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Medtrade 2015
Atlanta, GA - October 26 - 29, 2015

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Individual Sessions

Audits: The Before and After Reality
Kelly Grahovac, Senior Consultant, The van Halem Group
Product Number: 201523100
$10.00 Online Access
Why Are We Being Audited? An Explanation of CMS Targeting Techniques that Land Suppliers i...
Wayne van Halem, President, The van Halem Group
Product Number: 201523101
$10.00 Online Access
Audit Power Panel and Roundtable
Moderator: Mary Ellen Conway, President, Capital Healthcare; Panelists: Wayne vanHalem, Pr...
Product Number: 201523102
$10.00 Online Access
Putting Your Audit Results Into Action
Stephanie Greene, General Counsel/Chief Consulting Officer, ACU-Serve Corp.
Product Number: 201523103
$10.00 Online Access
Winning on Appeal: How to Successfully Appeal Claims at the Lower Levels
Denise Leard, Attorney, Brown and Fortunato PC
Product Number: 201523104
$10.00 Online Access
Audits and Mobility Equipment: Know Your Risks and Get Prepared!
Kay Koch, Rehab Team Supervisor, The van Halem Group; Kelly Grahovac, Senior consultant, T...
Product Number: 201523105
$10.00 Online Access
Avoid Being Hit with One of the Most Powerful Arsenals in Medicare's Fight Against Imprope...
Sharon Briggman, Director of Training and Compliance, Prometheus Group, Inc.
Product Number: 201523106
$10.00 Online Access
RAC Audit Update
Wayne van Halem, President, The van Halem Group
Product Number: 201523107
$10.00 Online Access
The Anatomy of an Appeal: How to Dissect An Unfavorable Decision to Provide the Right Info...
Stephanie Greene, General Counsel/ Chief Consulting Office, ACU-Serve Corp.; Ross Burris, ...
Product Number: 201523108
$10.00 Online Access
Hire, Manage, and Keep the BEST Employees
Richard Davis, President, McClain Group, LLC
Product Number: 201523109
$10.00 Online Access
Electronic Medical Records and e-Prescribing Trends for Post Acute Care
Jeff Woodham, Senior Vice President, MED Group; John Brady, CEO, Stratice Healthcare
Product Number: 201523110
$10.00 Online Access
Tired of Revisiting, Revising and Redoing: Develop a Solid Plan to Collect Patient Pay Fro...
Kit Shellhouse, Vice President of Operations, ECS Billing and Consulting North
Product Number: 201523111
$10.00 Online Access
Leadership Musts for Today's HME Environment
Miriam Lieber, President, Lieber Consulting LLC
Product Number: 201523112
$10.00 Online Access
Are Your Current Finances a "House Of Cards?" Effective strategies for Managing Your Billi...
Bruce Brothis, President, Allegient Billing and Consulting, Inc.
Product Number: 201523113
$10.00 Online Access
Responsibility and Accountability: Managing your Team in a Results Driven Environment
Sarah Hanna, President, ECS Billing and Consulting North; Kit Shellhouse, Vice President ...
Product Number: 201523114
$10.00 Online Access
Patient Collections - How to Move to a 100 percent Collection Model
Jennifer Leon, Director of Marketing and Customer Service, Strategic AR
Product Number: 201523115
$10.00 Online Access
The Art of Coaching: Establishing and Maintaining a Culture of Excellence
Mike Strange, Vice President, Emerge Sales, Inc
Product Number: 201523116
$10.00 Online Access
Boosting Morale and Developing Company Cultural
Anna McDevitt, Owner, Laboratory Tactical Consulting; Ryan McDevitt, Partner, Laboratory ...
Product Number: 201523117
$10.00 Online Access
An Employee Career Ladder - How to Source and Groom Today's Talent for Tomorrow's Leaders
Richard Davis, President, McClain Group, LLC
Product Number: 201523118
$10.00 Online Access
Unlocking the Potential of Millennials
Porschia Parker, Founder, Millennial Performance Institute
Product Number: 201523119
$10.00 Online Access
Mapping Your Processes - How to Get Started
Esther Apter, CEO, MedForce Technologies
Product Number: 201523120
$10.00 Online Access
Clinically Speaking: A Practical Guide to the Evaluation and Documentation for Power Adjus...
Julie Piriano, PT, ATP/SMS; Director, Rehab Industry Affairs; Pride Mobility Products Corp...
Product Number: 201523121
$10.00 Online Access
An Overview of New Power Wheelchair Alternative Driving Methods
Michelle L. Lange, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP/SMS, Occupational Therapist, Access to Independence
Product Number: 201523122
$10.00 Online Access
A Day In the Life of a PMD Claim
Moderator: Miriam Lieber, President, Lieber Consulting LLC; Panelists: James Smith, MD, As...
Product Number: 201523123
$10.00 Online Access
Complex Rehab Technology: Separate Benefit Category Update
Weesie Walker, Executive Director of NRRTS; Don Clayback,Executive Director, NCART
Product Number: 201523124
$10.00 Online Access
Are We Ready to Deliver the Complex Wheelchair?
Dan Fedor, Compliance Director, The VGM Group
Product Number: 201523125
$10.00 Online Access
Current Trends in Functional Outcomes for Wheelchair Seating and Mobility
Mark R. Schmeler, PhD, OTR/L, ATP, University of Pittsburgh
Product Number: 201523126
$10.00 Online Access
Setting Up PAP/NIV Patients for Success Reducing Costs/Liability while Increasing Complian...
Peter Allen, Clinical Specialist, RemZzzs
Product Number: 201523127
$10.00 Online Access
BREATHE: Basic Respiratory Evaluation and Assessment at Home: RESULTS FROM A NATION-WIDE P...
Nick Macmillan, Director, Respiratory and Sleep Network, The MED Group
Product Number: 201523128
$10.00 Online Access
Interoperability for Sleep Therapy Compliance: Create New Efficiencies and Better Outcomes
Lisa Ziehl, Strategic Accounts, Brightree
Product Number: 201523129
$10.00 Online Access
Capitol Hill is Listening: Your Role in Achieving Victories
John Gallagher, Vice President VGM Government Relations, The VGM Group, Inc.
Product Number: 201523130
$10.00 Online Access
ICD-10 Implementation - How Is It Going?
Mary Ellen Conway, President, Capital Healthcare
Product Number: 201523131
$10.00 Online Access
Denial Therapy for DME Billers
Andrea Stark, Reimbursement Consultant, MiraVista LLC
Product Number: 201523132
$10.00 Online Access
Joint Ventures and Other Arrangements With Physicians and Other Referral Sources
Jeffrey Baird, Attorney, Brown and Fortunato PC
Product Number: 201523133
$10.00 Online Access
Competitive Bidding Expansion and Bundled Payments: What?s Next for DME?
Andrea Stark, Reimbursement Consultant, MiraVista LLC
Product Number: 201523134
$10.00 Online Access
Hot Compliance Risk Areas for DME Suppliers
Carrie Bryant, Compliance Officer, American HomePatient; William Mathias, Shareholder, OBE...
Product Number: 201523135
$10.00 Online Access
Survey Results of the Round Two Recompete: Who Bid? How Much? Likely Results?
Mark Higley, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, The VGM Group, Inc.
Product Number: 201523136
$10.00 Online Access
The Retail Market: Innovation and Success Within Legal Guidelines
Jeffrey Baird, Attorney, Brown and Fortunato PC
Product Number: 201523137
$10.00 Online Access
The Everchanging Spinal Landscape - Avoid Common Pitfalls That Lead to Claim Denials
Tim Hendricks, Director of Business Development, Quinn Medical; Brian Franklin, Southeast ...
Product Number: 201523138
$10.00 Online Access
Transportation and Other Safety-Sensitive Industries: Unique Opportunities for DME Supplie...
Daniel Brown, Attorney, Taylor English Duma LLP
Product Number: 201523139
$10.00 Online Access
Knowing Oxygen Requirements from Intake to Billing - Wanting a Clean Claim
Ronda Buhrmester, Reimbursement Specialist, The VGM Group, Inc.
Product Number: 201523140
$10.00 Online Access
Updates on the DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program
Elaine Hensley, Chief Liaison, Palmetto GBA
Product Number: 201523141
$10.00 Online Access
Understanding the CERT Process and Reducing CERT Errors
Moderator: Michael Hanna, Provider Relations Senior Analyst, CGS Administrators, LLC
Product Number: 201523142
$10.00 Online Access
Medicare Enrollment Updates
Marlene Frierson,Ombudsman, Palmetto GBA
Product Number: 201523143
$10.00 Online Access
My Medicare Updates
Stacie McMichel, Provider Outreach and Education Consultant, National Government Services
Product Number: 201523144
$10.00 Online Access
Growing Your HME Retail Business: A Panel Discussion
Moderator: Jim Greatorex, Business Development, VGM Retail Services; Panelists: Mark Nicot...
Product Number: 201523145
$10.00 Online Access
Retail Metric Methods
Michael Scarsella, NE Vice President, Golden Technologies
Product Number: 201523146
$10.00 Online Access
Annual Innovative Retail Awards
Moderator: Jim Greatorex, Business Development, VGM Retail Services; Judge: Meredith Voege...
Product Number: 201523147
$10.00 Online Access
Internal Operations - The Building Blocks of Retail Success
Rob Baumhover, Director, VGM Retail, The VGM Group, Inc.; Maria Markusen, Director of Oper...
Product Number: 201523148
$10.00 Online Access
It's like Chocalate and Peanut Butter! Marketing Strategies to Blend HME Retail and Home A...
Bill Stelzer, Consultant, Bill Stelzer Consulting
Product Number: 201523149
$10.00 Online Access
The Caregiver Speaks: Cash Sales
Mike Sperduti, CEO and President, Mike Sperduti Companies; Jeremy Kauten, President, VGM ...
Product Number: 201523150
$10.00 Online Access
Observe, Analyze and Evolve - The Keys to Creating Cohesive and Unique Product Lines
Rob Baumhover, Director, VGM Retail, The VGM Group, Inc.; Maria Markusen, Director of Oper...
Product Number: 201523151
$10.00 Online Access
Tech To Teach
Derek Lampert, Vice President Homecare Sales, Drive Medical
Product Number: 201523152
$10.00 Online Access
Questions to Ask When Developing Your Social Media Strategy
Christina Throndson, Web Marketing Manager, VGM Forbin
Product Number: 201523153
$10.00 Online Access
Sales Team Savvy: Billing documentation training for the new world of sales
Sarah Hanna, President, ECS Billing and Consulting North
Product Number: 201523154
$10.00 Online Access
Why Your HME Website Delivers No Orders
Rob Duryea, President, VGM Forbin; Christina Throndson, Web Marketing Manager, VGM Forbin
Product Number: 201523155
$10.00 Online Access
User Experience Panel
Anna McDevitt, Owner, Laboratory Tactical Consulting
Product Number: 201523157
$10.00 Online Access
Is Your Dealership ROBO and Mobile Ready?
Dennis Olsen, Sales Manager-Medical, ARI Network Services, Inc.; Patrick Miller, Director ...
Product Number: 201523158
$10.00 Online Access
How to Predictably Hire Naturally-Talented, Peak-Performing Sales Reps
Kenneth Waters, Principal Consultant, Sales/Growth/Solutions
Product Number: 201523159
$10.00 Online Access
Managing a Multi Generational Workforce
Jon Goldman, CEO, Brand Launcher
Product Number: 201523160
$10.00 Online Access
Communicate, Easy, Right?
John Crouthamel, Executive Vice President, IVR Technology Group
Product Number: 201523161
$10.00 Online Access
Turning Silver into Gold: How Baby boomers will Transform aging and the Homecare industry
Shahar Boyayan, Marketer, Buzzbooster; Nashlah Boyayan, Marketer, Buzzbooster
Product Number: 201523162
$10.00 Online Access
Forecasting Capitol Hill and CMS: Tools for Strategic Decisions
Cara Bachenheimer, Senior Vice President, Government Relations, Invacare Corp
Product Number: 201523163
$10.00 Online Access
"Better Call Saul" If Your Business Metrics Are Not Keeping Up With Industry Averages. Ind...
Bruce Brothis, President, Allegient Billing and Consulting, Inc.
Product Number: 201523164
$10.00 Online Access
2015 HME Best Practices - A Year in Review
Miriam Lieber, President, Lieber Consulting, LLC; Billie Bowser, Consultant, Lieber Consul...
Product Number: 201523165
$10.00 Online Access
Collecting Every Penny is the Key to Financial Success: Legal Guidelines for Waiver or Red...
Denise Leard, Attorney, Brown and Fortunato PC
Product Number: 201523166
$10.00 Online Access
Do You Know Where Your Money Is? Because We Do
Sunil Krishnan, Vice President, Revenue Cycle Management, Brightree; Shaw Rietkerk, Execut...
Product Number: 201523167
$10.00 Online Access
Buying and Selling HME Companies: Legal Traps and Opportunities
Neil Caesar, Attorney, Health Law Center
Product Number: 201523168
$10.00 Online Access
ICD-10 - Where Should You Be Now?
Billie Bowser, Consultant, Lieber Consulting
Product Number: 201523169
$10.00 Online Access
Healthcare Reform and the HME Provider: Tracking, reporting and monitoring outcomes
Billie Bowser, Consultant, Lieber Consulting
Product Number: 201523170
$10.00 Online Access
10 Keys to Unlocking Revenue Potential: How DME/Medical Device and O and P Companies Can Q...
Steve Selbst, CEO, Healthcents Inc.; Susan Charkin, Founder/President, Healthcents Inc.
Product Number: 201523171
$10.00 Online Access
Pneumatic Compression Devices - The Perfect Addition to Any DME/HME Product Line
Cheri Hoskins, President, Compression Done Right, Inc.
Product Number: 201523172
$10.00 Online Access
How to Reap the Benefits of Health Care Reform to Reach the Millennial Consumer and Expan...
Juli Goldstein, Managed Care Channel Manager, Medela, Inc.; Jill Hunt, Director, Strategic...
Product Number: 201523173
$10.00 Online Access
Benefits of Providing Orthotics in the Outpatient Setting
Kim Carnes, Division Vice President, DeRoyal
Product Number: 201523174
$10.00 Online Access
What is Evidence-Based Medicine and Why is it Important to Your Referral Source?
Cheryl Needham, Senior Clinical Marketing Manager, Philips Respironics
Product Number: 201523175
$10.00 Online Access
Befuddled about Support Surfaces? Become an Expert
Karen Lerner, Regional Vice President, Pressure Prevention, Drive
Product Number: 201523176
$10.00 Online Access
Intermittent Catheterization Billing: A Comprehensive Overview
Anna Markiewicz,Reimbursement Specialist, Hollister Incorporated
Product Number: 201523177
$10.00 Online Access
Differentiating Your Business Through Patient Outcomes when Marketing to Referral Sources
Elaine Lesnak, Sr. Field Marketing Manager, Philips Respironics
Product Number: 201523178
$10.00 Online Access
What the Best Companies Already Know: The Secret to Differentiating Your Brand by Influenc...
Mitchell Yoel, Executive Vice President, Business Development, Drive Medical
Product Number: 201523179
$10.00 Online Access
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