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Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA)

ATRA Powertrain Expo 2015
Las Vegas, NV - October 29 - November 1, 2015

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Online Learning Center
Online Learning Center: Unlimited access to all listed sessions! Synced Audio + PowerPoint
Product Number: 201524700
$99.00 Online Learning Center
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Individual Sessions

The 948TE
Bill Brayton
Product Number: 201524100
$20.00 Online Access
Mass Air Flow Sensor Tips You Should Know
Dan Marinucci
Product Number: 201524101
$20.00 Online Access
Scoping Transmissions 2015
Sean Boyle
Product Number: 201524102
$20.00 Online Access
Inside & Out of the U660...Solving the Mysteries
Mike Brown
Product Number: 201524103
$20.00 Online Access
Engine Diagnostics Part 1
Scott Shotton
Product Number: 201524104
$20.00 Online Access
What’s Working
Dennis Madden, Rodger Bland
Product Number: 201524105
$20.00 Online Access
Bill Haas
Product Number: 201524106
$20.00 Online Access
Diagnostic & Strategy for Repairs, Failures & Fixes of ZF Transm
Dirk Fuchs
Product Number: 201524107
$20.00 Online Access
Tips & Tricks from the Builders Bench
John Parmenter
Product Number: 201524108
$20.00 Online Access
Diagnose & Reprogram Transmission Electro Hydraulic Modules
Dan Nagy
Product Number: 201524109
$20.00 Online Access
Marketing Matters
Alex Goldfayn
Product Number: 201524110
$20.00 Online Access
Sell Value, Not Transmissions
Don Hutson
Product Number: 201524111
$20.00 Online Access
GM 6L80/90/45 and Ford 6R140 Product Concerns
Steve Garrett
Product Number: 201524112
$20.00 Online Access
Chrysler, Looking Into the Future
Alan McAvoy
Product Number: 201524113
$20.00 Online Access
All About the 8 Speeds
Mike Souza
Product Number: 201524114
$20.00 Online Access
Torque Converters (Unraveling the Mystery)
Ed Lee
Product Number: 201524115
$20.00 Online Access
Increase Your Success Velocity
Jim Cathcart
Product Number: 201524116
$20.00 Online Access
Leadership Everyone Needs
Mark Sanborn
Product Number: 201524117
$20.00 Online Access
Food for Thought
Scott Johnson
Product Number: 201524118
$20.00 Online Access
Life Happens
Maylan Newton
Product Number: 201524119
$20.00 Online Access
Engine Diagnostics Part 2
Eric Ziegler
Product Number: 201524120
$20.00 Online Access
Reprogramming to the Fullest
Keith Clark
Product Number: 201524121
$20.00 Online Access
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