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National Wellness Institute

42nd National Wellness Conference
St.Paul, MN - June 19-21, 2017

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Individual Sessions

Keynote: Cultures that Flourish: Applying the Science of Happiness and Human Sense
Sunny Grosso
Product Number: 201714100
$20.00 Online Access
Leading into the Future: Flourishing Your Business, Program, and Target Audience by Cultiv...
Tabatha Elsberry Hyatt
Product Number: 201714101
$20.00 Online Access
It's Not You, It's Your Health Coaches
Erica Fry; Kacie Miller
Product Number: 201714102
$20.00 Online Access
Helping Your Clients Flourish by Learning and Using the Foundations of Motivational Interv...
Bill Gaertner
Product Number: 201714103
$20.00 Online Access
Reduced Stress Through Yoga Nidra
Renee Harrington
Product Number: 201714104
$20.00 Online Access
Powerful Conversations to Lead the Shift from Weight to Well-being
Rebecca Johnson
Product Number: 201714105
$20.00 Online Access
Building and Sustaining Employee Wellness Using Mindfulness-based Stress Management: Measu...
Lisa Schmidt
Product Number: 201714106
$20.00 Online Access
Social Media Marketing Strategies for Wellness Professionals
Eirasmin Lokpez-Cobo; Jennifer Mitchell
Product Number: 201714107
$20.00 Online Access
Dying Well: Building a Culture that Plans for the End of Life
Carol Michaels
Product Number: 201714108
$20.00 Online Access
The Pursuit of Well-being: The "Culture" Paradigm
Sandhya Rajagopal
Product Number: 201714110
$20.00 Online Access
The Quantitative Self: Health Coaching and Physical Activity Testing as the 6th Vital Sign...
Brian Schroeder; Ryan Bojrab
Product Number: 201714111
$20.00 Online Access
Celebrating Sabbath: Creating a Culture of Rest, Renewal, and Sanctuary
Barbara Speedling; Artika Tyner
Product Number: 201714112
$20.00 Online Access
Collaborating to Cultivate Wellness: How One Community Works Together to Produce Wellness ...
Johanna Tanno; Alida Moonen
Product Number: 201714113
$20.00 Online Access
The Value of Embedding Data Privacy into Wellness Programs
Barbara Zabawa
Product Number: 201714114
$20.00 Online Access
Science of Mindset

Product Number: 201714115
$20.00 Online Access
Optimizing the Use of Stress Management Techniques and Resources in Your Wellness Coaching...
Emily Matuszewicz
Product Number: 201714116
$20.00 Online Access
Cultivating a Culture of Happiness
Cara Sidman; Annie Frisoli
Product Number: 201714117
$20.00 Online Access
Microbiome Medicine: The Next Revolution in Modern Wellness
Karen Wolfe
Product Number: 201714118
$20.00 Online Access
Multicultural Competency Wellness Wheel: Innovations in Multicultural Competency in Health...
Nicole Akparewa; Eirasmin Lokpez-Cobo
Product Number: 201714119
$20.00 Online Access
Engaging Millennials in Workplace Wellness
Romuald Antoine
Product Number: 201714120
$20.00 Online Access
Speed Coaching: Coaching with the Masters
Jackie Bredl-Dietrich
Product Number: 201714121
$20.00 Online Access
Active Commuting Toolkit Impacts Worksite Wellness and Community Wellness
Laura Feyerherm
Product Number: 201714122
$20.00 Online Access
Laughter Really is the Best Medicine. Discover the Wellness Benefits of Cultivating a Heal...
Sarah Routman
Product Number: 201714123
$20.00 Online Access
Foundations in Communications: Practical Advice for Maximizing the Impact of Your Wellness...
Skye Schulte
Product Number: 201714124
$20.00 Online Access
Keynote: WE ARE WELL: How Our Buildings and Communities Can Enhance Our Health and Well-be...
Paul Scialla
Product Number: 201714126
$20.00 Online Access
Worksite Wellness Evaluation: A 3-step Approach to Measuring Success in Worksites of All S...
David Chenoweth
Product Number: 201714127
$20.00 Online Access
In Search of a New Paradigm for Worksite Wellness: Seven Questions to Start the Conversati...
Grant Donovan; Donald Ardell
Product Number: 201714128
$20.00 Online Access
Houses of Worship That Flourish: Creating and Promoting Wellness in Faith-based Organizati...
Russell Elleven
Product Number: 201714129
$20.00 Online Access
Working with Local Public Health to Advance Worksite Wellness Statewide
Holly Glaubitz
Product Number: 201714130
$20.00 Online Access
Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice: Creating a Culture of Health in a University Se...
Lisa Lloyd
Product Number: 201714132
$20.00 Online Access
Narrative Healing: Story Matters
Reggie Marra
Product Number: 201714133
$20.00 Online Access
Integrative Health Coaching: The Pink Hard Hat Approach
Kacie Miller
Product Number: 201714134
$20.00 Online Access
A Wellness Cultivating Culture Does More than Reduce Risk
Craig Becker
Product Number: 201714135
$20.00 Online Access
Cultivating Extraordinary Coaching in Time-limited Settings: Building Flourishing Cultures...
Renee Cobb; Joshua Steinfeldt
Product Number: 201714136
$20.00 Online Access
Exhausted No More! ?Waking Up? to New Science on Why You Can't Sleep and What You Can Do A...
Carol Ebert
Product Number: 201714137
$20.00 Online Access
Culture of Evidence? What Science Has and Hasn?t Told Us About a Workplace Culture of Heal...
Stefan Gingerich
Product Number: 201714138
$20.00 Online Access
The Recipe for Flourishing: Applying Lessons from Baking
Sara Johnson
Product Number: 201714139
$20.00 Online Access
Trends in Tobacco and What Employers Can Do to Support Cessation
Katy Tombaugh
Product Number: 201714140
$20.00 Online Access
Does Having Children Often Destroy Marriages?
John Travis
Product Number: 201714141
$20.00 Online Access
Making It Easy To Be Well: Nurturing Engagement, Communication, and Cooperation Through A ...
Michael Arloski
Product Number: 201714142
$20.00 Online Access
First Things First: 5 Awareness Tools to Direct Powerful Action
Billie Frances
Product Number: 201714143
$20.00 Online Access
Social Savoring: Experiencing the Moments at Life's Bookends (Infancy and Retirement)
Brittany Linde; Joel Bennett
Product Number: 201714144
$20.00 Online Access
Turning Compassion Fatigue into Compassionate Self-Care
Jennie Trotter; Gloria Elder
Product Number: 201714146
$20.00 Online Access
Access to Care: Designing Healthcare Benefits for Inclusion
Karen Young
Product Number: 201714147
$20.00 Online Access
What Happens When You Remove Your Wellness Program Incentive and Focus on Culture?
Kristin Behler; Amanda Greene
Product Number: 201714148
$20.00 Online Access
The Experience of Evoking Inner Transformation: The Foundation for Flourishing Through Wel...
Annalise Evenson
Product Number: 201714149
$20.00 Online Access
Creating Change Through the "Big 3": Leveraging Leadership, Culture, and Environment for W...
Jonna Graulich; Alisah DeMoss
Product Number: 201714150
$20.00 Online Access
Making the Employee?s Doctor a Part of Your Wellness Program
Jesse Hercules
Product Number: 201714151
$20.00 Online Access
Dance, Flourish, Thrive! Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit, and Social Well-being
Lisa Medley
Product Number: 201714154
$20.00 Online Access
Getting to Know You: Engaging Multicultural Populations and Creating Partnerships to Achie...
Aldrenna Williams
Product Number: 201714155
$20.00 Online Access
The Audacity of Wholeness: Self-reflection and Dialogue in 6 Dimensions
Joel Bennett
Product Number: 201714156
$20.00 Online Access
Advancing the Craft of Health and Wellness Coaching: Masterful Skills and Methods For Tran...
Michael Arloski
Product Number: 201714157
$20.00 Online Access
10 Predictions about the Future of Mental Health
Christopher Chan
Product Number: 201714158
$20.00 Online Access
HARMONY: An Innovative Wellness Model for Keeping Performers in Tune
Sally Galloway
Product Number: 201714159
$20.00 Online Access
Mindfulness for the Real World
Molly McShane
Product Number: 201714160
$20.00 Online Access
Toward Professional Competencies for Wellness Promotion
Alida Moonen; Rob Owens
Product Number: 201714161
$20.00 Online Access
Lessons from an Accidental Entrepreneur: What You Should Know Before You Quit Your Day Job
Mari Ryan
Product Number: 201714162
$20.00 Online Access
Planning and Implementing Effective and Engaging Health Fairs: Moving Beyond Pens and Stre...
Jennifer Thomas
Product Number: 201714163
$20.00 Online Access
Leading for Well-being: A Prototype for Improving Psychological Safety and Team Performanc...
Peter Wolff
Product Number: 201714164
$20.00 Online Access
Understanding Concepts Related to Mindfulness and Stress Management
Candance Gabel
Product Number: 201714165
$20.00 Online Access
Innovative Partnerships: Collaborating to Build a Healthy Workforce and a Flourishing Comm...
Sherry Haskins; Teresa Salama
Product Number: 201714166
$20.00 Online Access
A Flourishing State of the Soul: Turning Aristotle?s Eudaimonic Philosophy into Sustainabl...
Jay Kimiecik
Product Number: 201714167
$20.00 Online Access
Self-Care for the Whole Coach: A Non-negotiable Part of Your Job Description
Marilena Minucci
Product Number: 201714168
$20.00 Online Access
Amplifying Leadership Effectiveness Through Mindfulness
Renee Moorefield
Product Number: 201714169
$20.00 Online Access
The Journey to Health Begins in the Garden: The Advantages of a Plant-based Diet
Kenice Morehouse-Grand; Stephen Grand
Product Number: 201714170
$20.00 Online Access
Peer Wellness Coaching: A Pilot Model and Study
Elizabeth Amezcua
Product Number: 201714171
$20.00 Online Access
Mental Well-Being Meets a Culture of Health: An Evidence-based Team Approach
Joel Bennett
Product Number: 201714172
$20.00 Online Access
Jumpstart a Plan for Action: Leading the Organizational Change to Promote Wellness
Maria Malayter; Carin Dehmer
Product Number: 201714173
$20.00 Online Access
The Diabetes Prevention Program: An Important Innovation in Wellness Practice and Promotio...
Alida Moonen
Product Number: 201714174
$20.00 Online Access
Designing Group Health Coaching to Support Whole Person Well-being
Rachel Gilbertson
Product Number: 201714175
$20.00 Online Access
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