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World Congress on Insulin Resistance, Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease (WCIRDC)

Exploring New Frontiers in Metabolism - Tomorrow's Clinical Science Today
Los Angeles. CA - November 19-21, 2015

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Individual Sessions

Insulin Resistance: Friend or Foe?
Peter Grant MD
Product Number: 201526100
$20.00 Online Access
Importance of Amino Acids in Insulin Resistance
Sun Kim MD
Product Number: 201526101
$20.00 Online Access
Roles of Ectopic Lipid and Inflammation in Hepatic Insulin Resistance and T2D
Gerald Shulman MD PhD; Alan Sinaiko MD
Product Number: 201526102
$20.00 Online Access
Lipodystrophic Heart: More Than Just Fatty Heart Disease
Robert J. Chilton DO
Product Number: 201526103
$20.00 Online Access
CNS Integration of Signals from Adipose Tissue and the Gastrointestinal Tract - Implicatio...
Christos Mantzoros MD
Product Number: 201526104
$20.00 Online Access
Bile Salts - the Missing Link between Diabetes and NAFLD
Arun Sanyal MD
Product Number: 201526105
$20.00 Online Access
Type 1 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
Robert Ratner MD
Product Number: 201526106
$20.00 Online Access
SGLT2 Inhibitors: The Good The Bad - Cardiovascular Impact, DKA-Implications For Practice
Yehuda Handelsman, MD
Product Number: 201526107
$20.00 Online Access
Hypoglycemia in Diabetes: Is It a Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Events and Mortality?
George Grunberger MD; Philip Levy
Product Number: 201526108
$20.00 Online Access
GH/IGF-1 and Metabolism
Derek LeRoith MD
Product Number: 201526109
$20.00 Online Access
Puberty and Insulin Resistance - The Role of the GH and IGF-1 Systems
Nelly Mauras MD
Product Number: 201526110
$20.00 Online Access
IGF and Metabolism - IGF and vascular function
Mark Kearney MD
Product Number: 201526111
$20.00 Online Access
Back to Basics: The Mechanisms of Increased Heart Failure Risk in Type 2 Diabetes
Mansoor Husain MD
Product Number: 201526112
$20.00 Online Access
DPP4i or not DPP4i - That is the question - Do risks of heart failure differ with differen...
Benjamin Scirica MD
Product Number: 201526113
$20.00 Online Access
Contemporary Heart Failure Management in Patients with Diabetes
Kenneth B. Margulies MD
Product Number: 201526114
$20.00 Online Access
Direct Metabolic Effects of Apo-A1 in Vivo and in Vitro
Samuel Cushman PhD
Product Number: 201526115
$20.00 Online Access
Triglycerides, LDL, and CVD - What Are the Connections?
Ronald M. Krauss MD
Product Number: 201526116
$20.00 Online Access
Risk of Incident Type 2 Diabetes on Statin Therapy: I. Putting the risk into perspective
Benjamin Scirica MD
Product Number: 201526117
$20.00 Online Access
How to identify subjects at enhanced risk of developing statin-associated diabetes
Gerald Reaven MD
Product Number: 201526118
$20.00 Online Access
Interorgan Exchange of Glucose in Health and Disease
Ralph A. DeFronzo MD
Product Number: 201526119
$20.00 Online Access
Multifaceted Control of Hepatic Glucose Production In Vivo
Alan D. Cherrington, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201526120
$20.00 Online Access
Essential role of Muscle in Maintenance of Normal Glucose Metabolism
Robert R. Henry MD
Product Number: 201526121
$20.00 Online Access
The Brain Trumps the Muscle, Liver, and Beta Cells
Robert Sherwin MD
Product Number: 201526123
$20.00 Online Access
Underappreciated factors in the regulation of glucose homeostasis: Implications for patho...
Richard Bergman PhD
Product Number: 201526124
$20.00 Online Access
The Metabolically Healthy Obese: Alive and Well or a Fig Newton of our Imagination?
Timothy Garvey MD
Product Number: 201526125
$20.00 Online Access
Nuclear Receptors: Feast, Famine and Physiology
Ronald M. Evans, Ph.D.
Product Number: 201526126
$20.00 Online Access
From Metformin to Empagliflozin: Lessons from Cardiovascular Outcome Trials
Peter Grant MD
Product Number: 201526127
$20.00 Online Access
The Changing Landscape of Diabetes in Youth: the Dual Role of Insulin Resistance and Beta ...
Sonia Caprio MD
Product Number: 201526128
$20.00 Online Access
Circadian Rhythmicity and metabolism
Bart Staels PhD
Product Number: 201526129
$20.00 Online Access
Endogenous Circadian System and Circadian Misalignment Impact Glucose Tolerance Via Separa...
Frank A.J.L. Scheer PhD
Product Number: 201526130
$20.00 Online Access
Insulin Resistance: It's In Your Genes
Josh Knowles MD
Product Number: 201526131
$20.00 Online Access
The Cardiologist Perspective - Impact of Low LDL, an IVUS Evaluation of Patient from an 18...
Robert J. Chilton DO
Product Number: 201526133
$20.00 Online Access
Food Addiction - Does it Exist?
Nicole Avena PhD
Product Number: 201526134
$20.00 Online Access
Bariatric Surgery and Type 2 Diabetes
Samuel Klein MD
Product Number: 201526135
$20.00 Online Access
Post Bariatric Surgery Hypoglycemia
Tracey McLaughlin MD
Product Number: 201526136
$20.00 Online Access
Novel Developments in Management of Hyperkalemia: After 60 years, Things are about to Chan...
Mikhail Kosiborod MD
Product Number: 201526137
$20.00 Online Access
Meet the Expert: Insulin Resistance
Gerald M. Reaven MD
Product Number: 201526139
$20.00 Online Access
Meet the Expert: The Kidney and Diabetes
Ralph A. DeFronzo MD
Product Number: 201526140
$20.00 Online Access
Meet the Expert: Lipid in DM and CVD - The PCSK9 era
Zachary Bloomgarden MD
Product Number: 201526141
$20.00 Online Access
Clinical Workshop: Diabetes
George Grunberger MD; Philip Levy MD
Product Number: 201526145
$20.00 Online Access
Clinical Workshop: Kidney Disease in Diabetes and Obesity
Christian Mende MD; Daniel Einhorn MD
Product Number: 201526146
$20.00 Online Access
CME Dinner Symposium: Early Intervention in the Continuum of Hyperglycemia - The Role of I...
Samuel Dagogo-JackMD ; Zachary Bloomgarden MD; Ralph A. DeFronzo MD
Product Number: 201526147
$20.00 Online Access
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