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Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA)

ATRA Powertrain Expo 2017
Las Vegas, NV - October 19-22, 2017

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Online Access to All Sessions. Audio + Presentations.
Product Number: 201721700
$99.00 Online Learning Center
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Individual Sessions

8L90 Service, Updates and Repairs
Steve Garrett
Product Number: 201721100
$10.00 Online Access
FCA 8 and 9 Speed Automatic Transmission Update
Alan McAvoy
Product Number: 201721101
$10.00 Online Access
Restoring Functional Reliability
Dean Mason
Product Number: 201721102
$10.00 Online Access
Introduction of the 9T50 Transaxle
James Rokitski
Product Number: 201721103
$10.00 Online Access
Using Scopes to Streamline Diagnosis: Part 1
Scott Shotton
Product Number: 201721104
$10.00 Online Access
CVT Workshop
Robert Bateman, Mike Souza
Product Number: 201721105
$10.00 Online Access
Using Scopes to Streamline Diagnosis: Part 2
Eric Ziegler
Product Number: 201721106
$10.00 Online Access
Introduction of the ZF 8HP Hybrid
Dirk Fuchs
Product Number: 201721107
$10.00 Online Access
Helping the Rubber Meet the Road
Keith Clark
Product Number: 201721108
$10.00 Online Access
From Mindset to Mission
Dennis Madden, Rodger Bland
Product Number: 201721109
$10.00 Online Access
Building Decision-Makers!
Maylan Newton
Product Number: 201721110
$10.00 Online Access
Tips and Tricks from the Builders Bench
John Parmenter
Product Number: 201721111
$10.00 Online Access
Converter Control
Bob Warnke
Product Number: 201721112
$10.00 Online Access
Introducing the 845RFE in All Its Wonder
Bill Brayton
Product Number: 201721113
$10.00 Online Access
Blame It On the Tuner
Pepe Torres
Product Number: 201721114
$10.00 Online Access
Transmissions 101: Scan Tool 101
Jarad Warren
Product Number: 201721115
$10.00 Online Access
Transmissions 101: ATF Today “Surviving in an OE Driven Market”
Pat Burrow
Product Number: 201721116
$10.00 Online Access
Transmissions 101: Series Circuit Essentials You Should Know
Dan Marinucci
Product Number: 201721117
$10.00 Online Access
Transmissions 101: R&R 101
John Parmenter
Product Number: 201721118
$10.00 Online Access
Gain Control of Your Business by Letting Go
MaryAnn Croce
Product Number: 201721119
$10.00 Online Access
7 Traits of a Successful Leader
Nancy Friedman
Product Number: 201721120
$10.00 Online Access
Hydraulics 101
Bill Brayton
Product Number: 201721121
$10.00 Online Access
Toyota, Lexus U881E and GM AF50 8 Speed Automatic
Mike Brown
Product Number: 201721122
$10.00 Online Access
Selling Boldly - Live Workshop
Alex Goldfayn
Product Number: 201721123
$10.00 Online Access
Smart Exit Workshop
John Anderson
Product Number: 201721124
$10.00 Online Access
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