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American Journal of Health Promotion

28th Annual Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference
San Diego, CA - March 28-30, 2018

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Individual Sessions

Delancey Street: Transforming Behavior (and Lives) Through Behavioral Psychology, Fastidio...
Mimi H. Silbert PhD
Product Number: 201804100
$15.00 Online Access
Mobilizing Subcultures to Support Wellbeing
Judd Allen PhD
Product Number: 201804101
$15.00 Online Access
Get with the Program: Insights into Program Impacts on Behavioral Risk Migration
Jack Baker PhD
Product Number: 201804102
$15.00 Online Access
Convening Communities Around a Bold Goal
Anne Wallace PhD, Andrew Renda MD MPH, Waleed Bahouth JD
Product Number: 201804103
$15.00 Online Access
Do Workplace Health Promotion (Wellness) Programs Work? What Does the Latest Research Tell...
Ron Z. Goetzel PhD
Product Number: 201804104
$15.00 Online Access
Mindset Matters in Health Promotion
Natalie Dattilo PhD MHA
Product Number: 201804105
$15.00 Online Access
Promoting Brain Health: Evidence-Based Perspectives on Enhancing Cognitive Skills in Daily...
John J. Randolph PhD
Product Number: 201804106
$15.00 Online Access
12 Powerful Strategies to See Success with Positive Psychology
Marie-Josee Shaar MAPP
Product Number: 201804107
$15.00 Online Access
An Organization's Heirarchy of Need, Maslow Style
Rebecca Johnson MS
Product Number: 201804108
$15.00 Online Access
Lifestyle Medicine: Integrating Health Promotion into Clinical Practice
Wayne S. Dysinger MD MPH, Dexter Shurney MD MBA MPH, Deepa Sannidhi MD
Product Number: 201804109
$15.00 Online Access
Making Worksite Health Promotion Work - What I've Learned So Far
David R. Anderson PhD LP
Product Number: 201804110
$15.00 Online Access
Mind Over Matter: The Hidden Influence of Psychology on Wellbeing and Performance
David W. Ballard PsyD MBA
Product Number: 201804111
$15.00 Online Access
The Institute for Health Care Improvement's Quadruple Aim: The Role of Wellness in Reducin...
Brandy Schwarz DPT EdD MOT MBA
Product Number: 201804112
$15.00 Online Access
Advancing Wellness Through a Model of Professional Fulfillment
Patty Purpur de Vries MS
Product Number: 201804113
$15.00 Online Access
Precision Wellbeing: No One is Average in the Digital Age
Victor J. Strecher PhD MPH
Product Number: 201804114
$15.00 Online Access
Increasing Access to Healthier Foods in a Private Hospital Using a Multi-Pronged Synergist...
Brenda Robles MPH, Tony Kuo MD MSHS, Xochitl Valdivia MS RD, Gina Cipriani MS
Product Number: 201804115
$15.00 Online Access
Evidence to Support the Right Mix of Incentives, Interventions and Cultural Initiatives fo...
Jim Pshock
Product Number: 201804117
$15.00 Online Access
The Resilience Advantage: Stronger, Tougher, Smarter
Richard S. Citrin PhD MBA
Product Number: 201804118
$15.00 Online Access
Universal Access to Health Promotion: A Sustainable Strategy to Reduce Health Disparities,...
Michael P. O'Donnell. PhD MPH MBA, John Harris MEd FAWHP, Jim Pshock, Paul Terry PhD, Ron ...
Product Number: 201804119
$1.00 Online Access
Translating Active Living Research to Action in Multiple Sectors
James F. Sallis PhD
Product Number: 201804120
$15.00 Online Access
The Business of You: Applying 8 Principles of Success in Business to Live a Vibrant and He...
Raquel Garzon DHSc RDN
Product Number: 201804121
$15.00 Online Access
The Third Wave: The Future of Work, Engagement, Health and Happiness
David Hunnicutt PhD
Product Number: 201804122
$15.00 Online Access
Health Education for Behavior Change?Why Not?
Amy Bidwell PhD, Elizabeth Keida EdD MS, Laura Campbell Carapella EdD MS, Wendy Scinta MD ...
Product Number: 201804123
$15.00 Online Access
Health Champion Program Delivers Best Culture of Health Outcomes
Sarah E. Hawkins MS CHES, Jana McGarvey
Product Number: 201804124
$15.00 Online Access
The Role of Culture in Supporting Meaning and Purpose
Judd Allen PhD
Product Number: 201804125
$15.00 Online Access
How to Create an Experience that Moves People
Laura Putnam MA
Product Number: 201804126
$15.00 Online Access
The REST of Your Life: End Exhaustion, Enhance Energy, Sleep Smarter
Rebecca Robbins PhD, Todd Chobotar, Laura Grubbs
Product Number: 201804127
$15.00 Online Access
The Institute for Health Care Improvement's Quadruple Aim: The Role of Wellness in Reducin...
Brandy Schwarz DPT EdD MOT MBA
Product Number: 201804128
$15.00 Online Access
Comic Relief as an Essential Stress Management Coping Skill
Brian Luke Seaward PhD
Product Number: 201804129
$15.00 Online Access
How to Make Wellness Into a Profit Center With the Power of Habit
Michael Kim MPP MBA
Product Number: 201804130
$15.00 Online Access
The Power of Personalized Technology in Health Promotion
Christina Bognet, Amirkaveh Mojtahed MD, Christine Fallabel MPH, Ranjana N. Wickramasekara...
Product Number: 201804131
$15.00 Online Access
Drive Outcomes with a Best Practice Approach to Strategy, Culture, and Program Evaluation
Jessica Grossmeier PhD MPH
Product Number: 201804132
$15.00 Online Access
Got Quality? Learning What Each of Us Does Best and Making it Happen Everywhere and Every ...
Paul E. Terry PhD
Product Number: 201804133
$15.00 Online Access
Mindful Eating as a Path to Health and Wellbeing
Lynn Rossy PhD
Product Number: 201804134
$15.00 Online Access
Are We Better Off? A Look at How the Evolving Wellness Regulations Have Impacted Populatio...
Jim Pshock
Product Number: 201804135
$15.00 Online Access
Results of the CDC's Workplace Health In America (WHA) Survey
Laura A. Linnan ScD
Product Number: 201804136
$15.00 Online Access
Psychological Safety: What's Good for Teams is Good for Wellbeing
Patty Purpur de Vries MS
Product Number: 201804137
$15.00 Online Access
21st Century Stress Management: Telomeres, Lyme Disease and the Microbiome
Brian Luke Seaward PhD
Product Number: 201804139
$15.00 Online Access
Project Healthy Schooos: Empowering Youth to Make Lifelong Healthy Choices
Jean DuRussel-Weston RN MPH
Product Number: 201804140
$15.00 Online Access
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