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Medtrade Spring 2016
Las Vegas, NV - February 29 - March 2, 2016

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Individual Sessions

Keep Your Money - Learn What to Expect From a Medicare Audit and How to Avoid Overpayment ...
Denise Leard
Product Number: 201604100
$10.00 Online Access
New Year, Fresh Start
Kelly Grahovac
Product Number: 201604101
$10.00 Online Access
Audit and Appeals Strategy
Wayne van Halem; Denise Leard
Product Number: 201604102
$10.00 Online Access
Help is Here! Audit Tracking and Data Compilation Tools
Wayne van Halem; Kim Brummett
Product Number: 201604103
$10.00 Online Access
Myths verse Facts: Know the Truth About Audits and Appeals and The Mistakes Every Supplier...
Stephanie Greene
Product Number: 201604104
$10.00 Online Access
Beware of Hackers: Highway to the Danger Zone of Cyber Crime and Web Marketing
Warren Freeman; Bill Wilson
Product Number: 201604105
$10.00 Online Access
Patient Collections - How to Move to a 100% Collection Model
Jennifer Leon
Product Number: 201604106
$10.00 Online Access
Best Operational Practices in HME Today
Miriam Lieber
Product Number: 201604107
$10.00 Online Access
Mapping Your Processes - How to Get Started
Esther Apter
Product Number: 201604108
$10.00 Online Access
Measuring the Productivity of your RCM Billing Team
Shaw Rietkerk
Product Number: 201604109
$10.00 Online Access
Effective AR Management: A New Twist on an Old Favorite
Sarah Hanna; Kit Shellhouse
Product Number: 201604110
$10.00 Online Access
Maximizing Reimbursement on the Patients You Serve
Rhonda Hines
Product Number: 201604111
$10.00 Online Access
The Interoperability Imperative: Getting and Staying Connected
Jana Macon
Product Number: 201604112
$10.00 Online Access
Management by Denial - Bridging the Gap between Operations and A/R
Miriam Lieber
Product Number: 201604113
$10.00 Online Access
Automating Your PAP Compliance Program Sponsored by: CMB Solutions
Peter Allen
Product Number: 201604114
$10.00 Online Access
IT Security is No Longer Optional: HIPPA Compliance in Healthcare
Draython Savoi
Product Number: 201604115
$10.00 Online Access
"Better Call Saul" If Your Business Metrics Are Not Keeping Up with Industry Averages
Bruce Brothis
Product Number: 201604116
$10.00 Online Access
Electronic Medical Records and e-Prescribing Trends for Post Acute Care
Jeff Woodham
Product Number: 201604117
$10.00 Online Access
The Top 10 Operational Efficiencies You Need To Know
Mary Ellen Conway
Product Number: 201604118
$10.00 Online Access
Home Medical Equipment - Unlike Any Other Business Model
Dan Fedor
Product Number: 201604119
$10.00 Online Access
Using Your Data
Chris Kinard; Andrea Stark; Bryan Hines; Robert Steedley
Product Number: 201604120
$10.00 Online Access
Getting to Know Big Data
Ryan Ball
Product Number: 201604121
$10.00 Online Access
M+A Management
Moderator: Jeffrey Baird; Panelists: Sean Timmonsi; Brad Smith
Product Number: 201604122
$10.00 Online Access
Arrangements with, Gifts to and Payment of Expenses for Physicians
Jeffrey Baird
Product Number: 201604123
$10.00 Online Access
CMS Has Your Number - Can You Keep it?
Pam Felkins Colbert
Product Number: 201604124
$10.00 Online Access
Building a Retail Model Within Legal Guidelines
Jeffrey Baird
Product Number: 201604125
$10.00 Online Access
Unraveling the Mystery of the ABN: Harness the Protections and Profit Generating Potential...
Andrea Stark
Product Number: 201604126
$10.00 Online Access
Competitive Bidding Subcontracts, Acquisitions and Networks - Real World Tips and Advice
Neil Caesar
Product Number: 201604127
$10.00 Online Access
Take a Deep Breath - Understand the Rules Related to Oxygen Requirements and Get More From...
Denise Leard
Product Number: 201604128
$10.00 Online Access
Understanding the CERT Process and Reducing CERT Errors
Michael Hanna
Product Number: 201604129
$10.00 Online Access
Medicare Enrollment Updates
Nancy Parker
Product Number: 201604130
$10.00 Online Access
Competitive Bidding Program Updates
Elaine Hensley
Product Number: 201604131
$10.00 Online Access
My Medicare Update
Moderator: Michael Hanna
Product Number: 201604132
$10.00 Online Access
Caretailing Marketing
Jim Greatorex
Product Number: 201604133
$10.00 Online Access
Capture the Boomers
Jim Greatorex; Panelists: Sue Chen; Troy Holland; Colleen Hinsberg; Brandon Noble
Product Number: 201604134
$10.00 Online Access
The Innovative Retail Awards
Jim Greatorex; Judges: Rob Baumhover; Mike Sperduti; Cindi Ciardo
Product Number: 201604135
$10.00 Online Access
Product Inventory Management to Drive Sales
Rob Baumhover; Maria Markusen
Product Number: 201604136
$10.00 Online Access
Online Strategy 101: How to Make the Google Work for You
Christina Throndson
Product Number: 201604137
$10.00 Online Access
Utilizing Orthotic Footwear to Drive Retail Sales
Brandon Noble
Product Number: 201604138
$10.00 Online Access
COPD Management in the Home: Patient Centered Care
Katherine Royster Sr.
Product Number: 201604139
$10.00 Online Access
Talking to Consumers about Home Health Care
Anna McDevitt; Ashley Plauche
Product Number: 201604140
$10.00 Online Access
Improvise, Adapt and Overcome: A Marine?s Guide to HME Online Marketing on a Budget
Robert Duryea
Product Number: 201604141
$10.00 Online Access
The Creator, The Authority and The Lover
Mike Sperduti
Product Number: 201604142
$10.00 Online Access
Maximizing Sales Growth With DME Claims Data
Ryan Ball
Product Number: 201604143
$10.00 Online Access
How to Use Mergers and Acquisitions to Succeed in Today?s Changing DME Marketplace
Bradley Smith
Product Number: 201604144
$10.00 Online Access
HME in 2016 and Beyond: Facts, Trends, Forecasts and Commentary
Mark Higley; John Gallagher
Product Number: 201604145
$10.00 Online Access
Monetizing the Value of Outcomes
Daniel Hayes
Product Number: 201604146
$10.00 Online Access
Managing Change Through Technology Platforms: Selection, Implementation and Keeping Moment...
Ryan McDevitt, Partner
Product Number: 201604147
$10.00 Online Access
High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation Devices and Cough Assist Devices - What are the Requ...
Ronda Buhrmester
Product Number: 201604148
$10.00 Online Access
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