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Medtrade Spring 2017
Las Vegas, NV - February 27 - March 1

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All Listed Sessions. Audio + Approved Handouts
Product Number: 201705700
$99.00 Online Learning Center
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Individual Sessions

Interactive Mock Audit
Stephanie Greene; Andrea Stark
Product Number: 201705100
$10.00 Online Access
2017 Audit Expectations
Wayne van Halem; Denise Leard
Product Number: 201705101
$10.00 Online Access
Top Audit Strategies
Denise Leard; Sharon Briggman
Product Number: 201705102
$10.00 Online Access
Success Stories in HME: How Providers have grown in the Face of a Declining Industry
Moderator: Sarah Hanna; Panelists: Godry Fox; Steve Burman; Erik Mickelson
Product Number: 201705103
$10.00 Online Access
HME Best Practices
Moderator: Miriam Lieber; Panelists: Joey Graham; Todd Usher; Allen Clark
Product Number: 201705104
$10.00 Online Access
Workflow Management: Optimize and Streamline Your Resources
Moderator: Kit Shellhouse; Panelists: Esther Apter; Aimee Swope
Product Number: 201705105
$10.00 Online Access
HME in 2017 and Beyond: Facts, Trends, Forecasts and Commentary
Moderator: Ronda Buhrmester; Panelists: Mark Higley; Douglas Coleman; Andrea Ewert; James ...
Product Number: 201705106
$10.00 Online Access
Proactive Compliance Panel - What should you do and spend?
Moderator: Wayne van Halem; Panelists: Sheila Roberson; Brandy Miller; Miriram Lieber
Product Number: 201705107
$10.00 Online Access
Promoting Patient Outcomes through the Provision of HME
Moderator: Chris Kinard; Panelists: Tony Ross; Cheryl London; Christine M. Cunningham
Product Number: 201705108
$10.00 Online Access
"Buying Into" a Contract, Exiting a Contract, Meeting Capacity, and Other Important Issues
Moderator: Jeffrey Baird; Panelists: Denise Leard; Neil Caesar
Product Number: 201705109
$10.00 Online Access
Future of Competitive Bidding: Is Change in the Air?
Moderator: Mark Higley; Panelists: Cara Bachenheime; Seth Johnson
Product Number: 201705110
$10.00 Online Access
Managing Employees with Organization, Implementation and Follow Through, while Maintaining...
Kit Shellhouse; Miriam Lieber
Product Number: 201705111
$10.00 Online Access
Strategic Planning in Constant Change - HME Provider Strategy
Moderator: Gary Sheehan; Panelists: John Skoro; Jennifer Leon
Product Number: 201705112
$10.00 Online Access
Exploring Alternative Payment Models
Moderator: Ron Dixon; Panelists: Cheryl London; Christine M. Cunningham
Product Number: 201705113
$10.00 Online Access
Developing Payer Relationships ? Strategies for the Demonstration of Value
Moderator: Laura Williard; Panelists: Dave Kazynski; Rhonda Hines
Product Number: 201705114
$10.00 Online Access
Key Transaction Elements of Mergers and Acquisitions
Jeffrey Baird and Bradley Smith
Product Number: 201705115
$10.00 Online Access
Congress and CMS: Future Legislation and Regulations Affecting DME Suppliers
Moderator: John Gallagher; Panelists: Kim Brummett and Jay Witter
Product Number: 201705116
$10.00 Online Access
An Industry in Transition: Hot Button Issues Facing DME Suppliers
Moderator: Todd Moody; Panelists: Miriam Liebe; Stephanie Greene
Product Number: 201705117
$10.00 Online Access
Aggressively Moving into the Retail Market While Avoiding Legal Pitfalls
Moderator: Jim Greatore; Panelists: Andrea Stark; Jeffrey Baird
Product Number: 201705118
$10.00 Online Access
Avoiding Medicare Fee-For-Service: Billing Non-Assigned, Using ABNs, and Other Solutions
Moderator: Jeffrey Baird; Panelists: Mary Ellen Conway; Sarah Hanna
Product Number: 201705119
$10.00 Online Access
DME CERT Task Force: Where Do the Errors Fall?
Michael Hanna
Product Number: 201705120
$10.00 Online Access
DMEPOS Supplier Enrollment Updates
Nancy Parker
Product Number: 201705121
$10.00 Online Access
Your Medicare Updates
Michael Hanna
Product Number: 201705122
$10.00 Online Access
Traffic Drivers! Marketing Your Store for Retail Success- Lessons Learned
Moderator: Maria Markusen; Panelists: Tim Rutti; Mark Nicotera; Sara Barber; Brandon Noble...
Product Number: 201705123
$10.00 Online Access
Merchandising Your Store to Retail Success
Moderator: Maria Markusen; Panelists: Scott Davis; Charles Copley; Rob Baumhover
Product Number: 201705124
$10.00 Online Access
Incremental Sales and Upgrades, Cash sales for Everybody
Speakers: Jim Greatorex; Dan Fedor
Product Number: 201705125
$10.00 Online Access
Home Modifications: Best Practices to Capture this Exploding Market
Moderator: Jim Greatorex; Panelists: David Baxter; Robert Gurinowitsch CEAC
Product Number: 201705126
$10.00 Online Access
Content Marketing in HME: A Panel for Developing Strategies to Reach People Online
Moderator: Anna McDevitt; Panelists: Bill Wagner; Christina Throndson
Product Number: 201705127
$10.00 Online Access
Patient Education and Engagement: A Panel Focused on Communicating Effectively with Patien...
Moderator: Anna McDevitt; Panelists: Bill Wagner; Margaret Linkdskog; Kelly Turner
Product Number: 201705128
$10.00 Online Access
Understanding the Internet: A panel focused on helping providers understand fundamentals o...
Moderator: Laura Hand; Panelists: Kamal Haddad; Esther Apter; Bill Wagner
Product Number: 201705130
$10.00 Online Access
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