist Health-Based University Cooking Program
Christopher Fink
Product Number: 201514137
$15.00 Online Access
Alcohol Screening: What Health Professionals Need to Know
Shawn Ilagan; Tracy Winter
Product Number: 201514138
$15.00 Online Access
Coffee is Good for You. No, It's Bad for You! Using the Evidence-Based Process and What to...
Robert Jarski
Product Number: 201514139
$15.00 Online Access
Disordered Eating Behaviors in Adolescents with Diabetes: Call to Action
Lynda Konecny
Product Number: 201514140
$15.00 Online Access
Preventing Autism through Pre-conception Planning and Early Interventions
Liz Lipski
Product Number: 201514141
$15.00 Online Access
Preventing Stress at Work: Proactive Stress Management
James Porter
Product Number: 201514142
$15.00 Online Access
Integration of Health Protection and Health Promotion
Jeanne Sherwood; Kerre Aufsessor
Product Number: 201514143
$15.00 Online Access
The Positive Psychology of Courage: The Heart of Lifestyle Change
Joshua Steinfeldt
Product Number: 201514144
$15.00 Online Access
Coaching People with Health Challenges: What the Wellness Coach Needs to Know
Michael Arloski
Product Number: 201514145
$15.00 Online Access
Worldwide Wellness: Presentations and Interactions with Wellness Practitioners from Around...
Robert Boyd
Product Number: 201514146
$15.00 Online Access
Effective Integrative Health, Prevention, and Wellness Program for Maturing Adults
Gloria Elder; Jennie Trotter
Product Number: 201514147
$15.00 Online Access
The Active Office: Enabling and Promoting an Active Day for a Sedentary Workforce
Jake Koenig
Product Number: 201514148
$15.00 Online Access
Relational Energetics: A New Perspective on Teambuilding
Michele Mariscal
Product Number: 201514149
$15.00 Online Access
Your Body is Speaking; Are You Listening? Tune in and Celebrate Your Somatic Relationship!
Lisa Medley
Product Number: 201514150
$15.00 Online Access
Beyond Co-Blaboration: "Collective Impact" as a Strategy for Success in Worksite Wellness ...
Alida Moonen
Product Number: 201514151
$15.00 Online Access
Laughter: It's No Joke!
Sandy Queen
Product Number: 201514152
$15.00 Online Access
Privacy Sleuths: Solving the Mystery of Wellness Program Privacy Compliance
Barbara Zabawa
Product Number: 201514153
$15.00 Online Access
Wednesday KEYNOTE: Explaining Health Disparities: Place is More Important Than Race, But R...
Thomas LaVeist
Product Number: 201514154
$15.00 Online Access
Group Wellness Coaching Essentials
Michael Arloski; Annalise Evenson
Product Number: 201514155
$15.00 Online Access
Becoming A Wellness Entrepreneur: Challenges and Opportunities
Bill Baun; Carol Ebert; and Margaret Moore
Product Number: 201514156
$15.00 Online Access
Cultivating Future Wellness Leaders
Danielle Burrell; Jessica Kelly-Hauser
Product Number: 201514157
$15.00 Online Access
Effective Methods for Delivering Wellness Education
Christopher Hirschler
Product Number: 201514158
$15.00 Online Access
The Power of Purpose: Defining a Vision for the Health Promotion Industry
Mari Ryan
Product Number: 201514159
$15.00 Online Access
Carpe Diem: Advancing Wellness Through the Affordable Care Act
Barbara Zabawa
Product Number: 201514160
$15.00 Online Access
Two Not-Yet-Dead, Lovable, Old White Guys Go On About What Wellness Was, Is, and Could Be
Donald B. Ardell; John W. Travis
Product Number: 201514161
$15.00 Online Access
Integrating Resiliency and Coaching Strategies into "Know Your Numbers" So Participants Ca...
Brooke Campbell
Product Number: 201514162
$15.00 Online Access
Influencing Behavior Change for Healthier Families
Candance Gabel
Product Number: 201514163
$15.00 Online Access
10-Minute Wellness Strategies to Improve Client Participation and Success
Linda Gerdes-Mercer
Product Number: 201514164
$15.00 Online Access
A Holistic Approach to Worksite Wellness for City of Houston Employees
Nicole Hare-Everline
Product Number: 201514165
$15.00 Online Access
Inclusive Exercises for People with Developmental Disabilities and Cognitive Impairment
Kathleen Levac
Product Number: 201514166
$15.00 Online Access
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Microbiome and Its Role in Disease
Elena Maganto
Product Number: 201514167
$15.00 Online Access
Promoting Wellness in New Times: Using Digital Media and Marketing Strategy to Reach New A...
Jana Stara
Product Number: 201514168
$15.00 Online Access
Enhancing the Higher-Ed Learning Environment Through Physical Activity and Stress Reductio...
Michelle Tollefson; Emily Matuszewicz
Product Number: 201514169
$15.00 Online Access
Medical Wellness in India: A Community-Clinic Model
Joel Bennett; Byron Dawson
Product Number: 201514170
$15.00 Online Access
Food Therapy for Stress Management
Paulette Fara-Schembri
Product Number: 201514171
$15.00 Online Access
Implementation and Impact of an Employee-Driven Mind-Body Medicine Workplace Wellness Prog...
Ruthann Russo
Product Number: 201514172
$15.00 Online Access
Encoding Nurse Coaching Using the Omaha System
Mary Elaine Southard; Karen Monsen
Product Number: 201514173
$15.00 Online Access
Joys and Jump-Starts: Promoting Physical Activity and Healthy Nutrition Through Community ...
Judy Springer
Product Number: 201514174
$15.00 Online Access
Living Well on the Mobius Strip of Your Life
Elaine Sullivan
Product Number: 201514175
$15.00 Online Access
Compassion for Optimists and Pessimists
Tara Wangchuk
Product Number: 201514176
$15.00 Online Access
Physical Inactivity--The New Smoking: The Art of Programming Physical Activity for Worksit...
Bill Baun
Product Number: 201514177
$15.00 Online Access
Worldwide Wellness: Presentations and Interactions with Wellness Practitioners from Around...
Robert Boyd
Product Number: 201514178
$15.00 Online Access
Total Worker Health: Integrating Safety, Health, and Well-being for Overall Employee Welln...
Chia Chang; Kellie Pierson
Product Number: 201514179
$15.00 Online Access
How to Bring Wellness Coaching to Underserved Populations
Meg Jordan
Product Number: 201514180
$15.00 Online Access
The 5 Keys to Leading a Culture of Wellbeing: The Voice of 100 Senior Executives
Renee Moorefield
Product Number: 201514181
$15.00 Online Access
Giving In Not Up: Caregiver Self-Care Along the Autism Front Lines
Ramona Rolle-Berg; Renee Rolle-Whatley
Product Number: 201514182
$15.00 Online Access
Integrating Wellness Programming into Faith-Based Organizations for the Underserved
Victor Romano; Elliott Royal
Product Number: 201514183
$15.00 Online Access
The Purna Health Management System: Integrating Vedic Wisdom for Everyday Health and Welln...
Emily Schulz
Product Number: 201514184
$15.00 Online Access
Food Addiction, Obesity, Diabetes, and the Gut: How Wellness Professionals Can Recalibrate...
Karen Wolfe
Product Number: 201514185
$15.00 Online Access
Empowering Young Girls to Build America (a.k.a., Welding with Frosting)
Shanen Aranmor
Product Number: 201514186
$15.00 Online Access
Growing Through the Narrow Spots: Name Them, Tell Their Story, and Gather Resources
Ruth Bachman
Product Number: 201514187
$15.00 Online Access
Ready Step Go: Create a Wellness Program Using Health Trackers to Step Your Way to Better ...
Allison Bonner; Megan McCurdy
Product Number: 201514188
$15.00 Online Access
Improvisational Theater Tools ("Serious Play") to Strengthen Communication and Collaborati...
Stephanie Frederick
Product Number: 201514189
$15.00 Online Access
How Do I Maintain Normal Brain Function Naturally?
Stephen Grand; Kenice Morehouse-Grand
Product Number: 201514190
$15.00 Online Access
Celebrate Fluid Movement! Remedy Chronic Sitting, Boredom, and Beyond
Lisa Medley
Product Number: 201514191
$15.00 Online Access
Integrating Health Coaching into Weight Management in an Workplace Environment
Stefanie Milroy; Lindsey Arthur
Product Number: 201514192
$15.00 Online Access
Multicultural Competencies: Developing Ethical Best Practices in Delivery of Wellness Serv...
Deborah Wilcox; Linda Howard
Product Number: 201514193
$15.00 Online Access
The Resilience Project: Building a Sustainable Program
Julie Zaruba Fountaine
Product Number: 201514194
$15.00 Online Access
Corporate Resilience: Real-World Strategies, Tools, Examples
Joel Bennett; Mim Senft
Product Number: 201514195
$15.00 Online Access
Tobacco: The "It Girl" of Health, Wellness and Potential Funding
Paula Collier
Product Number: 201514196
$15.00 Online Access
Celebrate Wellness by Learning the Latest About the Spirit and Techniques of Motivational ...
Bill Gaertner
Product Number: 201514197
$15.00 Online Access
Creating Cultures of Health and Performance: Lessons Learned from Practice and Theory
Moira Petit; Christopher Fink; and Nancy Knop
Product Number: 201514198
$15.00 Online Access
Improving Health Outcomes with Healing Touch: Four Case Studies
Renee Rolle-Whatley; Ramona Rolle-Berg
Product Number: 201514199
$15.00 Online Access
Strategic Partnerships to Improve the Health and Wellness of the Community
Kimberly Sbardella
Product Number: 201514200
$15.00 Online Access
Expanding the Role of Nurses as Wellness Coaches
Holly Miller; Margaret Schmidt
Product Number: 201514201
$15.00 Online Access
How to Give a Spirit-filled, Fun-loving Stress Management Presentation
Jennie Trotter
Product Number: 201514202
$15.00 Online Access
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