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American Journal of Health Promotion

26th Annual Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference
Orlando, FL - April 25-29, 2016

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Individual Sessions

Keynote: An American Plate That is Palatable for Human and Planetary Health
Walter C. Willett, MD, DrPH
Product Number: 201608100
$20.00 Online Access
Calories, Cooking, AND Context: Using a Critical, Non-Reductionist, Ideographic Approach t...
Christopher Fink, PhD
Product Number: 201608101
$20.00 Online Access
One Small Step for an Individual; One Giant Leap for a Population: Leveraging Behavioral A...
Edward M. Framer, PhD
Product Number: 201608102
$20.00 Online Access
Measuring Population Health Goals in Days...Healthy Days
Tony Mollica; Mona Shah, PhD, MPH; Vipin Gopal, PhD, MBA, Btech; Matthew M. Zack, MD, MPH
Product Number: 201608104
$20.00 Online Access
Enumerating the
Joachim E. Fischer, MD, MSc
Product Number: 201608105
$20.00 Online Access
Start with What's Right to Build Engagement, Confidence and Long-Term Success
Laura H. Putnam, MA
Product Number: 201608106
$20.00 Online Access
Treatment of Tobacco Dependence
Jamie L. McConaha, PharmD, CGP, BCACP, TTS, CDE
Product Number: 201608107
$20.00 Online Access
Designing Sustainable Behavior Change
Michael Kim, MPP/MBA
Product Number: 201608109
$20.00 Online Access
ACA, HIPAA, and the EEOC -What are the Boundaries of a Compliant Wellness Plan?
Jim Pshock
Product Number: 201608110
$20.00 Online Access
Six Ways Participants Irrationally Fail to Choose Wellness - And What You Can Do About It ...
John Weaver, PsyD
Product Number: 201608112
$20.00 Online Access
The Genomic Revolution - A New Purpose and Meaning for Health Promotion
Karen Wolfe, MBBS(Syd), MA
Product Number: 201608113
$20.00 Online Access
Essential Leadership Skills for 21st Century Health Promotion
Brian Luke Seaward, PhD
Product Number: 201608114
$20.00 Online Access
Building and Assessing Proficiency in Motivational Interviewing in Your Health Coaching Te...
Susan W. Butterworth, PhD, MS
Product Number: 201608115
$20.00 Online Access
The Stress Recovery Effect - Transforming Your Stress from Enemy to Ally!
Dick Tibbits, MDiv, Dmin; Nicholas R.S. Hall, PhD; Michelle C. Dolske, PhD; Laura Grubbs
Product Number: 201608116
$20.00 Online Access
Thriving Wellbeing: Shifting Your Role from Program Developer to Culture Influencer (Cultu...
Rosie Ward, PhD, MPH, MCHES, BCC,
Product Number: 201608118
$20.00 Online Access
Keynote: CEO Perspective on Employee Wellness
Harris Rosen; Ashley Bacot
Product Number: 201608119
$20.00 Online Access
Six Ways Participants Irrationally Fail to Choose Wellness - And What You Can Do About It
John Weaver, PsyD
Product Number: 201608122
$20.00 Online Access
Are Workplace Food Environments Health Promoting?
Sheila Viswanathan, EdD, MPH, RD; Mary Kay Gilhooly; Deborah Hughes Ndao, MPH; Caesare Ass...
Product Number: 201608123
$20.00 Online Access
Implementing Successful Weight Management in the Workplace: A Practical Approach
Ned M. Weiss, MD
Product Number: 201608124
$20.00 Online Access
Why a Workplace Culture of Health Matters
Mary L. Marzec, PhD
Product Number: 201608126
$20.00 Online Access
Mindful Health: The Science and Practice of Mindfulness for Optimal Health and Performance
Robert A. Swoap, PhD
Product Number: 201608129
$20.00 Online Access
A Multi-Year Longitudinal Impact Evaluation of McKesson Corporation's Health Promotion Pro...
Gerri Burruel; Jonathan Dugas, PhD; Andrea Feigl, ScD, MPH
Product Number: 201608130
$20.00 Online Access
What is the Latest Research in Workplace Health Promotion (Wellness)?
Ron Z. Goetzel, PhD
Product Number: 201608131
$20.00 Online Access
Functional Medicine as a Partner for Health Promotion - Imperatives for a New Health Promo...
Karen Wolfe, MBBS(Syd), MA
Product Number: 201608132
$20.00 Online Access
Wearable Wellness?!? Successfully Integrating High Tech with High Touch to Maximize Your E...
Brad Cooper, MSPT, MBA, MTC, ATC, CWC
Product Number: 201608133
$20.00 Online Access
From Coping to Resilience to Thriving to Flourishing: Evidence-Based Review
Joel Bennett, PhD, Certified Workplace Specialist
Product Number: 201608134
$20.00 Online Access
The Medical Fitness Difference In Employee Wellness (Panel Discussion)
Natalie Johnson, MS; Douglas A. Ribley, MS, FMFA, FABC; Rebecca Luttbeg
Product Number: 201608135
$20.00 Online Access
Health Promotion is the Purpose: Money and More Follow
Craig Becker, PhD, CWP
Product Number: 201608136
$20.00 Online Access
Stress, Health and the Science of Happiness
Brian Luke Seaward, PhD
Product Number: 201608137
$20.00 Online Access
Program Evaluation: Research or Decision Support? Numbers or Stories? ROI or ROAR? (Brainf...
Moderator: Jessica Grossmeier, PhD, MPH; Michael P. O?Donnell, PhD, MBA, MPH; Ron Z. Goetz...
Product Number: 201608138
$20.00 Online Access
Keynote: Why Good Things Happen to Good People: A Scientific and Real World Perspective on...
Stephen G. Post, PhD
Product Number: 201608139
$20.00 Online Access
Engagement Strategies for Disseminating Information via Audio/Visual Recordings within Onl...
Kristine Fish, PhD
Product Number: 201608141
$20.00 Online Access
Role of Organizational-Level Assessments in Implementing Evidence-Based Workplace Health P...
Amy Meador, MPH; Jason Lang, MPH, MS; Qaiser Mukhtar, PhD; Lindsey Bickers Bock, MPH
Product Number: 201608143
$20.00 Online Access
Linking Health Management Best Practices and Organizational Financial Performance
Jessica Grossmeier, PhD, MPH
Product Number: 201608144
$20.00 Online Access
Interpersonal Mindfulness: Wellbeing's Forgotten Bride
Joel Bennett, PhD, Certified Workplace Specialist
Product Number: 201608145
$20.00 Online Access
Beyond Behavioral Health: The Role of Psychology in Employee Wellbeing and Organizational ...
David W. Ballard, PsyD, MBA
Product Number: 201608148
$20.00 Online Access
Social Branding in Virginia: A Cultural Intervention to Reduce Tobacco Use Among High Risk...
Tyler Janzen, BA
Product Number: 201608150
$20.00 Online Access
Achieving Purposeful Health Promotion
Marie-Josee Shaar, MAPP, CPT, CWCC
Product Number: 201608151
$20.00 Online Access
Reflections: What Did We Learn? (Brainfest)
Paul E. Terry, PhD
Product Number: 201608152
$20.00 Online Access
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